New writer hired for Chronicle 2

News Simon Brew 1 Apr 2014 - 06:39

Max Landis isn't writing Chronicle 2 any more. Instead, Jack Stanley has been hired to take a crack at it...

The success of the movie Chronicle, which returned over $120m at the global box office off a budget of $12m, has meant it's hardly surprising that 20th Century Fox would want a sequel to the movie. But by the looks of things, the mooted Chronicle 2 is going to be lacking some of the core original talent from the first film.

Director Josh Trank for a start is busy on the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. Writer Max Landis, meanwhile, had penned a screenplay for Chronicle 2, but not one that the studio liked. Landis reportedly was looking to take the sequel down a darker road, but that wasn't what Fox was necessarily after.

The studio hasn't given up on a Chronicle follow-up though, and the latest on the project is that it's hired writer Jack Stanley to take a pop at it. Stanley came to prominence off a screenplay he wrote called Sweetheart, which make the infamous Black List, of the best unproduced scripts. And whilst he hasn't had a film of one of his screenplays made yet, Fox has seen enough potential in his work to give him the Chronicle 2 gig.

More on the film as we hear it.


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Given what I've heard from the Landis camp over this, I'm not terribly excited for Chronicle 2. Not because I think Max's idea was perfect (I can't remember much right now but it was Kick Ass/Super type stuff) but because when Max handed in the script, Fox just said "can't we just make the first one again?"

So rather than having the continuing story of what characters were left alive in the first one, it's looking to be a retread of the first film with a different cast. Which is kind of pointless.

Not feeling optimistic about this. I enjoyed Chronicle because it was unexpected and understated - even the vfx for the final crashy bangy sequences felt almost restrained. Not sure where else the story can go that would add anything to the original. Sequel for the sake of sequel can just end up tarnishing the lovely little jewel of a movie that already exists (Kick Ass 2 anybody?)

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