Arnold Schwarzenegger set for new Conan movie?

News Simon Brew
26 Oct 2012 - 06:59
Arnold Schwarzeneggar as Conan The Barbarian (1981)

It looks like Arnie is bypassing Terminator 5 and Twins 2 for the time being, to go back to the Conan franchise...

Since he returned to acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been linked with new sequels to at least three of his films. So, there’s been the mooted Twins 2, also known as Triplets, which may or may not add Eddie Murphy alongside Arnie and Danny DeVito. Then there’s the stuck in limbo Terminator 5, which shows little signs of budging right now. And finally, there’s been talk of a new Conan movie, which seemed the least likely, given how the Jason Momoa-headlined Conan flick tanked last year.

And yet it does appear as though Conan has found its way to the top of the pile. According to reports, Schwarzenegger is set to star in The Legend Of Conan, which will see him play the role for a third time. It’s going to pass over both Conan The Destroyer and the recent reboot, and instead follow what would have happened had the events of the original played out. It’ll be Conan nearing the end of his life, looking for a big battle again.

Chris Morgan has been mooted as a screenwriter for the project, and the plan appears to be have the film in cinemas for the summer of 2014. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about it…


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