Kevin Smith's Clerks 3 hits a stumbling block

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8 Jul 2014 - 06:31
Clerks: back for a third outing?

The Weinstein Company has passed on financing Kevin Smith's Clerks 3...

It's been a while now since Kevin Smith revealed that he has plans to turn his Clerks movies into a trilogy. Clerks 3, under the original plan, would have been shooting by now, with Smith instead pressing ahead with one or two other projects first. But, chatting to Screen Daily, he's confirmed a potential problem for Clerks 3: The Weinstein Company doesn't want to pay for it.

"The Weinsteins passed" Smith told Screen Daily. "I went with a $6m budget and they were like, 'oh no Kevin, this is too high". As such, the Weinsteins offered to distribute the film, but passed on financing it.

Clerks II cost $5m to make, and took $24m at the US box office. It's something of a surprise then that The Weinstein Company wouldn't press ahead with Clerks 3.

It's unlikely to be the end of the project, though. Smith's proven himself really rather resourceful when it comes to the financing of his projects in the past, and we suspect he will be again. Furthermore, given that it's been a few weeks since all this happened (at least), he may already have it sorted. We'll keep you posted. We'd like to see Clerks 3.

His next film, Tusk, should land in cinemas before the year is out.

Screen Daily.

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