Kevin Smith's Clerks 3 hits a stumbling block

News Simon Brew 8 Jul 2014 - 06:31
Clerks: back for a third outing?

The Weinstein Company has passed on financing Kevin Smith's Clerks 3...

It's been a while now since Kevin Smith revealed that he has plans to turn his Clerks movies into a trilogy. Clerks 3, under the original plan, would have been shooting by now, with Smith instead pressing ahead with one or two other projects first. But, chatting to Screen Daily, he's confirmed a potential problem for Clerks 3: The Weinstein Company doesn't want to pay for it.

"The Weinsteins passed" Smith told Screen Daily. "I went with a $6m budget and they were like, 'oh no Kevin, this is too high". As such, the Weinsteins offered to distribute the film, but passed on financing it.

Clerks II cost $5m to make, and took $24m at the US box office. It's something of a surprise then that The Weinstein Company wouldn't press ahead with Clerks 3.

It's unlikely to be the end of the project, though. Smith's proven himself really rather resourceful when it comes to the financing of his projects in the past, and we suspect he will be again. Furthermore, given that it's been a few weeks since all this happened (at least), he may already have it sorted. We'll keep you posted. We'd like to see Clerks 3.

His next film, Tusk, should land in cinemas before the year is out.

Screen Daily.

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At the London Hollywood Babble on tour last week he spoke of it as alive and coming.

Babble on I meant. Damn u predictive

Wow, Kevin Smith's stock really has fallen if the Weinstein's won't back him anymore.

I remember him saying (bragging?) that he'll always be able to make movies because his costs are so low, it's not a risk for the studio.

As much as I'd love to see Clerks 3 (although I'm not sure how much Smith has to say after 8 years) if his ego has become a problem, maybe this is a good thing.

Harvey Weinstein; How to win friends and influence people.

I don't think the dude has an ego problem. If you listen to his podcasts, he's very self-deprecating and is clearly aware of his own flaws etc. I'm sure he'll get financing for this from somewhere.

You know, in a face-off between Smith and Harvey Weinstein, looking at ego, reputation and bullshit, Weinstein is going to the towering champion every time. This is no failing of Smith's at all.

The Weinsteins do sound like pretty unsavoury guys.

Does it really affect the movie that much if the Weinsteins won't financially back it? I mean, the original was shot on a shoestring; Kevin Smith could just do that again and most people would assume it was a clever tribute to the original.

I'm not even supposed to be here today!

Well, they've done a LOT of good over the years too, but they're not afraid to stamp their feet, I suppose.

He must have tried really hard to spend $5m on Clerks II. I love the film but seriously, what cost that much?!

Rosario Dawson's ass.

Take my money!!! I only have $20 but it's a start

Perhaps, but they've also produced films that arguably won't have seen the light of day if they hadn't come along, such as Inglourious Basterds, Silver Linings Playbook, The Artist and Submarine. They've also made rubbish films like DOA: Dead or Alive and Scary Movie 4 but no ones perfect. I think to survive in Hollywood you'd have to be a bit of a twat.

A Kickstarter for Kevin Smith would easily raise double the necessary cost, I reckon.

Quite a few months ago he said he'll get it financed elsewhere if they passed. He'll do the same with clerks as he did with red state. Tour it with Q&A. He'll get his money back without too much problems.

I assure you; this'll happen!

The problem, I believe, is that the Weinsteins own the rights to Clerks, so they'd have to approve a sequel.

Ah, I assumed that Miramax/View Askew owned the rights and the Weinsteins provide the funding.

I'm not completely sure, maybe it was just a funding issue, and if it is he'll probably have no problem sourcing funding from elsewhere (as he has been doing with Red State, Tusk and the ones he's working on at the moment).
Hopefully that is the case because I was looking forward to Clerks 3.

My understanding - and I may be mis-remembering things here - but Weinsteins had first option when it came to Clerks 3. If they didn't want to go ahead with it, which they now don't, Smith can go and do things himself as he did with Red State and has done with Tusk.

kickstarter surely

did you go to it? if so i am so jealous of you

also isn't he writing a book first or did i just read that somewhere. i feel like that was the plan

I thought it was a donkey...

Hi. Yeah I got to it. It was bloody brilliant! Could listen to that man talk all night. It was the day after the Star Wars set visit so he was stupidly excited.

you are so lucky! was the star wars thing when he posted the picture of him crying right? because I saw that. also did you see the super groovy cartoon movie thing

Yes it was the day after that pic was taken. And I saw the movie! I'd love to see Babble in its intimate LA setting with Ralph on the JD!

you are the luckiest person on the planet!!! I'm not firm listener of Babble on much i tend to listed to Jay and Silent Bob get old. mainly because i like the music at the begin

I like that too. And the awesome theme tune. :)

They played Let Us F*** at the end of the night. Great fun.

it sounds amazing! you are so lucky!!!!! the theme tunes great

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