New writer hired for Chronicle 2

News Simon Brew 1 Apr 2014 - 06:39

Max Landis isn't writing Chronicle 2 any more. Instead, Jack Stanley has been hired to take a crack at it...

The success of the movie Chronicle, which returned over $120m at the global box office off a budget of $12m, has meant it's hardly surprising that 20th Century Fox would want a sequel to the movie. But by the looks of things, the mooted Chronicle 2 is going to be lacking some of the core original talent from the first film.

Director Josh Trank for a start is busy on the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. Writer Max Landis, meanwhile, had penned a screenplay for Chronicle 2, but not one that the studio liked. Landis reportedly was looking to take the sequel down a darker road, but that wasn't what Fox was necessarily after.

The studio hasn't given up on a Chronicle follow-up though, and the latest on the project is that it's hired writer Jack Stanley to take a pop at it. Stanley came to prominence off a screenplay he wrote called Sweetheart, which make the infamous Black List, of the best unproduced scripts. And whilst he hasn't had a film of one of his screenplays made yet, Fox has seen enough potential in his work to give him the Chronicle 2 gig.

More on the film as we hear it.


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