A Good Day To Die Hard gets R rating

News Simon Brew 14 Jan 2013 - 07:05

The days of a PG-13 Die Hard sequel may just have been consigned to the past, thankfully...

On the vast majority of occasions, the rating that a film is given a rating is barely worth a news story. When a film is blatantly cut back to get one, such as the chops made to Taken 2 to get it a 12A in the UK, then that's different. In the case of the new Die Hard movie, A Good Day To Die Hard however, there's some news here that we thought you might like to hear.

It's still a bone of contention to many fans of the Die Hard franchise that the last movie, Die Hard 4.0 (or Live Free And Die Hard if you're in the US) was tailored for a 12A/PG-13, to the point where even the "Yippee-ky-ay" line was muffled by a gunshot. It seems as though someone, somewhere, was listening to the uproar that generated thought, as the latest TV spot for the film in the US has confirmed that Die Hard 5 has an R rating this time around. You can see the TV spot at the bottom of this story.

Whether Fox will push for a 15 in the UK remains to be seen though. The studio was behind the decision to cut the UK release of Taken 2 after all, a decision that proved to be very successful from a business perspective. When we get the official UK BBFC certificate, we'll let you know...

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it's hard to get a straight translation for R to UK ratings. under 17s can see an R in the states as long as they are with an adult so '15' cert is probably the closest to R that we have with '18' being in line with NC-17. I hope the BBFC don't 'suggest' cuts to get a 15 but to fair to them they are usually quite good recently.

This is great news.

It baffles me that people worry about this film's rating as if potty language was what made the Die Hard films (1 and 3, anyway) work.

Shame on you writer! It's 'Live Free OR Die Hard' nog Live Free AND Die Hard.
On another note: I find it pretty anoying that more and more movies are getting different titles like (World Invasion:) Battle: LA and before that Die Hard 4.0/Live Free or Die Hard. The last entry in The Fast and the Furious series has - as far as I know - 4 different titles! Ranging from 'Fast Five' to 'The Fast and the Furious: Rio Heist'.

"On the vast majority of occasions, the rating that a film is given a rating is barely worth a news story." What?? Are you really a 'writer' or.......?

The censoring of "potty language" is just a side-effect. Fans of the franchise want gratuitous violence and maybe a bit of blood and gore which a higher rating allows. While the presence of these aspects don't make a better movie, they at least inform the viewer that the makers understand their audience.

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