New director found for live action Death Note movie

News Simon Brew 9 Jul 2014 - 06:51
Death Note

Shane Black isn't attached to Death Note anymore. But Gus Van Sant is...

Plans for a live action movie based on Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Death Note have been bumbling around for the best part of half a decade now. At one stage, Shane Black was attached to the project (as recently as 2013), and was set to write and direct the movie. However, it seems that things may be back on track, as it's being reported that MilkGood Will Hunting and Paranoid Park director Gus Van Sant is now set to take on the film.

Death Note tells the story of a student who happens upon a strange notebook. By writing the name of someone in the book, he can instantly kill them.

A screenplay was in place from Shane Black, Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. Whether Van Sant pressed ahead with that or develops one of his own remains to be seen.

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We already have live action movies of this!? Someone should go kick the crap out of Hollywood writers and tell them to come up with something original!

Great, a live action film based on the live action films that were based on the manga n books. If there's a book too then the universe may implode

Three, in fact. And they do what they do very well indeed.

Just to reiterate what the others have said, there's already a live action Death Note and chances are if you've heard of the manga, you've already seen it anyway. It was a pretty decent teen horror/thriller as well. The second one, not so much. Haven't seen the third.

I'm surprised the article does not acknowledge the existing excellent live action movies which were aired by Channel 4

The original Japanese live action Death Note is an excellent movie in its own right. Do we really need a Hollywood remake?


What's wrong with the already existing japanese live action trilogy ?? That's ridiculous !

Yup, another unnecessary Hollywood remake. Though to be fair, the Japanese live action ones were rubbish as well, and deviated hugely from the manga, which remains a superbly written story packed full of intelligent details. The anime was great as well, featuring some top notch voice acting, especially from Mamoru Miyano, and a memorable soundtrack.

I loved the anime so much with its astonishing twists and story arc that I never even bothered with the live action film.

Please do not mess this up. Please do not mess this up.

No! We don't. The story is right, it's very, very complex and a bit long to be told in a film. The anime adaptation was not fair enough!! Sorry guys, there are things that only work in their original formats (I mean Manga)

Then yo should read the original format. The place with the franchise came in first place. I'm talking about the manga, of course! It's a story that looks like the anime, but uncensored and even with an alternative ending. Very close to the live-action films! You should try :3

Yes, you right!! There are not nothing like the manga and anime

I preferred the live action films to the anime. Brilliant performances by the 2 leads. Loved both films based on the manga. Wasn't as keen on the third but it was still pretty fun.

Didn't Dragonball Evolution ruin these live action remakes?

They were atrocious. The movies were really terrible and the anime was only passable. After watching Sopranos and Breaking Bad, I've realised that it could only work as a TV series. Get somebody like David Fincher to head it up.

BB Murders was a book. I think it was a fanfic that was so well done it was published. It's brilliant.

The Japanese live-action movies are unbearably poor. They look and feel like terrible fan films.

"Though to be fair, the Japanese live action ones were rubbish as well, and deviated hugely from the manga"

Then the Hollywood versions will be super-rubbish and deviate even more from the manga.

I read somewhere that they want zac effron to play light -_- they'd better not ruin this

Don't believe everything you see online, buddy -.-

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