Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie update

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22 Feb 2013 - 07:13

The team behind the Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie give an update on the project...

The excellent videogame Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't the first where we've said that there's real potential for a strong movie here (we said it about Max Payne once upon a time), but that doesn't stop us believing it be true. Granted, you don't need us to tell you that the road from games to films has been a bumpy one. But with Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones signed up to make a Warcraft movie, and Sinister director Scott Derrickson tackling Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we may just be reaching a turning point.

Specifically regarding Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Derrickson and co-writer C Robert Cargill have been chatting about the state of the film. "We've turned in a draft that everyone seems excited about", Derrickson told Crave Online, "and we've got a number of other projects that haven't really been announced that have a lot of momentum also".

Admitting that he doesn't know which of those projects will come together at what point, he admitted that "Deus Ex is moving like a rocket".

As for the direction of the film, Cargill added that "the chief philosophy is we're not making a a videogame movie, we're making a cyberpunk movie ... it's not rehashing of the game". That seems a wise approach, with Cargill admitting that he and Derrickson have "taken a look at what's worked in video games and what hasn't".

Once the project gets the official greenlight for production, we'll let you know. You can read more of the interview at Crave Online, here.

Crave Online.

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