Exclusive: new UK posters for A Good Day To Die Hard

Poster Simon Brew 14 Dec 2012 - 16:20

Hot on the heels of the new US posters, here are two more UK promos for A Good Day To Die Hard...

Valentine's day 2013 is already sorted for many people, as 20th Century Fox has cunningly positioned the fifth Die Hard film - A Good Day To Die Hard - as the big date movie of February 14th. It's something that worked wonderfully well when Universal released Paul on February 14th a year or two back, and Fox might just have worked out from the success of that movie that not everyone wants to see a rom-com on a Valentine's cinema trip.

A Good Day To Die Hard obviously sees Bruce Willis return as John McClane. This time, his son is along for the adventure too. Played by Jai Courtney (soon to be seen in Jack Reacher), Jack and John are in Russia this time around, and as you can see on these posters, both of them appear to have guns.

We'll have a lot more on A Good Day To Die Hard in the near future. But for now, here are both versions of the new UK poster...

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Sounds like Big Momma's House 3

There appears to be a gigantic Dalek right behind Willis' head. Is it too much to ask that this'll be the baddie for this instalment?

These films have got progressively worse since the original. I still bloody love them though! Which is a testament as to how good the 1st one was! I cant wait to waste another two hours with McClane.

This poster is god awful.

All jokes aside, i feel this poster is indicative of how much Fox have forgotten the point of Die Hard.
McClane's son is a gurning beefcake-type, and so is McClane himself these days.

And that's wrong.
What marked John McClane out as more interesting than other action heroes of the 80s was his relative normalcy. He wasn't a spy or a superhero or anything. He was just this poor half-dressed guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn't in particularly good shape, his hair was thinning and he liked his smokes, remember? It was so fresh.

Now look at the poster above. Who is that?

can't decide if the tag line is worse that yippie kai yeah mother russia, or not....
agree with wesley though, he's just meant to be a normal (and presumably aging) cop, not a superhero...

the only thing that needs to die hard is this franchise.

The tagline is stolen from 'At Close Range' with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken and is one of the alltime great tagline's for THAT movie. Surprised they've got away with this, actually.

Really looking forward to this one.

Bruce doing the Bruce Willis face once again


No it doesn't


They have turned McClane into (basically) the Terminator. He cannot be killed. There was a vulnerability about him in the 1st two films. The 3rd was good fun, but for me it still wasn't 'Die Hard'.

These new films are not wrong place wrong time, they are just any old action film, with John McClane thrown in to make people take notice of the film. If this did not have any ties to Die Hard and starred the Rock, it would not make its money back!

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