Community movie plans may yet come true

News Simon Brew 27 Mar 2014 - 06:12

Justin Lin's name is mentioned as a possible director, as Community looks set for a season six order, and that movie...

Six seasons and a movie" has been the mantra of the show Community for some time now, and for a while, it looked like that wasn't going to happen. But Community is the show that's somehow has made its way to season five so far, in spite of some significant bumps and challenges along the way. And the word is that NBC is set to order a 13-episode season six to wrap the TV show up.

Beyond that? The movie may well happen. TV Guide is now even reporting that Justin Lin, the director of four Fast & Furious movies and a number of Community episodes, may well land the gig. As showrunner Dan Harmon said, "if the movie has to be made out of clay and duct tape in my basement, then that's how the movie will be made, because there has to be closure". He added that "the title of the book about the show is not Community, An Interesting Journey Into A Show No One Ever Watched. The title of the book is obviously going to be Six Seasons And A Movie".

There's still a long way to go to get a movie greenlit. But it seems that, somewhere, the necessary wheels might just be turning...

TV Guide.

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Cool. Cool cool cool.
Anyway, I hope this happens. And I hope that if series 6 is the last, it's a full length series, not 13 episodes.

Thank goodness all of NBC's new comedies sucked!

Where was this word of a final sixth season? I'm obsessively trawl google for season 6 renewal news so this is fantastic to hear. Would love a full 22 but 13 is still 97 episodes of glory when the 'gas leak' year is ignored.

So true, 22 is the way forward.

I think it's criminal when you look at the tripe served up on UK TV (Three and Half Men etc.) that Community isn't shown on anything other than the Sony Channel at silly o'clock.

I'd love a full sixth season and movie. I give this story 5 Meowmeowbeenz....

I'd take 13 good episodes over 22 gas leak ones any day.

Six seasons and a movie!

Harmon hasn't given terrible episodes, they get weird and wonderful but never season four quality. Of course that is my opinion. But yes 13 solid episodes would be sweet, 22 would be better, its just keeping that greatness consistent.

And you get 5 meowmeowbeanz for this comment.

& we only get it the traditional 10 months late.
Tried to preorder the 1-4 boxset only for it to get withdrawn from sale cos the UK air dates got moved.

Last I heard it was still 50/50 Harmon said "It would be weird now if we didn't get a 6th season and It would be weird if we did get a 6th season."

Move over 6 & a movie here comes - Twelve seasons and a theme park.

Really, my friend got me it for Christmas. Of course i feel I should burn season 4 in a cleansing ceremony.

You should.

The Koog approves...

Season 5 has been (understandably) rocky, and while some of the episodes have been really, truly outstanding (MeowMeowBeanz) other episodes have lacked the sort of fun and inventiveness usually offered up by Harmon and co. (Basic Intergluteal Numismatics - I'd almost forgotten the Ass Crack Bandit until Wikipedia re-informed me). I think there's still something great there but it needs fully ignited. Losing Pierce was a bummer but it was destined to happen, and while Jonathan Banks is a great actor, I just don't find anything to like or hate about Hickey. Again, Duncan is underused. Losing Troy has clearly thrown the writers through a loop, and I really miss his fantastic one-liners popping up. I really hope he comes back for the sixth season, because I think that might be the missing link. Still, it was worth it for MeowMeowBeanz! "Fives have lives, fours have chores, threes have fleas, twos have blues, and ones don't get a rhyme, because they're garbage!"

It's weird to think that that was for The Cape...

Loved how it was in the montage of winger speeches, the cape may still find a home on cable...

Its the way forward, I just can't accept that is how Jeff meets his dad. Harmon didn't write it.

That was such a weird and wonderful episode and that stand up routine about threes and apples. I loved the ass crack bandit episode, love me some Duncan so I agree he should be more present, especially as a member of save greendale. Only episodes I haven't liked so much were the cork board, felt like it didn't really go anywhere and the chemistry books one was a bit meh too. Still next weeks G.I. Jeff looks great.

The cork board was fine but not outstanding. Just like the one where Duncan tries to get Britta. It's hard for me to think episodes which should be great, are only okay, because I honestly cannot pick any episodes like that in season 1-3! They are all exceptional.

True, the first three seasons are amazing, i guess its the transition of losing two characters and trying to breathe new life into the show after a lackluster season 4 although i feel harmon is doing it well.

In fact the Community ratings would be enough, if it was a cable tv show. What kills Comm and many other american tv shows, are the ridiculous demands of the major networks over there

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