John Lithgow: "I was just dreadful" in Cliffhanger

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1 Sep 2014 - 06:57

John Lithgow loved making Cliffhanger. He just happens to think he was awful in it...

The mighty John Lithgow is attracting talk of Oscar gold for his latest movie, Love Is Strange. But in a new interview at The Hollywood Reporter, he's looked back at one of his biggest hits, 1993's Cliffhanger, with less than heart-warming pride.

Admitting that "it was the most fun movie I had ever done" thanks to the four months he got to spend in Italy making it, Lithgow said that "I was just dreadful in that film, but that didn't matter. It was such fun".

"It was the beginning of a string of villains that I did", the actor said, remembering with relish that "I got to have a great big knock-down drag-out fight with Sylvester Stallone. Every actor should have that much fun at some point. You can hit him as hard as you can, and it's never enough for him".

There was, once upon a time, talk of a Cliffhanger sequel, but that seems to have long petered out. Expect a remake instead, then...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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