Warner Bros readying Casablanca 2

News Simon Brew 6 Nov 2012 - 06:27

It's what the world has been waiting for: the long-awaited sequel to Casablanca. Really.

We suspect you sometimes think we make these things up. As we’ve learned in the years doing this site, though, it’s the truth that’s often a lot stranger than the nonsense we could possibly come up with.

Take this story. The rightly-regarded all-time classic Casablanca (a film which still demands to be seen alongside the Woody Allen-starring Play It Again Sam) may be the beneficiary of a belated sequel.

It’s been 70 years since Humphrey Bogart’s Rick and Ingrid Bergman’s Ilsa left the big screen, but their story is set to be picked up again. The basis for it is a treatment that was written three decades ago by Howard Koch, who penned the original film. His son, Peter Koch, is reportedly putting together a screenplay based on this, that will pick up 20 years after Casablanca, and focus on the child of Ilsa and Rick.

A Casablanca follow-up is nothing new, and in the immediate aftermath of the success of the 1942 original, the studio investigated a follow-up. Furthermore, this current take on the story has been doing the rounds for a while, too.

There’s still some way to go to get Casablanca 2 to the screen. If it happens, expect a fourth entry in the Man With No Name trilogy, possibly Solaris 2, E.T. Too, and don’t rule out Son Of Citizen Kane, either.

The days of the Clamp Cable Network’s once satirical line grow closer: “Tonight, on the Clamp Cable Classic Movie Channel, don't miss Casablanca, now in full colour with a happier ending”…

New York Post.

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Oh for f***'s sake... seriously?


No. No, no, no. No. No, No.



Considering that for most cinema goers today the knowledge of Casablanca's greatness is from word of mouth and media why would they go see a sequel to a film they haven't seen. It makes more sense as a remake of the original not that I'm arguing we need one but these things seem inevitable. I've said for years that I fully expect to see a E.T.2 starring Drew Barrymore one day.

I would argue that Casablanca should be due a remake before they do a sequel, especially if they're looking at pulling in the regular movie crowd.

Alternatively, maybe it's the first salvo in a battle for the Grey Pound. Next up will be Gone with the Wind: Return of the Wind, Rebel without another Cause, Road to Castle Bingo, Abbott and Costello meet Sadako and other classics.

I kind of agree. I've never seen the original. I'm 26 and always thought it looks boring. I'm not concerned with seeing 'classic' cinema, only that which interests me. That being said, I'd imagine many people my age and younger are the same, whereas those that have seen it won't be bothered with seeing a sequel. It does appear to have unidentifiable audience.

I'm not bothered by remakes, reboots, sequels or prequels - if it looks good, I'll usually watch it

A sequel would be better than a remake. Because you cannot trump the original.

There would be uproar if this were to be remade. But a sequel? Yeah, why not. As long as they leave the classic alone, it doesn't hurt anyone and makes the studios some cash. Everyone's a winner.

Remember when Psycho was remade? What a pointless waste of time that was. It seems studios have taken something on board for once.

some times those movies that are deemed classics are worth watching even though they don't look that interesting on the surface. there IS a reason they make those lists time and time again.

be a little more open... just my suggestion. you might be surprised.

for example, when i was a youngster, seven samurai looked like a daunting bore. 3 and a half hours of black and white subtitled japanese samurai film? gah.

but it's one of my favorite films now, because i invested the time, and listend to my elders.

listen to your elders, sonny!

(i'm only a few years older than you.)

Smegging Hell....they are taking the Smeg! What the Smegging Smeg are they thinking of!!! I Smegging give up. Intheshadow is bang on and right with his comment and Jamie Dickenson you are also right. It is boring. The orginal. Its a love story and its a bit dull, but back when it was made it would have seemed amazing to everyone. Yes it is a classic, yes it is good and brilliant IF you like that sort of thing. But it is a bit slow and a bit boring and a love story, so if you are into chick flicks etc then a sequel to it might float your boat, but the original is a classic movie, it should be left alone, it does not need a sequel decades later and its another example of film makers who have run out of ideas. Because everything has been done. But they still want to make money.

Well, they remade "Sabrina" and "Psycho"...

If it's set in the 60s and done right, like say The Artist, then I'm all for it. However, if it's going to be some emo Twilight wannabe, then they should burn in hell.

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