Disney planning live action Cruella de Vil movie

News Simon Brew 1 Oct 2013 - 07:19

Cruella de Vil is heading back to the big screen, as Disney plans a new live action take on the characters...

Disney has plenty of pipelines at work to come up with its annual slate of movies. Pixar - save for next year - contributes one or two films. Walt Disney Animation Studios adds another. Then there's Marvel, which chips in with two, and from 2015, there's an annual Star Wars movie to slot into the roster as well.

But on top of that, the studio is continually committing to live action versions of classic fairy stories, following the $1bn that Tim Burton's fairly weak Alice In Wonderland took at the box office. This year, Oz: The Great And Powerful performed well too, and the studio also has Malificent set for release next year, and Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella film for the year after.

Add to the list, then, a live action Cruella de Vil movie, that the firm has now put into motion. Cruella took like action form of course in 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians over a decade ago, when Glenn Close took on the role. Close is executive producer on this new project, which is to go by the name of Cruella, but we'd be surprised if she took on the role again.

What direction the film is going isn't yet clear, but we do know that Aline Brosh McKenna has been hired to pen a screenplay. More news as we get it.

Can we have Gaston The Movie next?

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Why would they bring her in as executive producer? That to me suggests at least the possibility they might bring her back as a star, or at least give her a cameo.

Come on Disney. Let's have a new Uncle Remus movie next!!!

For me, Glenn Close will always be the one and only Cruella. As a child she was the one of only two Disney villains to actually scare me (along with the Horned King from The Black Cauldron, and that's because it was just generally very scary) - what makes her scary, I think, is that she's a villain very much rooted in the real world. No magic, no sorcery, no poison apples - just a terrifying ordinary woman who wants to skin dogs and seems a bit mentally dislodged.

I really hope this is somekind of sequel to the live action 101 Dalmatians movies, no real need to reboot if you ask me. And also Glenn Close could still play the part. It's not like Cruella has to be a below 30 woman.

"live action" not "like action".
C'mon DoG, there have been so many typos in your posts recently. Proof-read and don't just rely on the little red wiggly underline.

A Gaston movie.... Think Joe Ming-nayellow as the titular anti-hero and Nick Nolte as... what am I saying? When did this happen, this badguys as the main characters for cartoons thing? Kids don't need the Sopranos or breaking bad, they need Aladdin and the Lion King. Of course the sequels have been of straight to DVD quality, but that's Disney's fault! Lock up the vault! And get frikkin creative.

Starring Andrew Scott?

In blackface? Hmmm, not sure that would go down so well, are you?

Ha. Song of the South must be right at the back of the Disney vault, and I'd be surprised if it ever, ever gets a disc release...

I still have a VHS of it from about 1990, picked it up at a car boot sale some years ago. Mind you, I no longer have a VHS player so my kids have not had the pleasure... "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"...

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