New Cheech And Chong movie in the works

News Simon Brew 25 Mar 2014 - 06:10

Super Trooper helmer Jay Chandasekhar is helping bring Cheech and Chong back to the big screen...

There aren't too many stoner comedies that can compete with the majesty of 1978's Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke, starring Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. The pair, who went on to appear together in a whole bunch of movies throughout the 1980s, sort-of returned together in Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie back in 2013 (which the pair weren't directly involved with). But a new report suggests that a brand new live action movie is now on the way too.

Celeb Stoner reports that the new Cheech and Chong film is being developed in conjunction with director Jay Chandasekhar (The Dukes Of Hazzard, Super Troopers), and it's in the early stages of development. As Tommy Chong told the site, "it will be about us going to a festival called the Burning Joint. All sorts of shenanigans happen. It's going to be a lot of fun".

It's still early days for the project, but we'll keep you posted on it...

Celeb Stoner.

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"cheech and chong develop lung cancer and blood pressure problems".

Methinks the time for this movie is long past.

I loved these guys when I was younger and 10 years ago I think there may have been a chance of it being decent, but it's just too late now, if you ask me.

I mean Chong just played Maw Maw's beau on Raising Hope, that guy is long past the capers required for a C&C movie.

I reckon that they both still have the wit and timing required for comedy and Jay Chandasekhar is a great choice for this. If it has the rest of the Broken Lizards along and doesn't lean too heavily on just Cheech and Chong for all the capering then it could be just in the nick of time.

I've never been a fan of Broken Lizards (I did like Super Troopers, though) so I doubt that would save it for me.

I agree that both Cheech and Tommy can still do comedy, I just think that they shouldn't go back to those characters. C&C were madcap and ridiculous in a way that I just cannot see the actors pulling off anymore. In my eyes there are only a few ways this can go:

1: They try to do the same old stuff, but have to slow it all down because the leads are too slow. Not good.

2: They change the style. Could be good, but isn't C&C so there's no real point.

3: C&C take more of a backseat to the capering, like you suggest, and leave the main stuff up to the "supporting" cast. Again this could be good, but then it really isn't a C&C movie. It would be more of a Broken Lizards movie with an extended cameo. BL feat. C&C type of thing.

Basically, I don't see a need for this. Just like Ghostbusters 3, all this will serve to do is take something remembered for greatness (a lot of which is due to nostalgia, especially for most C&C movies, as well as quite a bit of Tommy's "cancer cure") and show how massively out of time it is in the modern era.

C&C did a couple of awesome movies and some other stuff that was kinda funny. It should be left at that. They have went on with their lives and careers, to some extent, and should focus on that rather than trying to relive past glories. This may get them some momentary attention but I firmly believe it will leave them looking a completely different sort of foolish than they are hoping for.

Just dropped in to say that the first 20 minutes of Super Troopers is possibly the funniest opening 20 minutes of any movie ever. Haven't liked any of their stuff since, though...

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