Joe Carnahan: Death Wish remake "may be coming back"

News Simon Brew
7 May 2014 - 06:39

It sounds as if director Joe Carnahan is going to have another go at getting Death Wish remade...

There's a strong argument that Michael Winner's Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson, has been remade several times already. Notwithstanding the collection of sequels, there have been plenty of films that have effectively told the same story. Take the Neil Jordan movie The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster, for a start.

But an official remake? At one stage, it was a project that Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) was circling. Then it seemed to fall apart. However now, the new Death Wish may be back on the cards.

Chatting to Slash Film, Carnahan was asked about Death Wish, and he told the site that "you know what's interesting about that? [Death Wish] may be coming back around because that script, to me, is so special and so… that’s one that I’ll pay them to do, you know what I mean?"

Carnahan added that "if that means grovelling and apologising for past behaviours and so on and making that right, that might be what I have to do. That’s how strong that I feel about that. But yeah, in that incarnation it was not right. And I felt I would have been letting my script down".

Presumably, Carnahan is happier with the material he's working with now. But we suspect there's still some way to go before we get his Death Wish remake. We'll keep you posted...


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