Warner Bros has nine more DC comics movies in development

News Simon Brew
29 Apr 2014 - 06:47

We know about Justice League and Batman Vs Superman - but nine more DC Comics movies are apparently on the way too...

Following yesterday's news that Zack Snyder is to direct the Justice League movie for Warner Bros, the Wall Street Journal has now revealed that the studio has nine more DC Comics movies currently in development. That's on top of Justice League and Batman Vs Superman.

Fables is one of them (as reported here), and Sandman is another (everything we've got on that is here). Those two are widely known about. Shazam, 100 Bullets and Metal Men are also said to be in development. And in sheer speculation time, we wonder if Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark and Flash are part of that total. We wouldn't rule out standalone Superman and Batman movies too.

Warner Bros keeps hinting that a fuller reveal of its plans isn't too far away. This summer's Comic-Con seems the likely place for that to happen. More as we hear it.

Wall Street Journal.

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