Kevin Smith announces Clerks 3

News Simon Brew 7 Dec 2012 - 18:15
Kevin Smith's Clerks

Kevin Smith announces that Hit Somebody is set to be a TV mini-series, and Clerks III is now the last film he's going to direct...

It was around the time that he made and promoted Red State, back in January 2011, that Kevin Smith announced he would be retiring from directing movies. His last film? That was set to be his ice hockey movie, Hit Somebody.

However, Smith has now announced a change of plans. That's because Hit Somebody is set to become a six-part television mini-series instead, with hour-long scripts for each episode in place. And that means a change in what his final film is set to be. So what's his movie directorial swansong?

In the words of the man himself, "So with the HIT SOMEBODY shift, the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be CLERKS III."

Which seems quite fitting, really. We're huge fans of Clerks and Clerks II, and Smith will be ending his film directing career with the same characters he started it with. It'll be a hell of a boxset when it's all done, too.

More news on Clerks III and the Hit Somebody mini-series as we hear it.


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Why? The surprisingly decent Clerks II wrapped things up nicely.

Clerks 2 was jank i can only hope a third one will be much better.

If you really think Kevin Smith won't direct or write another movie after Clerks 3 you're naive.

and this will also be the last rolling stones tour

"Surprisingly decent?" Couldn't disagree more...

Clerks 2 was terrible, showed that he loathed his own characters, refusing to let them move on & trapping them in their small little world forever!! Another instalment is about as welcome as dysentery!!!

That's cool, but I put it on expecting the worst and what I got instead was actually a quite touching send off for Smith's finest characters.
Growing up and putting away childish things, you know?
It may not be a patch on the original but bits of it are undeniably very funny. Randall's Lord of The Rings rant was pure gold. :)

But Dante leaving everything he cares about behind and 'moving on' to Florida with a woman he didn't love would have been the trap.
The ending of Clerks 2 is so fiiting because he realises that this "small little world" of his, IS his happiness. That the answer had been staring him in the face the whole time.

That, I thought, was really quite a lovely way to end things.

It was like 'It's A Wonderful Life'... Only, you know, with more dick jokes.

Clerks 2 is a great film (and much better than what passes for comedy these days). It may have been a departure from Smiths other films (the dance routine for instance) but on whole it was about Dante growing up and taking what he wanted. Loved the ending with Soul Asylums 'Misery' too

Well someone sure missed the point.

I agree entirely.

"It was like 'It's A Wonderful Life'... Only, you know, with more dick jokes."

Ok.. this demands a remake of It's a Wonderful Life. Just sayin.

Clerks 2 is an absolute treat. Donkey show anyone?

I just feel so bad for Kevin Smith, sometimes.

Actually quite happy about this. Watched Clerks 1 & 2 last night in anticipation and they stand up well compared to some of his other work. Clerks 1 looks great on bluray....

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