Sinister director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie

News Simon Brew
16 Nov 2012 - 07:23

The man who made Sinister has the job of brining Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the big screen...

We're still waiting for a film to break the curse of the videogame-to-movie transition, but there's no shortage of contenders lining up for a go. One of them is CBS Films' take on the wonderful Deus Ex: Human Revolution,  a game that - save for some terrible boss battles - is very much worth digging out.

The game focuses on Adam Jensen, a former SWAT and security specialist,  who has been repaired and enhanced with special augmentations. However, there's a sizeable conspiracy that needs to be unravelled, and as those who have played through the game can testify, a lot of narrative to fit into two hours.

The man with the job of putting it all together? Well, CBS has announced that Scott Derrickson, hot off the success of Sinister, is to direct Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Furthermore, he'll be co-writing the script with his Sinister collaborator, C Robert Cargill.

We'd imagine that the plan will be to get the film before the cameras next year sometime, possibly for release in 2014. But don't quote us on that just yet...

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