Bruce Willis confirms Die Hard 6

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2013 - 07:35

John McClane has at least one more adventure left him in, confirms Bruce Willis...

Next week sees the return of John McClane to the big screen, with the release of A Good Day To Die Hard. The new movie sees Bruce Willis in Russia, where he’s gone from saving hostages to saving the entire planet. Jai Courtney is starring alongside side him as John McClane’s son, Jack.

But is that the end of the big screen adventures of John McClane? As has been suggested before, no it isn’t. Talking on The One Show, Willis has now confirmed that a sixth Die Hard movie will follow, although inevitably we’ve got no idea of timescales right now. He was simply asked whether there was likely to be a sixth Die Hard movie in the future, and he replied “yes”.

It’s short. It’s to the point. It’s all we’re getting for the moment.

We (well, you) came up with some suggestions as to what Die Hard 6 could be called right here. Our favourites remain, in the spirit of A Good Day To Die Hard:

* I Don’t Know Why She Swallowed A Fly, Perhaps She’ll Die Hard
* He Who Laughs Last Dies Hard
* Die Hard 6: Groundhog Die

More on Die Hard 6 as we hear it…

Bleeding Cool.

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I always thought Die Hard 3 should have been called called Die Harderer and have the line 'How can the same sh*t happen to the same guy thrice!?' And now they are talking on film 6! I'm all out of ideas...

How about "Old Habits Die Hard"

Genius, that HAS to be the title.

Die Hard 6 QPR 0...

he's always said he would do 6 and thats it !

Was something up with Willis on The One Show or is he normally like that? It became quite hilarious how much he was underplaying everything in the end, like he was just marking time before he could get off that damn couch.

He seemed very uninterested. He came across as really slow, it was odd!

We knew about Die Hard 6 in like 2011.

No point leaving a comment. Wizzbag nailed it! Love that title XD

6 sides on a die hard. McClane takes on an evil Yahtzee gang.

yes yes yes

How about Die Hardest ? Simply ? There was already Die Harder, but for the final chapter Die Hardest seems the most logical !

Die Hard 6: Back in the Habit

And then the sequel, McClane vs DeFoe.

Cross Me Heart and Hope to Die Hard

What about "Die One Show"??? Bruce Willis Trapped in BBC headquaters ala Die Hard running amok till he throws Matt Baker off the top floor window. Just a thought, better than that interview...

Whatever the title is, I hope they go really small and make it just McClane in a building, or a train, or a gated community, or Disneyland, etc. - get back to the roots.

With the prospects of the next film being a PG, how about "Die Soft"?

I think simply is should be calle die hard 6

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