Fox loses Daredevil rights: see Joe Carnahan's pitch here

News Simon Brew 15 Aug 2012 - 07:53

Fox loses its rights to make Daredevil movies, as Joe Carnahan's pitch for the character is beaten by the clock...

Back in the days before Marvel was in control of its movies, the firm licenced out its characters to a variety of studios. Thus, Fox got the rights to make X-Men, Fantastic Four and Daredevil, whilst Sony picked up the Spider-Man rights. As long as the films kept coming along, the assorted studios held onto the rights. If the films didn’t, then the rights would ultimately lapse, and head back to Marvel.

It’s been little secret that Fox has been trying to put a new Daredevil movie together, as the deadline for it to get a fresh movie into production approached. But Variety has now revealed that it’s failed in its quest to do so, and that the rights to Daredevil will indeed be heading back to Marvel, and thus Disney.

Fox had reportedly asked for an extension, which was rejected. And this comes after director Joe Carnahan, riding high after this year’s The Grey, had put together a pitch for a new Daredevil movie. However, as he Tweeted, “DD pitch was tremendous and everyone flipped for it. The clock ticked down at Fox, that's why it went tits up”.

Carnahan then went further, too, and posted a pair of ‘sizzle’ pieces, which formed his pitch for the film. You can see those just a bit further down.

Where does this all leave Daredevil? Well, don’t expect a film anytime soon. Just because Marvel has the rights back under its own control, that doesn’t mean it’s got much room in its schedule to do anything with them for some time yet. The Marvel slate seems pretty much in place until 2015/2016 already. Daredevil now has quite a wait on his hands.

Here’s Carnahan’s pitch – in his words, the NC-17 version, and the PG-13 version…


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Why.doesn't he just make the same pitch to Marvel? Or is that too simple and I'm missing something?

I think DoG makes the point that the schedule is full for Marvel so even if they liked the pitch then they may not have space for it.

How did he manage to sell a pitch with this crappy montage?
It looks like a student project

This is good news, although it means we will have to wait a while for a Daredevil film, I'd rather wait for a good one rather than have a crappy one come out next year. I really hope Marvel can get back the Fantastic Four next year.

Like I hoped in the "The Daredevil movie reboot wishlist" thread... (now hoping to win a million dollars!).
Does this mean that Marvel will also get Kingpin and Elektra back? I wouldn't mind Kingpin spin-off or Whedon creating Elektra movie.

Also, with the crazy pay-off Marvel Studios' focus on continuity reaped with The Avengers, I doubt they'd be too enthusiastic about a stand-alone Daredevil movie set in the seventies with a director who, from the looks of those sizzle reels, would likely push for a high rating.

I'd like to see a Daredevil movie, followed by a Deadpool movie, followed by a Deadpool v Daredevil Movie. That'd be a hell of a 3 years! :)


With the Punisher back in the fold too though there are a number of possibilities for either a Marvel Knights/Max franchise or as I've heard elsewhere a New Avengers/street level group of movies.

Either would be a great way to develop the MMU further.

I don't think the new Daredevil movie should be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures,
I think it should be distributed by Touchstone Pictures.
I don't want the new Daredevil movie to be a R version or a NC-17 version,
I want it to be a PG-13 version.
Do you all really that Marvel Studios and Disney should talk to Touchstone about making Daredevil, Blade, and The Punisher into movies?
And do you really think that the Daredevil reboot should be a PG-13 version, instead of a R version?
P.S. I wanna see Daredevil's costume from the comics coming to life.

To be fair I don't think this pitch would have worked anyway. The whole tone just did not work at all. I can't explain it but it came across as trying to be too dark and retro, more like a propaganda trailer.

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