Fox responds to complaints about Die Hard 5 cuts

News Simon Brew 13 Feb 2013 - 12:32

Fox explains its decision to cut A Good Day To Die Hard in order to get a 12A certificate in the UK...

Tomorrow, the fifth Die Hard movie, A Good Day To Die Hard, finally arrives in cinemas. Our review will be live at midnight.

We learned earlier in the week, of course, that the film has been cut by Fox to get a 12A rating in the UK. This is in contrast to the approach that Fox US has taken, whereby an R rating has been accepted, and the film not chopped.

The fine folks at Bleeding Cool report that a couple of their readers have complained directly to Fox about the decision it made in the UK, and they've passed on the response that they got. The formal reply kicks off with some waffle about how excited everyone at Fox is about the return of John McClane to cinema screenings, before confirming that "working with the BBFC some minor cuts were made in order to achieve a 12A certificate".

So the big question: why? As if the answer isn't obvious. Here's the official Fox line: "We believe the movie will delight the Die Hard fans and the 12A certificate, similar to Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall, will allow both adults and teenagers to enjoy the latest movie in the franchise".

There you go then, teenagers. Off you pop to watch Die Hard 5, and then if you wait until you're 18, you can watch the first and best movie in the series too. Yay.


You can read more on this at Bleeding Cool, here.

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I'm fairly sure Skyfall was a 15...

Maybe they thought the average UK viewer was intelligent enough to enjoy a film because it's good, not because it's got a couple of f-words and a big red circle on the front.

I guess they were wrong.

It was definitely a 12A.

It isn't the lack of violence they are upset by, it is that a team of artists got together and fought for years to arrange a movie that they loved, making a series of decisions for purely artistic reasons to present their depiction of this universe that has been told and retold through cinema for decades, and then a studio went behind their back to neuter their work for purely profiteering reasons. Make no mistake, we aren't mad because he doesn't swear and the headshots aren't bloody enough, we're mad because creativity and flair is being stifled by corporations for money.

Your being awfully negative towards a film rating? Is it your principles? I just don't understand why you are getting so emotional about this. Gotta agree with jake on this one. Anyway i'm going to go see it this weekend. I have a feeling that the bad reviews will all hit at midnight..

As I've just posted on Facebook:

The reason the rating matters: this is a Die Hard movie. A franchise that once had a hard edge to it, in part defined by coke-snorting characters, swearing, tense unrestrained action and a firm focus on telling the story, without worrying about what a family audience would find acceptable. Not every film franchise has to be a family one, and Die Hard, for three films at least, never was.

Furthermore, this isn't the film that the filmmakers sighed off on: it's been cynically cut, not to improve the film, but to improve the box office. In Taken 2, this clearly hurt the film, we'd argue. It was horribly, noticeably chopped.

I have no problem with 12A films - I've seen loads of brilliant ones. I have a big problem with a film that clearly wasn't made for a 12A audience being chopped simply to get a commercially more suitable rating.


Why? Ca$h! E.O.S

... This is a more eloquent version of what I was thinking. Yes to everything in this post.

its not just the suits, the stars are to blame as well, why isn't mr willis complaining, maybe because of the millions hes getting.

"this isn't the film the filmmakers sighed off on" - was that turn of phrase deliberate? It's beautifully appropriate and weary.

... looks like they didn't learned from all the mistakes and complaints about Live Free or Die Hard... oh well, at times such as this I'm glad I don't live in the UK

Unlike Die Hard 4.0 which was intended to be released as a tame cut first, we in the UK are getting a different version to the 'official' release in the USA which is the reason I wont be watching this at the cinema (Ill be waiting for the uncut blu ray release) as I prefer to watch films as the production team intended.As Kids and teens can get into R rated movies when with an adult in America unless we create a 15a certificate here (which I'm sure we wont) this will continue to happen more frequently to ensure profits overseas

This always makes my blood boil. These films are being ruined by these idiots. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until someone listens. We currently have 3 versions of films to watch normal, IMAX and 3D. Dump the crappy 3D and replace it with 18 cert versions. Simple.

I agree with that why can't the release both cuts at cinemas allowing people at different ages to pick which version they want to see (or are able to see)

The average American viewer doesn't give a toss. Intelligent UK viewers despise censorship in all its forms. The UK is not in the middle of the American bible belt - do not treat us like it is.

I like 3D. I don't go round saying dump IMAX, even though I don't like it.

As an adult fan of the Die Hard films up until 4.0, I can honestly say that the trailer to A Good Day To Die Hard looks so lame that maybe Fox knows the only way they will make money is to rely on newcomers to the franchise.

You should read the posts on the IMDB message boards for Die Hard, my friend. The majority of American viewers who are true Die Hard fans were outraged when we got hit with a PG-13 Die Hard 4. We despise censorship for the sake of a quick buck as much as you so no need for rash judgment.

I doubt many directors would be on board with this (maybe Bay?).

I agree 100% with this DoG post. Couldn't have put it better myself. As an aside, I'm not surprised by Fox hacking up a movie to cash in - not the first time and won't be the last they've done it. The fact is of all the studios they are the worst at making movies to the detriment of quality in order to make money. and that's why they hire directors who say 'yes'. You only have to look at Alien 3 to see what happens when a director *shock* tries to stick to his artistic intent, and that was donkeys years ago.

This movie is 97 minutes and released in February, it's going to stink anyway. If they had confidence in an R-rated product, like Django Unchained or Ted, no need to cut down for larger grosses.

Die Hard and Die Hard 2 have both been re-rated as 15.

I'm still annoyed that Die Hard 3 was cut to shreds when it came to DVD in the UK. Why can't that be released uncut?

Hmm. Hopefully the version released here in Australia is rated R. Will still go and see it regardless of rating though.

well it should of been a 15 it was so dark!

good luck mate if we got a wimp version you will too

pch79 - i think jack was meaning that the USA gets its R rated version, but we in the UK don't get even get that, we get a kiddies cut for 12 year olds, motivated sorely by studio greed. the bbfc would give it a UK-15 rating for the US version - this wasn't good enough for the accountants, so we get a cut family-friendly 12 version instead. which actually means more UK people will possibly be driven to dodgy download the US version instead of going the cinema ...

remember i first saw die hard on video, pretty sure was 18 then - was so much better than the ITV cut versions i'd seen on the TV previously. glad in some ways we aren't quite so 'reserved' in the UK as we once were ("oh noes! nasty words! some boobies! blood! cut cut cut ... save the adults from themselves, quick ...")

Avoid the UK release of Die HArd 3 on DVD - the audio track is the sanitised airline version. The US R1 is the only way to watch this movie, and the reason why I bought the US 6 disc box set (oh, that and the text commentary subtitles go out of synch due to PAl>NTSC issues)

Whatever the review, I'm not seeing it at the cinema. Its clearly a cash grab like Taken 2. The 15 certificate version will be available on DVD/Blu/download in a few months. If you don't care about the certificate, great go see it, but for me this has been compromised to maximise profit.

Blu Ray for me i'm afraid,they can piss off taking my money at the Box Office for this watered down excuse.

You certainly aren't a film buff,why are u trolling in here mate?

have they been re-rated 15 or have new copies had cuts to bring the rating down? I hope its the former as I won't by them on blu ray in a butchered form

Piss off Fox. Die Hard was never meant for "teenagers" to begin with.

It'll more likely be MA - keep in mind that the US 'R' is roughly equivalent to our MA. Releasing an R rated action movie in Australia is incredibly rare.

Just re-rated, mate. Much like The Terminator.

ah good to know

Having seen said film, I think the rating had little bearing on it. I thought it had been made specifcally as an 15 and they took a few heads exploding out and a couple of F's and it was a 12.... That didn't bother me at all..

The problem is i think it was a sequel for cash.... Unlike die hard 4, which i thought was good it just seemed like a film for films sake.

I'm not a film snob... Too many of them about. I agree this one is not the best film i've ever seen but theres a lot worse...

However to me, the rating has no bearing.

Peace out.

This is all about money over artistic merit. Imagine if it was the other way round and Toy Story 4 went a bit Chucky, and ended up an 18 cert, there'd be an outcry. It should be more about maintaining the theme and flavour of the original film, rather than pandering to an audience who have not seen Die Hards 1 to 4 (legally due to the 18 certificate of 1 and 2).

But they've made sure that you'll buy the Bluray- job done! Perhaps they thought- Christ this is awful. If they see it there is no way they will buy the DVD/Bluray. How can we get them to... Much scratching of chins!

Die Hard 2 was a 15 on original release!

Again- Die HArd 2 was originally a 15- then became an 18 on VHS and then back to 15! I'm pleased that someone is making the sensible decisions for me.

I'm 15, I love the first Die Hard, it's one of my favorite action movies. I'm pissed off that it's a 12a, if it was a 15 then great, if it was an 18 then I'll sneak in. Not all Teenagers are mindless drones.

If they hadn't pissed about with the rating they would have had my money at the Box Office AND for the BluRay... bit of a no brainer really.

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