Warner Bros planning lots more DC movies

News Simon Brew 8 Jun 2012 - 07:40

Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Flash, Suicide Squad and more are in development at Warner Bros. Possibly Green Lantern 2, as well…

There have been a couple of interesting pieces of news over the past week from Warner Bros, as it looks to properly work with its DC Comics catalogue of characters, and replicate the success Marvel has enjoyed with its Avengers project. Thus, we’ve learned that screenplays for both Wonder Woman and Justice League have been ordered.

However, Variety is now reporting that the studio has more up its sleeve.

Firstly, it’s still mulling over whether to press ahead with Green Lantern 2. We thought this one was dead in the water, but it turns out that there’s still a flicker of hope for the return of Ryan Reynolds and a further Lantern movie. The first film got generally poor reviews, and outside of America did very little business. But Warner Bros’ reasoning will be that it’s spent heavily to launch the franchise, and that it should be a little easier to sell this time around. If it doesn’t press ahead with Green Lantern 2, it might just wait a while and press the reboot button.

However, it turns out that there are more DC projects that are now being developed within Warner Bros. Lobo has been known about for a whole, but Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad and Shazam are reportedly in development. It’s unlikely that every one of those will make it to the big screen, but we’d expect a few to.

There’s no word yet on who’s penning scripts for any of the above, but as we learn more about them, we’ll pass the information on…


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Outside of Batman and Superman they don't have a character worth a damn.

I think Family Guy and Robot Chicken have summed up the limitations of an Aquaman film far more succinctly than I can, but I really don;t see him carrying a film of his own.

Suicide Squad would be the perfect film to introduce something new to the comic book movie genre.  It has a classic enough pitch 'Dirty Dozen as Super Villains' that really they need a smart writer to nail the characters and their interplay.

If I'm honest, I think DC could differentiate their movies by them having more of an edge than the Marvel ones, especially with the Vertigo catalogue to call on too.

I'm not sure if characters like Aquaman and Shazam will work on the big screen.Suicide Squad might work though. What about Booster Gold? He could freshen up the superhero film.

I think it would be a mistake to release Suicide Squad, Shazam, Green Lantern 2 as they aren't well known outside of DC Comic fans, although Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Arrow might be worthwhile if they are looking to copy Marvel with an ensemble movie.  The main reason The Avengers was so popular was because people new the characters from previous movies because the individual movies were so successful.  

Personally the only way I think DC can get anywhere near the Avengers is if the new Man of Steel movie (and subsequent sequels) are a success and they then team up Superman with Batman, anyone else is just filler.

I cant believe people think superman is worth a damn? He's the cheapest super hero ever, his only weakness is a piece of stupid rock that humans shouldn't be able to even get yet it's easier to get than a nuclear missile. His villains suck with the exception of doomsday, which still doesn't count considering the created him only for the reason that superman is such a cheap hero. With the exception of Batman and his villains, DC universe is a joke, hence why it's only popped out one successful character film. Justice League and every movie leading up to it will fail. And seriously even without Nolan the Bat movies would suck I still don't even really like the batman movies solely for the purpose that Christian Bale sucks!!!! He's terrible with the exception of American physco. I think it's a horrible idea...just plain horrible. Why do you think Six Flags is like the third world country of theme parks? Cause DC is one of their biggest attractions.

I wonder if WB and DC should try and embrace some of the more mystic elements of DC Universe for movies too. Marvel seem to be shying away from this atm, DC does have some great characters (although to be fair many of them are from other swallowed up properties) but like everything it depends on how they are used.
People always say audiences want "realistic" superhero movies in the wake of Spiderman/Batman etc but I think Thor and Avengers have proven that as long as its good it doesn't matter.By that I of course mean, make a Swamp Thing movie where he goes to Hell and talks to rhyming demons, that would be ace. 

To be honest, outside of Superman and Batman, I'm not that fussed about DC. Perhaps it could be simply due to being more exposed to Marvel, but I think the Marvel characters/universe is just so much more fun and interesting.

I think first Marvel has to concentrate on the Batman reboot after the current trilogy. Current batman wouldnt really fit into the super powered hero universe.

Next why bother with the whole justice league? What's wrong with just a superman batman cross over? Would keep things less complicated and wouldn't require the expertise directing skills of Joss Whedon to pull off.

Either way I'll probably still go to the cinema and watch it.

so DC are copying the Marvel format of a few standalone films then a JL movie if there going do it i would like to see Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Superman and Martian Manhunter as the main four with Batman and Flash as the lesser powered characters, put them up against some alien attack that will test all there abilitys

TBH, as much as I dislike re-boots, if they're doing a new GL movie they should do what Marvel did with Hulk. Ignore the first one completely and do a brand new film with a decent lead actor this time. 

It seems like DC are hoping to ride the wave created by Marvel, but they lack the characters to pull off such a feat. I'm not completely averse to the idea, but I'd be content to see more effort concentrated on the next generation of Superman and Batman movies.

DC is all about Vertigo's titles. Brink out the really dark stuff, leave the glossy comic stuff for Marvel!

Yeah but aren't they all kinda crappy superheroes? Batman's the only interesting big name they have.

As ever though, it comes down to the writing. Get a good enough writer and even aquaman might be an interesting film.

Thor and Hulk were both kind of 1-dimensional in their own films, but Joss managed to bring them to life in the Avengers film.

But what are the chances of a studio recognising the usefulness of a strong script?

This is fantastic news, anyone claiming they don't know or care of characters outside of superman or batman clearly haven't taken the time to at least look up some of the interesting characters DC has created. I mean, did many people really care about the likes of Captain America or Thor before the movies?
I don't mean to come across as harsh, but it'd be nice if people gave these characters a chance rather than just immediately passing them off as boring or uninteresting.

On a side note I'd just like to say Superman has several weakness's including kryptonite, red sun radiation (and inadvertently the red kryptonite created by Batman) and magic, and there are plenty of heroes and villains who use the power of magic. Not to mention Superman has been brought to his knees several times by the likes of Darkseid.

i think people need to actually read some DC stuff before spouting off

 that didn't go over so great with constantine, though i liked it well enough.  constantine is vertigo, isn't it?

Also anyone who claims Aquaman is lame, clearly doesn't know that up until about a week ago, the New 52 Aquaman comics were selling better than every single Marvel comic out there

i think the problem is superhero movies cost 100-250 million dollars, and other than a tiny handful of characters who have already been done, most are obscure to general audiences.  comics fans are a tiny tiny audience.   comics aren't the cultural force they were in the forties, or even the sixties.  hell, most people know heroes from cartoons, not comics.  kids dont grow up reading comics anymore.  so pulling second and third tier characters for films that may not even be executed well and then tossing barrels of money on the fire, hoping it will catch just seems sooo iffy.

i suppose there is a generation of young adults who got introduced to many characters in the dc universe over a ten year period, during smallville's run.

I don't read anything DC outside of Batman or Superman. I just don't have any interest in the other characters.

Problem with D.C has always been; Great villains, sh**e heroes

The "problem" with DC isn't their characters. It's the corporate incompetence in bringing them to the screen. Anytime DC has tried to make a good comic movie, it's either been saved by the director and cast, or ruined completely by corporate WB marketing messing with it. Nothing in between. Only socially-awkward fanboys would phrase any character as "sucking" or "sh*tty". Grow up and read a book.

Marvel had the advantage of being small and in control for Iron Man. Then, when Disney bought them, they smartly just gave them a check and said "make big movies". It's paid off allowing creators to tell their stories and characters to flesh out beyond the simplistic "grim-n-gritty" Nolan BATMAN-type stuff. WB is still scrambling to figure out to work in a CW soap opera series somehow. Or trying to find a way to insert Lady Gaga as Poison Ivy or some idiocy. They have no concept how to make good movies outside Superman and Batman. 500+ character catalog to pull from, and they can't get past 1941...

DC really needs to do more than further adaptations of superman and batman.They have many characters that are distinctively different from Marvel.Marvel doesn't really have creepy,supernatural superheroes like The Spectre,Doctor Fate and Deadman.The Atom should theoretically be an easier adaptation to work than Ant Man since it's just a superhero version of the incredible shrinking man.Black Canary would be a perfect vehicle for a director like Quentin Tarantino if Warners could convince him to work with them.

Batman isn't interesting himself..his world/enemies are. Bendis' Daredevil is a much more interesting character

Jim Parsons to play The Flash ;) zoom zoom!

I loved Green Lantern (apart from Ryan and that suit). DC do however have to get their heroes more publicity. Move straight on with another Superman movie and add a Dark Knight batman into the mix (it would be a perfect in the god-like super universe and a counter to the boy scout), and also Wonder Woman but for goodness sake give her some respectable powers. Zod may work in the new movie, but forget Lex Luthor and kryptonite for the sequel, there are so many villains that can kick superman's butt, he has so many more weaknesses than the same old green rocks that show up in almost every movie, its getting boring now, no wonder Superman movies don't make any money... Gotta agree some of the Vertigo characters would work well. How about a supernatural threat? Magic? Deadman and The Spectre maybe. Sandman and Swamp Thing. There are so many to choose from. I volunteer to do the script...

 Apart from the fact they cast Keanu as a blonde Englishman, I actually thought Constantine was a really good adaptation.

What I'd love to see is an HBO tv series based on Hellblazer.  Set in England, of course.  With Paul Bettany maybe as Constantine.  I think that series could translate really well to TV...

 Whilst I'd love to see more DC films, I do wonder if there's room on our cinema screens amongst Marvel's prolific output...

 I could see that going well.  i'd go a step further and just get british tv to produce it.  maybe the people who did the Fades.

Ryan Reynolds woulda made an awesome Booster...

Agreed. It's a shame he's already Green Landern. Maybe he could do a Chris Evans.

Plastic Man, or GTFO. 

Gosh if only there could be a proper Birds of Prey movie... Suicide Squad has a lot of potential too but would really depend on the characters chosen.

When will they learn, just give Harley Quinn a movie!

I have read a fair amount of the DC universe characters.
They do come across as immediately boring and uninteresting.
Oh, apart from The Butcher. But that was many years ago.
And they can have Hellblazer as a cracking mag too, though the Constantine movie was rubbish in every way.

 If DC is to come out with a Justice League movie, then they can't just copy the Avengers - they will need something original. Your idea of using mystic elements is an interesting one. The Justice League animation had some really good stories that used more mystic elements. Characters like Black Adam, Doctor Fate and the Phantom Stranger could be used here.

In all honesty I find alot of Marvel's characters and comics to be boring and somewhat tedious to read, but that's because they try to humanise their characters and give them real life problems (e.g high school nerd, alcoholic billionaire) and I feel as though I don't need to read a comic book to find these types of characters (and to an extent, stereotypes) because they're everywhere. I would much rather read about a psychotic killer with an infatuation with a clown, or a man who lost his illusionary perception of the world and realises he has to become the anti-criminal and create an ethical standard which he cannot break despite it often proving to have worse outcomes. These are the types of characters and struggles I prefer to read about. Of course I have only touched upon a small area of the DC universe but you get the gist. 
But at the end of the day it's all about what you enjoy reading, and that's the great thing about comics, there's so much variety there's something for everyone

Said it before but would love to see a low budget, 18 cert Nightwing film.

Some of the comments in this section are exactly the kind of uneducated crap I'd expect to read over in the AICN talkbacks.
The only good DC characters are Batman and Superman? Oh, do shut up!
Can't we get past this pathetic "my dad's harder than your dad" rivalry? Surely, we can be bigger than this, no?

I think Marvel have had more success simply because their comics are much better and the charectars are more interesting and easier to relate to.

When it comes to DC Comics i agree with Mawson Batman and Superman are easily the best all the others lack that special something i think.

I will be interested to see what they are like though if/when someone makes these films.....

Forget all of that I want to The Boys! Great spin on the genre and could lead to a great movie.

I respectfully disagree. I think DC should copy the elements of building from a single hero movie and then creating the justice league movie. For example... Making The Flash movie and having elements in it of seeing superman on TV or seeing Bruce Wayne in the paper. Walking by and hearing peopel talking about some woman who saved a bus of children. Thus building the concept of the JLA. Not to mention droping hints of a bigger power behind everything. Just like in the comics. Its a simple concept.

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