Warner Bros' potential DC comic book movie line-up and dates

News Simon Brew 13 Jun 2014 - 06:52

A rumoured line-up of Warner's planned DC movies - and when to expect them - has turned up online.

Thus far, we know of just one firm date for the many planned movies in the DC cinematic universe that Warner Bros is working away on. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been scheduled for the start of May 2016, where it's set to go head to head with Marvel's Captain America 3. We also know that Justice League and Sandman movies are coming for definite, but not necessarily when.

Warner Bros is expected to outline its slate over at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but it might just have appeared online in advance. It's been reported - although it's best to treat all of this with a pinch ofsalt-like substance for the time being - that the current running order is:

May 2016: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
July 2016: Shazam
Christmas 2016: Sandman
May 2017: Justice League
July 2017: Wonder Woman
Christmas 2017: Green Lantern and Flash team-up movie
May 2018: Man Of Steel 2

Inevitably, we won't find out until Comic-Con time how much of that is true. Whether Warner Bros would go from virtually nothing to three DC movies a year is a leap in itself. There are active DC projects - such as Fables and Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark - that aren't on that list too.

So we wait and see. If that is the direction Warner Bros is going, it would be fair to say that the boom in comic book movies is showing no sign of going away...


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Three films a year? That level of frequency could end up being the tipping point of "too many movies." Also I suspect some will be rushed to fit in... Shazam may lose out most; a relatively unknown quantity TWO MONTHS after Captain America 3 and Batman vs Superman? Yikes.

Yawn. Superhero overload.

A couple things come to mind.

For starters, if they really are doing Sandman, I seriously hope they are planning it as a series of movies, as opposed to trying to cram the whole crazy thing into one film.

As for that Green Lantern/Flash movie, I seriously hope they call it "The Brave And The Bold" because if you're going to do stupid title like "Dawn Of Justice" there's no excuse to not use cheesy, over-dramatic titles.

Finally, what the hell guys? Wonder Woman gets a solo film AFTER Justice League? I shake my head.

On the bright side, Sandman isn't superhero stuff. At it's most it's Superhero adjacent.

No Booster Gold?!

I find the lack of Batman disturbing.

We just need one epicly expensive major comic book movie to do a 'Heavens Gate' style flop to kill the comic book flood...

This looks like a complete mess.

The fact they end that list on Man of Steel 2 is a bit odd.

I thought Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was the sequel?

Also, bringing out out solo films for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern/The Flash AFTER the Justice League movie...?

Who on Earth green lit this project??

Maybe that opens up the window to a movie about the lives of half a dozen normal citizens whose lives are permanently and negatively altered by those superheroes.

And then they hire the Punisher to kill the Marvel universe.

Yeah it'd be like putting out The Guardians Of The Galaxy only a few months after X-Men, Spiderman and Captain America ;)

Well, remember the WW movie is not confirmed yet! They need their time to "get the character right". ;)

The first word of the title is Batman. I think that's a strong hint it's not a true sequel to Man of Steel. And I don't hate the idea of doing the Justice League first. Do we really need more superhero origin story films first? Just say "hey this guy runs fast, this is Wonder Woman who you all know anyway and this guy has a magic ring" and get straight to the action.

They did it well with Man of Steel. That was an origins films that moved along to the action very quickly.

I personally would just like a Wonder Woman origins film before Batman V Superman and Justice League.

My problem is, I am not a big DC comic reader, so I don't know the origins of the supers.
I don't want to sit in my chair and think about "who is that superhero? why is he there? where is he coming from?"

Shazam? Really? Did not see that one coming

Sssshh! Still, by the end of the above dates (May 2018), we'll have had:
7 DC films;
2 Spiderman films;
at least one of Sinister Six/Venom;
X-Men Apocalypse;
Wolverine 3;
possibly Deadpool;
possibly X-Force;
Fantastic 4 reboot (and possibly sequel);
Avengers 2;
Captain America 3;
Thor 3;
Possibly Dr Strange;
possibly Kick Ass 3;
Star Wars 7/8, at least one Star Wars spin-off...

...not to include other massive action/Science Fiction movies Avatar 2/3, Planet of the Apes 2/3, Terminator 5, Assassin's Creed, Jupiter Ascending, Hunger Games 3/4, Interstellar....

NB: I would be delighted to be proved wrong. I've not read anything that it's based on but I want GotG to do well.

Really? I'm beyond glad of it.

It's hard not to compare this to Marvel/Disney but....
It looks like a huge mess.

Shazam gets a movie before Wonder Woman... Un-friggin'-believable.

Also, I can't decide whether the aforementioned lack of Batman solo movies shows a refreshing openness to new ideas from WB, or a worrying lack of foresight... Affleck's like 42, if this list is to be believed he ought to be pushing 50 by the time any potential standalone Bats movie is released... Hmmm...

The list should go like this this.....
1. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. (2016)
2. 6 part (?) Wonder Woman TV mini series. (2016 - 2017)
2. The Justice League. (2017)
and that's it.....
DC should bring in Gustin and Amell from the Flash and Arrow TV shows and 'credits scene' introduce them at the end of DOJ. The only character left to introduce then would be Green Lantern (assuming they go with Bats, Supes, Flash, Arrow, Lantern, WW and Cyborg) which they should leave until Justice League. (I read Aqua-man and Martian Manhunter have been ruled out?)
Between DOJ and JL I'd like to see a 6 episode 'mini series' type outing for Wonder Woman like Marvel are doing with Daredevil and others. This will 'flesh' her out on screen more from DOJ and if Gadot / WW goes over well in that movie they can dare to spend higher on the mini series to round out her back story (if they don't address it fully in DOJ). We could also get further cameos from Arrow and Flash in there for the final episodes.
By doing this, DC will have two separate teams on two platforms that can come together for JL movies. You would have Bats, Supes and Lantern exclusively for cinema outings then on TV we have Flash and Arrow with WW being the bridge between the two teams / platforms. Cyborg can pop up where he sees fit.
To me it makes a lot more sense and less risky than throwing a load of expensive movies at the audience to see which ones stick.

But a good film doesn't always need that. We don't need to see Indy's origin story in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hey I agree it can be great but we've had so many and superhero origins are all pretty samey.....bad thing happens, get powers, it's hard at first, they look like they're going to lose, then they get good at it and win and decide to keep on being a hero.

Yes there is a lot of action. Right from the get go. But MOS was not a short movie. And it takes a good while for him to get that suit on so I wouldn't say it's any quicker than other origin movies.

It doesn't make any sense as a business model (you only have 2 movies on that list). I can assure you WB would rather have 2 or 3 films a year doing Marvel-like box office than a couple of successful TV shows. Even better they'd like both. The TV shows and a load of films making them crap loads of money. Money talks.
Also will TV Flash be the movie Flash? Has that been confirmed?

At what point does fan speculation become a rumour and at what point does that become a scoop? I can't see this list actually being what will happen, or what DC intend to do.

But since we are talking speculation I would like Synder's Superman trilogy to be;

Man Of Steel
Batman vs Superman
Justice League

...and make this the central spine of the DC universe with other films leading into and spinning off of it.

I hope DC do bring in the Arrow/Flash shows, would make a lot of sense.

True, but how likely are they to achieve 2 or 3 films a year doing Marvel sized box office with their 'lesser' properties like Captain Marvel? Outside Supes and Bats, the interest in the DC cinematic universe from the general movie going public isn't particularly strong. Crossing over with TV gives them the opportunity to build their universe in a different less risky way to Marvel. It also gives the general audience more time to become invested in the 'lesser' characters of the DC universe so when they transfer over to cinema they is already an emotional tie established along with that for the 'big 2'.
Look, i'm not saying it wouldn't work for DC to follow Marvel. They could pull an 'Iron Man' and get all the ingredients spot on (Downey Jnr) for one of their lesser characters! Lighting tends not to strike twice though! For me, to follow Marvel's blueprint would be a mistake. That ship has sailed, cynicism is rife, and DC needs to forge its own path. TV gives them a great chance to do that. Heck, even Marvel are testing the format themselves to build up to a possible DEFENDERS movie!

I think so as well. I like the potential 'family' dynamic bringing them in would create for a JL movie. You have an older Batman in Affleck, more pessimistic and world weary. A clean cut Superman in Cavill, optimistic and keen to see the good in everything. Amell's Arrow, somebody with a dark outlook like Batman. Gustin's Flash, possible comedy foil but somebody more likely to side with Superman and do things 'by the book'. I see Gadot / WW as 'the voice of reason' and bridge between all in the group (a womans touch!). As for Cyborg? Don't know much about him to be fair but would he be the potential story link in DOJ between the team, the Military and Lex Luthor? Time will tell!

Considering we JUST got off a Batman trilogy, and we're rebooting already with a Batman crossover, and a Justice League movie including Batman, I think this will be for the best. Especially since WB and DC have put pathetically little effort into any property NOT batman up until now. He can rest a bit.

May 2016: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
May 2018: Man Of Steel 2

Um, hang on, I thought BvS = MoS 2 ?

Batman has got top billing therefore I wouldn't call it a sequel to a Superman film.

Hey I agree with lots of your points. But I never thought Iron Man or Thor would get public interest. Or Guardians of the Galaxy but it's tracking for a strong opening.
I think DC doing the team-up first and then spinning of is their idea of forging their own path. I like it. Why make the public wait five years? Go big and get their attention before people get fed up of superheroes.

No, look at the title.

Batman V
Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's got to be the fifth Batman film, presumably following on from the Burton/Schumacher four. It's obviously a direct sequel to Batman and Robin. I really hope we see the Bat Credit Card again.

I never understand peoples need to label things. Its a movie with Batman and Superman in an already established universe with some established characters and some new characters. Who cares if its a sequel or not.

Clearly made up to promote a gossips new website.

I certainly don't dislike the idea of 'go big or go home' that DC seem to be heading towards. I'm just saying that their approach is so very risky due to that essential ingredient that has been absolutely key to Marvel's success.... audience investment. Supes and Bats have that already of course but people weren't particularly convinced by Cavill and as for Affleck? We all know the turmoil over that! Now were getting a movie of them both together with Gadot as Wonder Woman who also isn't particularly fancied for her role (Cyborg remains to be seen I guess). This all has to build up to the JL movie where they will have to introduce Arrow, Flash, Manhunter (if they use him) and Green Lantern. So unless they use the actors playing Flash and Arrow on TV, DC will have to introduce 4 new actors in key roles over two movies. That doesn't even include Wonder Woman or their rebooting of Affleck as Batman! What if one of these actors in their role doesn't hit? What if more than one doesn't? What will that mean for future DC spin offs? That's why I think they should be looking to their current TV properties and actors to negate this risk. For me, its a no brainer and gives them the chance to focus on getting Green Lantern right instead of recasting near enough everybody.

In two films and two TV shows they would have created a shared universe...

Your argument is solid. But I think I still disagree. Let's put it this way:
The Avengers made much, much more money than ANY other Marvel film. That means most people who went to see that film had not seen all or any of the other Marvel films (they'd probably seen Iron Man). Which means a lot of those characters were essentially new to them. Secondly, Thor 2 and Cap 2 made more money than their first efforts. Interest went up after people had seen them in The Avengers.
The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of what we are saying. There is no denying Marvel's strategy works. I think this DC strategy COULD work (definitely not guaranteed). The most important thing though is quality. If these films are good and they have even half decent marketing they'll work.
Look at Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm a comic book fan and I had barely heard of them a year ago (so little investment). But it's tracking to open big because it looks well made and the marketing has been decent.

Is Cavill's Superman really a clean cut version? Smashed up a helluva lot of buildings in Smallville then Metropolis, wrecked a redneck's truck and only source of income, watched his Earth Dad kill himself with wind, smashed a military spy plane and snapped Zod's neck.
I'm excited for these films. But this ain't the 'big boy scout' Superman of the comics.
Hell the new Batman will have to go some to out dark that.

The films being quality is the absolute key of course but the difference is they are absolutely going to have to be top quality if they intend to build on their cinematic Universe in any way. Unlike MARVEL they can afford no slip ups, which is an impossible position to put yourself in as a film studio IMO. Plus, with 'style and no substance' Snyder at the helm, who knows if it will happen? I'd just like to see DC take a more measured approach but seeing as they perceive to be playing catch up its no wonder they are adopting the 'kitchen sink' approach. Time will tell I guess. No matter what happens though, i'm sure we will be first inline for tickets J-Beef!

True dat! I just try and tell myself when I get a bit negative about some of these films that it's a great time to be a comic book geek.

That's already confirmed and they are filming BvS and Justice League back to back. There you go: wish granted. ;)

Officially DC are now happy with where Wonder Woman is at to go ahead with the film, Warner Bros though are not.

That will be one Spidey film and both of the spin-offs (Spidey 4 has been delayed and its slot given over to one of the spin-offs). Doctor Strange will definitely be out by then, as will a further Marvel Studios film yet to be given a release slot (almost certainly Black Panther), then after that we have more films planned for early 2018 that won't be announced for another year at least.

I'm sure if they do their advertising right and make a decent set of movies everyone can have a success (that is certainly the stance of Marvel Studios, but they are filled with geeks who are pleased to see they are finally getting some nice films from the "Distinguished Competition", I doubt the feeling is mutual).

Booster Gold was being eyed up as a TV show last time I heard anything.

To be perfectly honest with you all, I doubt this is true. I suspect most of these movies will be released in the next few years, but the compressed time frame makes it a bit unlikely (and given the suggestion is they'll be filming Dawn of Justice and Justice League back to back, where do they fit in the other 2016 movies?)

Oh right. But surely that makes it even more unlikely that they will have Shazam and Sandman released inbetween those two films?

Are you that certain about Black Panther?

Nah, It might derail one franchise but unlikely to stop what has now become it's own genre.

Nobody greenlit this list, it was just made up by someone online.

crossing my fingers for the deadpool movie to finally happen

I choose not to believe this list. Doesn't make sense at all. (On the other hand it's WB/DC.) After two Superman movies a Shazam movie? Thought that was on the backburner because of the simularities in powers. Where does that Green Latern/Flash movie come from? Flash has his own show in season 3 if all goes well, will it be that Flash or another one?

I remain sceptical as to WB/DCs "plans" with Flash and Arrow. For all we know they might use Wally West as the Flash for the JL movie and say that the Flash TV series was a prequel.

I am that certain, the only thing that makes it uncertain is that Disney have still yet to set the release date for the second 2017 film which makes it look as though it is them being a bit funny over it rather than Marvel.
Marvel intend to launch a "new property" every year, Black Panther is next in the plans after Doctor Strange (which seems set for July 2016). Even if he does take a knock back it will be so another film can take him place (The Inhumans and Ms Marvel seem to be next on the list after T'Challa).

Deadpool is stuck in perpetual development hell due to the bizarre nature of the Deadpool franchise (yes that actually exists). Fox have to keep it in production or they lose the rights, similarly they can't sack Ryan Reynolds until they produce the solo film or again they lose the rights.
Needless to say though being a separate franchise also means he has his own reversion timer and if the rumours are true the Disney lawyers have him in their sights and are stopping any movie from happening (although Fox are managing it by themselves due to their increased interest in Gambit).

That would be sort of genius.

I would like to see Black Panther but like you say it could quite easily be Inhumans, Ms Marvel or another cosmic related film - perhaps one set up in Guardians of the Galaxy. I've seen little to indicate a Black Panther film is on the horizon...

so they can't make it at the moment because disney is trying to get it but they can't stop it or disney will get it. can't they just bite the proverbial bullet and make it?

With Black Panther we've got a reference in Iron Man 2 and a lot of Vibranium. The set up is definitely there, but on the other hand, we've only just had our first hint towards Doctor Strange in Cap 2, with only a couple of years "to spare". T'Challa is certainly on the horizon, the thing that might be messing it up is DC's plans. If they come in with Wonder Woman in July 2017 as is rumoured obviously Marvel will want to get Ms Marvel in first (Kevin Feige has especially noted he wants Carol introduced with no set up in previous films, just to get the one up on DC given what they are doing with Diana).

They could, which is what makes it even more bizarre.

Whatever Disney are doing (provided it isn't Fox doing it themselves) they are doing it well.

I just hope it finally happens it sounds like it will be excellent they have already done a few bits of test footage maybe there trying to see how much Disney will pay?

Yeah but we've Man-Thing mentioned by name in Agents of SHIELD and referenced in Iron Man 3 so by that logic we will have a Man-Thing film soon...

The difference is though nobody connected to Marvel has said they want a Man-Thing movie, or that one is in development, or indeed on one occasion that they were just waiting for the green light. He's on his way, its more a matter of when rather than will.

I hope you're right

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