New poster and trailer for Django Unchained

News Simon Brew 24 Oct 2012 - 06:44

Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained its getting closer. Here's a new trailer and poster for the film...

Quentin Tarantino's eagerly-awaited western, Django Unchained, arrives in American cinemas over Christmas, although we're going to have to wait until 18th January to see it in Britain. All signs suggest that the film is going to be worth the wait, though.

If you need a bit more convincing, then a new international trailer has popped up, which you can see beneath these words. And if you scroll down a little further, there's a rather snazzy new poster, too.

We'll keep you posted on Django Unchained as we hear more about it...


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Jamie Foxx has a camel toe.

It may just be my love of Westerns but that poster is something special

Hot damn!

Is Tatantino deliberately trying out directing all the genres? He's done crime, action, martial arts, war and now a western. All he needs to do is a horror, some sci-fi and a rom-com and he's got the full house. Whatever he chooses to do next though, I am looking forward to this film!

That's a good point, I never thought of it, but you could sort of count Death Proof as a horror film, so I'd say doing a Sci-fi film would be his last genre as I can't see him doing rom-com, unless it had ninjas and shoot outs.

Leo seems to be in Captain Beefheart the movie.

I'd pay good money to see that rom-com!!!

I think True Romance is the closest we're ever going to get from Quentin when it comes to the "Rom-Com".

Looks great, so far. I can't believe Will Smith said no to this project.

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