Director found for Choose Your Own Adventure movie

News Simon Brew
29 Jan 2014 - 05:51

The Choose Your Own Adventure books are heading to the big screen, courtesy of Dodgeball's Rawson Marshall Thurber...

It was revealed last summer that there were plans to adapt the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books into a movie. It wasn't clear which of the many books in the series - there ended up being over 150 of them - would be centred on, nor how the adventure choosing gimmick would translate to the big screen. Yet we might just be finding out soon: it turns out that this is very much an active project.

Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon - who penned the Night At The Museum movies and are also working on the new Naked Gun film - have been hired to oversee the script (and have been involved for a while). And now it's been revealed that Rawson Marshall Thurber - he of Dodgeball and We're The Millers fame - is set to direct.

Now if some enterprising British studio fancies taking a stab at the Fighting Fantasy books too, that'll make for a very satisfactory Wednesday, thank you very much...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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