Warner Bros' potential DC comic book movie line-up and dates

News Simon Brew
13 Jun 2014 - 06:52

A rumoured line-up of Warner's planned DC movies - and when to expect them - has turned up online.

Thus far, we know of just one firm date for the many planned movies in the DC cinematic universe that Warner Bros is working away on. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been scheduled for the start of May 2016, where it's set to go head to head with Marvel's Captain America 3. We also know that Justice League and Sandman movies are coming for definite, but not necessarily when.

Warner Bros is expected to outline its slate over at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but it might just have appeared online in advance. It's been reported - although it's best to treat all of this with a pinch ofsalt-like substance for the time being - that the current running order is:

May 2016: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
July 2016: Shazam
Christmas 2016: Sandman
May 2017: Justice League
July 2017: Wonder Woman
Christmas 2017: Green Lantern and Flash team-up movie
May 2018: Man Of Steel 2

Inevitably, we won't find out until Comic-Con time how much of that is true. Whether Warner Bros would go from virtually nothing to three DC movies a year is a leap in itself. There are active DC projects - such as Fables and Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark - that aren't on that list too.

So we wait and see. If that is the direction Warner Bros is going, it would be fair to say that the boom in comic book movies is showing no sign of going away...


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