Dead Rising movie planned

News Simon Brew 20 Jun 2014 - 06:57

Capcom's zombie-packed Dead Rising videogame series is to be turned into a film...

Capcom's Dead Rising series of videogames are the latest to be making the jump across to the movies. Well, sort of.

Legendary Pictures is to finance and produce a film based on Dead Rising, for which Tim Carter has been hired to write the script and produce the film (along with Tomas Harlan). Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be executive producing. No director has thus far been announced.

However, the target for the film isn't the big screen, rather Sony's online video service, Crackle. Once the film has debuted on Crackle, it's then expected to be available on disc and on demand.

Expect lots of zombies anyway, even if they won't be found, in this case, at your local multiplex. 


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Bruce Campbell should play Frank West

I'd cast FW a bit younger to be honest but you are spot on with finding somebody who can 'create' the manic energy and deliver the one liners that Bruce can. I'd go for a Bruce cameo as well! The closer this sticks to an 'Army of Darkness' formula the better.

well depending when they set it Campbell could get away with it, in Dead Rising 2 , Frank is a bit older and chunkier

True, but its gonna require a lot of high octane action and zombie chopping to capture the spirit of DEAD RISING and I'd question whether Bruce has the physicality now for that kind of role. He is 55 after all! Even so, I'd love to see him in it. How cool would it be if he was the father of Frank West and the one in the movie that comes up with crafting the BIG zombie smashing vehicle like in DEAD RISING 3? That would be a great homage to the vehicle he builds in ARMY OF DARKNESS. They could even use the same one!

Matt Dillon would be an awesome Frank West!
Let's make that happen!

Knowing Capcom it'll probably only be a bare bones story and charge extra for all the other characters, special effects and action scenes.

Matt Dillon sounds like a pornstar name.

Bruce Campbell was a wasted talent. He should have starred in most zombie films from 2004 onwards. But noooooooo.

you haven't watched a lot of porn have you

This game, or at least the first one, was very very influenced by Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978) - definitely in it's setting if not it's plot any way. So it's kind of going round and round, isn't it? Great film - great game based on the film - then a film based on that great game... and no doubt a game will be made out of the upcoming film... Just hope the quality continues throughout and I won't be complaining :)

What on earth is that meant to mean?

I'm just saying the name Matt Dillon makes me think of pornstars, probably because half of them seem to have the name Dillon.

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