Warner Bros: DC Entertainment films to be "foundation"

News Simon Brew 17 Sep 2013 - 06:22

Batman and Superman are to be the starting point for the future of Warner Bros, which is firmly aboard the comic book bandwagon...

Warner Bros, arguably more than any other studio, has thrived on franchises, and it currently has the most lucrative movie series of all time on its books, in the form of the not-dead-after-all Harry Potter series.

But it's also firmly got its eye on its DC Comics catalogue of characters, and in a new speech to shareholders, the studio's CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, has revealed that Warner Bros plans to release 12-14 movies a year, and that "I think the basis, foundation of those 12 to 14 pictures are going to be coming from DC Entertainment".

He did seem to confirm the title of Zack Snyder's widely-hyped-already superhero mash-up as Batman Vs Superman too. He added that "we have Batman Vs Superman out in 2015, but there are going to be in the coming months a lot of announcements regarding the future movie, television, games and consumer product pieces that are going to be coming from DC".

So: whilst more Batman and Superman is a certainty, and that Justice League film you'd suspect has to happen with such an aggressive strategy in mind, might the likes of Wonder Woman, Lobo, even Aquaman now get their moment, as Warner Bros looks to replicate at least some of the success of Marvel Studios?

It sounds like we've not got long to find out...

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Cant wait for Batman Vs Superman 2, Batman and Superman Vs Lex Luthor and Batman and Superman Vs Lex Luthor 2....

I'm looking forward to the trilogy "Desperately Trying To Catch Up With Marvel", "Doing What Marvel Are Doing But Rushing It" and "We Only Did It Because They Did It"

Forgive me, but besides Batman and Superman, who really gives a toss about DC's list of boring characters? They don't have the heart or flaws that make Marvel's characters so much more appealing and attractive. DC have been getting merked for a long time on the pages and it will continue into the cinema. DC? Yawn.

Gonna put it out there.....with the obvious exception of bats and superman, I cant see the pull of the "other" DC characters, not when compared to Marvels seemingly endless list. WB really going to base there future films on Aquaman.....?

About damned time. I'm a Marvel fan and have loved their success. But it has been painful at times, watching WB/DC flailing around. Like I say elsewhere, Marvel are showing more faith in a film with a talking raccoon than DC are with the likes of Wonder Woman.
I want to see good DC movies (we very nearly got one with Man of Steel) but it's clear that they needed a strategy. This is a move in the right direction for them, but they have work still to do. I've now lived long enough to see Iron Man, not even an A-list Marvel character, outstrip the daddy of all of superheroes, Superman, at the box office!

The only comic book I followed was Batman and I knew nothing about Marvels heroes until the movies started coming out, so I consider myself indicative of the general (non-geek cinema-going) public. Therefore i can say that if I had a choice between a movie about a hero called IRON MAN or one about AQUA MAN, Im pretty sure I know which one I would choose.

TLDR: Batman & Superman are the only franchises WB and DC should concentrate on for the foreseeable future as although people like us will appreciate Wonder Woman and Flash, most people wont and I dont want to see them fail.

So it's officially Batman Vs Superman?

Does this mean it is more Batmans film than Superman?

A shame. I think we needed one more film with just Superman before throwing Bats into the mix.

I'm not one for negativity and I disagree with what you're saying but that was actually pretty funny.

12 - 14 films a YEAR!? Are they nuts? Disney managed 5, maybe 4 (some weren't so great) in a year. Are WB and DC so desperate to beat Marvel that they go for any crazy plan to help shoot themselves in the foot. I shouldn't complain really I'm just a screenplay writer myself and still have no through knowledge of the system, but... come on. Overstretching yourselves a bit WB?

The "foundation of those 12-14 pictures" will be DC properties. I don't think that means all 12-14 films. Rather that they will have multiple (ie: more than one) comic book movie per year, as well as their myriad other WB movies that aren't DC-related.

Don't forget the spin off "Screw story and characters, all we'll do is action. Specifically it's a MoS spin off.

They didn't even pull of Superman lol. Biggest cock up of the new millenium.

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