Carrie remake director reveals sequel plans, ending issues

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17 Jan 2014 - 07:00

Discussions took place about sequels to the new take on Carrie, Kimberly Peirce has revealed...

This story contains a spoiler for the new Carrie movie in paragraph three.

The remake/reboot/fresh take on Stephen King's Carrie that arrived in cinemas towards the end of last year had one or two good moments to it, but it never really managed to find enough of an identity of its own for our money. Its box office performance was decent enough, earning $82m worldwide off a $35m budget. By the time the assorted home releases have been taken into account, it'll be in profit.

But what's also clear is that it didn't make enough money for Sony to press ahead with more. For director Kimberly Peirce has revealed in a new interview "that was something that came up, the idea of Carrie two, three, four, five six, seven and eight". She added that "I don't see Carrie 8".

It does explain the ending shot of the film though. We really didn't like the ending to the new Carrie at all, and nor did Peirce. "My intention was not to say here's a sequel coming. My intention was simply to get out of the scene in a way that didn't leave you falling off a cliff". The DVD and Blu-ray release has an alternate ending to the film that Peirce describes as "a better ending... a little more tidy, a little more shocking and a little more dangerous".

The full interview with Peirce is at IndieWire, here.

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