Shane Black targeting Chris Hemsworth for Doc Savage

News Simon Brew 25 Jun 2014 - 06:17

Budget problems are holding up Shane Black's film of Doc Savage. Chris Hemsworth is in line to star, though...

One of the projects that writer/director Shane Black has been trying to realise for some time now is his feature take on Doc Savage. The character, who came to life in American magazines of the 1930 and 40s, is a man of many skills. And a while back, it was revealed that Shane Black was developing a film based on the character for Sony, one set in the 1930s. It was all set to be his next project post-Iron Man 3.

The latest on the project? Well, there's good and bad news it seems.

On the upside, Black, it's been revealed, has spoken to Chris Hemsworth about the lead role in the movie. The Thor star would be taking on the role of Doc Savage in the project. However, the downside is that Doc Savage is facing some budgetary problems, which may yet put the kybosh on things. Sony has to call whether it wants to go ahead or not, it seems.

Black, meanwhile, is now set to develop and direct a reboot of Predator for 20th Century Fox. It's unclear yet whether that will take immediate priority over Doc Savage. More as we hear it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dr S - there can be only one.
Benny The Batch. Cool as a Cucumberbatch.

This will be a huge hit, if the character's original popularity is anything to go by.

Chris Hemsworth would actually be a good casting choice. He has the right look and charisma and he's also a big guy.

I loved the original Doc Savage film as a kid. When it flashed up on the screen about his next adventure I was beyond excited, so this news has got me salivating! I must go back and re-watch the film through adult eyes.

The Man of Bronze is back

Well... when you say you saw it as a kid, how old were you? It's a little bit different through adult eyes.

He would make an excellent John Sunlight to be honest.

It has to be said - I saw the movie when I was around 10 years old and much like headinthestars I was blown away - I was gutted when the BBC didn't show 'The Arch Enemy of Evil' the following week (they showed The Seven Faces of Dr Lao instead).

Finding out the sequel never happened was devastating.

37 years later I watched it again about a month ago and I still love it - it's not a true representation of Doc Savage but as High camp goes it's really entertaining. Of course it was the George Pal film that got me interested in Doc Savage and then other pulps so it will always have a soft spot in my heart.

I hope this happens as the previous rumours of Arnie playing the character filled me with dread - but Hemsworth is a good choice.

if im honest, if the predetor reboot is a success (i highly doubt it will be) but it could lead to sony having more faith in Black, and they will give him the backing. even if pretedor isn't a success, sony may still press ahead with it and i hope they do

Probably the same as Cushing, Must have been about 8-10 years old. I can`t imagine not loving it as an adult, The misty eyes of nostalgia are very forgiving.

Didn't Ron 'Tarzan' Ely play Doc Savage in a series of TV movies in the 70's..?

This has John Carter written all over it. I wonder how relevant Doc Savage is now.

As long as it's better than it's last few Predacessors, then I'll give it a shot.

You sound right. Therefore I will agree.

Oh it's a fun film, I just don't think eight year old me was ready to appreciate quite how camp it was!

I hope its more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang than Iron Man 3

Definitely one of the better choices for Savage, although I am only going on seeing him in the Marvel films, Star Trek and Rush.

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