Samuel L Jackson linked with Die Hard 6

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15 Apr 2014 - 07:01
Die Hard With A Vengeance

Samuel L Jackson's Zeus Carver may be back for the sixth and final Die Hard movie...

We do not have fond memories of watching A Good Day To Die Hard. The fifth Die Hard film was, for our money, a lumbering mess, and a travesty when you consider the high point from where the Die Hard franchise started. John McClane was now basically Bruce Willis, with the things that defined the character pretty much long gone. It iced the cake that it was cut to get a 12A certificate in the UK.

And yet the film did decent business. Overcoming hostile reviews, A Good Day To Die Hard took $304m in cinemas worldwide (although only $67m of that came in the US). And that meant that the promised Die Hard 6 - the film that's expected to close of John McClane's screen adventures - was likely to happen.

Now, a rumour of old has resurfaced too, Sporadically, a return for Samuel L Jackson's character, Zeus, from Die Hard With A Vengeance has been mooted. And now, according to Latino Review, "Fox is meeting writers for takes on next Die Hard. It has to involve John McClane and Samuel Jackson's Zeus Carver character".

For McClane to be grounded and interested again, surely the time is right to bring Holly back into his life in some form too. Plus, what about Al? Or a collection of interesting supporting characters that aren't just cannon fodder?

We wait and see how Die Hard 6 pans out. Re-recruiting Samuel L Jackson would at least be a step in the right direction...

Latino Review.

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