First trailer for Disney's live action Cinderella

Trailer Simon Brew 15 May 2014 - 17:20

Kenneth Branagh's live action take on Cinderella has its first trailer...

At the end of this month, Disney will be releasing its latest live action take on a fairytale, Maleficent. Beyond that, however, the studio has a raft of similar projects lined up, including a live action telling of the story of Cinderella. Kenneth Branagh has directed this one, and it arrives in cinemas in 2015. Lily James takes the title role, with Richard Madden co-starring.

The studio has now released the first teaser trailer for the film too, although as you might expect, it's not giving a fat lot away. Still, here it is if you fancy taking a gander...

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It's a trailer of a glass shoe!

ohhhhh I lost my shoe......

picture didn't post...

Well, the shoe looks good, at least. Damn that's a heel, though. Ouch.

Dangit! I've heard a few things about this movie and I was hoping for some actually footage.

I mean, they have RObb Stark as the Prince. PERFECT CASTING IS PERFECT.

What a horrible death for that butterfly... Must be very painfull.

A crystal stiletto? Is Snow now some sort of hooker assassin?

That was rather disappointing

That's it?!?!

ok any other women notice that shoe basically puts you on your tippy toes?! Whoever did the modeling of it must have been looking at fetish shoes

it has no angle for the balls of your feet.. it's essentially a fetish shoe


That is not a trailer. That is just ridiculous. Now I don't want to see it.

yeah 1:16 seconds of my life I will never get back

I know! I mean, it's a shoe--you'd think they'd at least have a foot!

...dammit. I want that minute of my life back!

thats one min of my life i can't get back,,,snooze

To those carping about the trailer: Try thinking outside of the box for once. Does everything have to be a free giveaway to you people? Yes, the trailer is simple but far from simplistic. There's certainly nothing wrong with keeping a bit of mystery about a time honored story we "think" we already know because we've heard it time and time again. I think we may be in for a surprise with this film. Why would I say that? Well, the fact that the shoe looks more like Swarovski crystal than plain glass adds a bit to the intrigue. The camera work being utilized here may be an indication that this movie may be more multifaceted in its approach. Consider this: Cinderella is a fairy tale that has been told in many variations in different cultures. One of the oldest versions dates back to 9 BCE. Cinderella is a fairy tale that stokes the flames of the universal desire people have to indeed have a life that can be called happily ever after. It's a desire that has lead to both heartbreak and bliss, and has inspired many a work of art, piece of music, literary work and yes, film. It is a tale so compelling and powerful on our collective imaginations and psyches that not even grim 20th century movements like Communism and radical feminism could stamp it out of people's consciousness. At any rate, I'm looking forward to March 2015 when the film is released to the theatres.

Cinderella, you mean?

I'd like to think he got confused between Robb Stark and Jon Snow.

Jon Snow... the watcher on the wall.... the transsexual prostitute contract killer...

'You know nothing Jon Snouueghghghghth' (Stiletto heel to the neck).

Has a certain appeal.

I have no problem with the showing the shoe in the trailer. That's the staple of the fairy tale. My issue is that it's like fancy car on a turntable. I'm tired of glamorizing Cinderella's story in recent years. I love the Disney animated film, but I want to see more of the rags TO riches rather than just the riches.

Goddamn it, Disney

Where is the trailer? O.O How much money did they spend advertising this shoe?

This isn't an actual trailer. It's a teaser trailer. The movie doesn't come out until March 2015. I'm sure there will be an actual trailer in 6-8 months. They just want you to know they're making it. Happens all the time. People need to settle down. The actual video even says "teaser trailer". It's this website's fault for calling it a "First Trailer"

nope, it was just a male who didn't do his homework. didn't open up even one women's shoes website. those shoes look so uncomfortable and impossible to wear and walk around in.


I see another ever after in the making...
Plot twist... Ru Paul plays the maiden ;)

and what's funny is my husband has a college degree doing this but the industry is full of egotistical pricks so it's nearly impossible to get a job unless you know someone.. and that someone got a job when they couldn't even do a shoe.

Gods you are thinking the exact same thing as me. Not to mention the top of the shoe would cut into her achilles tendon =(

Have all of you forgotten about the Maleficent teaser trailer? The VERY first one? It was literally only her name. That's it. At least this shows something intricate and interesting. More than a glass slipper, but a prism. And now look, over the last six months, footage has been coursing in for Maleficent. Following that example, we can expect to see another teaser with actual footage in September. Seriously, relax people.

that's not a trailer, it's a shoe

I applaud your awareness.... Disney can't get anything by you.................

they're magic shoes. that's how Cinderella can walk in them ;)

That was nothing. I will never get that 1 minute and 16 seconds of my life back! Also, that does not look like a shoe that a human foot would fit into.

I need way more than a crystal shoe to get me interested in a movie, regardless of how artistically it is filmed.


Yes, this exactly.

It's not a trailer. It's a teaser. We'll get proper movie footage trailers when the editing is done and the movie is closer to release.

Do you mean Richard Madden? His name isn't Robb Stark, he plays Robb Stark in GoT

Yes, I am aware.

Spoilers D.O.G, spoilers! Its Godzilla all over again.
Also, looks like stripper heels.

Yeah, it's probably because they know that we know that Robb is in it that they don't want to show us anything. I've never seen a trailer full of shoe before. *lol* On a side note, the slipper is pretty. ^^

I demand compensation for my time...this was not a trailer. This was a lie, a farce, a ruse, a fallacy, a manipulation, a trick, a scheme, a calamity! Alright I'm done.

Another princess movie. How original.

Mr. McGee, don't make him settle down. You wouldn't like him settled down.

the shoes are magic.. not her feet

Worst trailer I've seen.

Would you rather have "The Apple Dumpling Gang In The Welfare System"?

How is that a teaser?? It's a glass slipper, big whoop!!

I think you might be confusing the glass slipper with the ruby ones. The glass slipper is merely how the prince found her again.

I for one just love how they are making all the fairy tales come to life. I cant wait till this is released and Im now waiting on Malificent.

Actually, it looks a lot more like a Barbie shoe than a fet shoe. it does not seem shaped for an actual human foot.

it's a teaser. It's basically an animated poster. It's not supposed to give us more than the image.

I love DoG as you discuss Comic book films, Sci fi and all out amazing articles. Yet my biggest love is Disney, so I thank you for constant Disney posts :).

This on the other hand is a teaser trailer, it says that so no need to get upset.

...And a butterfly! Can't forget that important detail! Practically gives away the whole story... :-P

Tell me about it, that's how it is with just about anything anywhere--including getting a book published! Not what you know, but who you know. Sad...

Great premise--Just like Ever After with Drew Berrymore. Now *that's* more rags than riches, yes? x)

Hehe, true!!!

Oh boy! Disney's Glass Slipper! Coming March of 2015!

Haha, that's what I thought, too. The only thing that really happens in this trailer is a butterfly lands on a shoe and then crystallizes. So...the only action in the trailer is something dying, and everyone just thinks, "Oh, teh pretty!"

Thank God you were here to clarify that, what would the internet do without you?

Actually, if Don Knotts was still around, that would be amazing.

I'm sure they spent as much on advertising the shoe as they did designing it to be just right (ie. probably a lot).

Could have done with a spoiler warning there! Now I know that a glass shoe is a major plot point apparently.

I'm sorry... But seeing as to how many countless others that are complaining about the TEASER trailer is absolutely ridiculous! Does the word "Teaser" mean anything to you? Yes. It's a damn shoe! Get over it. There is much more being shown in the Teaser than what is being mentioned. Movies such as the original Cinderella were known for their music scores. This being said.... Learn to complain about something worth complaining about! For example (World Hunger, Global Warming, NSA, etc...)

I'm sorry... But seeing as to how many countless others that are complaining about the TEASER trailer is absolutely ridiculous! Does the word "Teaser" mean anything to you? Yes. It's a damn shoe! Get over it. There is much more being shown in the Teaser than what is being mentioned. Movies such as the original Cinderella were known for their music scores. This being said.... Learn to complain about something worth complaining about! For example (World Hunger, Global Warming, NSA, etc...)

Ewww, Kenneth Branagh… WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!

True. The NSA are so darn secretive they wouldn't have even let us see the shoe...

barbie shoes are actually more practical and less painful looking than this. She's on the balls of her feet, this would make you go en pointe like a ballet dancer.

Isn't it supposed to be a slipper?

Hmm looks interesting.

What's it about though?

The best cinderella film of all time was ever after.......if it can beat that, it'll be amazing!

THEY DO? *puts release date in diary*

"Gosh, a perfect fit!"
five minutes later, fleeing to her carriage...

Was that a trailer for Cinderella or a Finish dishwasher tablets ad?

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