Purity: Daniel Craig's 20-episode TV drama confirmed

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2 Jun 2016 - 09:00
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Pretty much confirming that Daniel Craig is stepping down as James Bond, his long-form TV project has just been picked up...


Back in February, it was said that Daniel Craig was signing up for a 20-episode TV series called Purity. This was taken as one of many signs that Mr Craig's days as 007 are done. 

Today, we can confirm that Purity is definitely happening and Craig remains attached. Collider reports that "Showtime has officially given the limited series a two-season, 20-episode order with filming set to get underway in 2017."

Purity is an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's novel of the same name, and filmmaker Todd Field (of Little Children and In The Bedroom vintage) is set to direct every episode and assist with the writing. Here's the official plot summary... 

"PURITY is a morally complex story of youthful idealism, extreme loyalty and cold-blooded murder. Jonathan Franzen’s intricately plotted novel is populated by characters both hungry for the truth and desperate to hide it. From STASI offspring to Oakland anarchists, Franzen tracks his characters’ landscapes as varied as East Berlin, the Bolivian jungle, East Harlem walk-ups, and the California Redwoods. PURITY is at once supremely ambitious in scope and intensely intimate in its treatment of character – a decades-spanning tragicomedy that builds to a contemporary climax."

It is believed that Craig will be playing Andreas Wolf - the charismatic leader of a WikiLeaks-type organisation - in the show.

More news as we hear it.

Here's our previous story...

Around the cinema release of Spectre last October, there was no shortage of speculation that Daniel Craig was quitting the 007 role. He's sent out mixed messages on that, noting that the last thing he wants to do after finishing one Bond movie is make another straight away. Reports had also suggested that he was contractually bound to make at least one more Bond movie.

But that's been thrown into doubt a little, as Craig has committed to a brand new 20 episode television series in the US. Some are interpreting that as a firm sign that he's moving on from James Bond. This certainly tallies with rumours we were told last year, too.

He's taken on a starring role in Purity, based on the novel by Jonathan Franzen, in which he'll play Andreas Wolf. Assorted broadcasters are bidding for the rights to show Purity.

Director Sam Mendes has definitely exited the world of James Bond. We'd imagine that EON will want to get a new film moving in some form by next year at the latest. If Purity lands a second season, though - if, indeed, that is the plan - then it may be time for a new 007 after all.

More as we hear it.

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