Bruce Willis on the future of Holly McClane

News Simon Brew 11 Feb 2013 - 06:39

Does Bruce Willis want Holly, played by Bonnie Bedelia, back in the Die Hard franchise?

This week, the fifth Die Hard movie hits cinema screens, and if early word is to be believed, then the rumoured return of Bonnie Bedelia as John McClane's estranged wife, Holly, has not come to pass.

Moviehole reports that at a press junket for the film, Willis was asked about whether she's likely to return at any point, given that Die Hard 6 was all but confirmed last week. "I always think about Bonnie Bedelia and having her come back", said the actor. "Those things are unfortunately out of my hands. It has to do with the story".

Hmmm. Given that Bruce Willis has approval over pretty much every aspect of the Die Hard franchise (there's a passage in Kevin Smith's book, My Boring-Ass Life, where he offers an illuminating anecdote of Willis on the set of Die Hard 4.0), we're not quite sure that it's entirely out of his hands. But it does seem as though Holly (last spoken of, but not seen, at the end of Die Hard With A Vengeance. She is, and we'd forgotten this, very briefly referenced in the fourth film too) remains on the list of characters not returning.

A Good Day To Die Hard is out on Thursday. From what we can tell, it's not set at Christmas either...


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Bonnie Bedelia's great in everything she does, love that woman. Would love to see her back in a Die Hard somehow.

Personally, I would love to have John Mclaine back in the Die Hard films instead of that personality-free indestructable bald guy they've swapped his character with.

When pressed for comment, Bruce mumbled something and looked distractedly off into the distance.

There have been no Die Hard movies since part 2. Much as I like part 3, it barely qualifies as a Die Hard Movie, 4 does not count at all and 5 seems to be just another action movie. Not saying it'll be bad but it is not a Die Hard movie.

What is a franchise, is it a continuation of characters through a number of stories, locations, a continued or new story? I immediately think of Star Wars, Terminator 1 & 2, Lord of the Rings, the Godfather, even Robocop as loathe as i am to include the sequels in an argument. Dropping a character called John McClane into various scenarios is not a Die Hard movie, or one we expect anyway and maybe its time we accepted there will only be action movies, not Die Hard movies. Anyway, to make part 6 an actual Die Hard movie use the following plot:

All the McClanes we have met so far, John, the kids and Bonnie, who is estranged from John but is there because the kids insisted on it. Along with Al and Zeus, (just because its Samuel L. Jackson) are having a long overdue Christmas get together. They are in (insert location here) which is a very hi-tec with the best security in the world and an army of guards. Bad guys invade in order to (insert plot here) The gang are seperated and John, who has no gun, communications etc, and is dressed only in a vest must co-ordinate a rescue, get them back together, stop the bad guys and reconcile with Bonnie. That’s three things that are popular nowadays. An actual Die Hard movie, a remake and a reboot all in one. I'll write it too if Bruce is interested.

Amen. We wanted John Mclaine, but it looks like we're getting Hudson Hawk.

She's not only mentioned in the 4th film, her image is shown, too.

I would like to have Alan and Argyle back for what may be the last one. Also why haven't they considered using Theo (the geeky terrorist) as a villain to tie into part one, he was the only one to survive being knocked out by Argyle in the parking lot (would have fit into 4.0 well)

For part 6, they need to finally have the whole family together !

It's John McClane least try to spell his name right...

Hmm. They feature the same character and the movie names all start with "Die Hard" so I'd so they are all Die Hard movies. What do you want? John McClane rescuing hostages from tower blocks in every movie?



In Die hard 6 it will be revealed that Holly is actually a terrorist mastermind who has been on a mission to kill her husband for over 25 years... having burned through 5 groups of underlings she must now take him on herself!

No. NO.

Leave her gone. Think about it. In the first film she was very important. Held hostage and John wanted her back and they realised they both still loved each other, she is tough, has a part to play and is rescued for a happy ending. Great and Perfect

Die Hard 2, she is stuck on a plane for the whole film, and does not have a lot to do, but sit and moan, pull faces and make fun of the reporter. John is trying to rescue her and get her plane down, but the whole setup feels more forced. It felt like she was included for the sake of it, and not because it was part of the main story. Compared to the first one.

Third film she is not in it at all. We get Sam L Jackson and he is much more entertaining.

What would she do in the 5 or 6? Get held hostage again? Beef up and help John out? What do you do with her? People want to see Bruce Willis running around in a vest blowing stuff up, being funny, killing bad guys and cracking one liners. She is just not needed in order for him to do that. They could meet up somewhere and argue and fight or look at one another all moody etc, but that is more soap opera than action movie. Her character played her part in the first film and thats that done. She is no longer needed. Unless they do something stupid like having her as the wife of the new bad guy and thats just a silly idea and stretches things a bit too far....

...except they don't really feature the character in every movie. In the first one he was the anti-80's Action Hero, a regular guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, making mistakes but getting through the situations by using his head more than actually blowing stuff up. This is seen in the second film and even to an extent the third one, but cut to 4 and it is just 'Bruce Willis in an action movie.' The action is over the top 'McClane' is far too chilled about it all and played by Bruce Willis like he would any other action character...the appeal of McClane wasn't that he was larger than life action hero, it was that he was just a regular guy doing his best in an impossible situation.

Grammar Nazi alert... I'd be more worried about the growing trend of these people making movies to have them made into a family friendly bums on seats debacle.

Who is that? Is he pals with Indiena Jonas or James Blont?

...and thought of the pretty young girls he would like to have as a partner instead of an middle-aged actress from the 80s...

downvoted for my own opinion. Can I ask why? rather than replying and letting me know what the issue is

According to what uncle Bruce said, Die hard 6 will be his last Die hard film. For me, returning of Holly Mcclane can make quite a beautiful ending, if John'll be together with his beloved wife after his retirement [or his last die hard mission]

Yes....Whatever had happened to Holly????

No way!!She seems more innocent and prone to danger more often.....
Looks so frail and weak,maybe get abducted by the Grubers but then saved by Lucy and Farrell too...In Tokyo too!!!

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