Kevin Feige admits Captain Marvel movie a possibility

News Simon Brew 17 Mar 2014 - 06:33

Will Captain Marvel be Marvel's first female-led comic book movie? Possibly...

With phrase three of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies seemingly pretty much locked, it's going to be another bunch of male-led comic book movies that take Marvel Studios forward to The Avengers 3. Talk continues regarding a possibly Black Widow spin-off, but as Marvel's Kevin Feige has now said, "frankly if we do a Black Widow movie after Age Of Ultron, when she's been central in three or four movies, I don't think we'd get the quote unquote credit for it. People would say 'she's already a big giant superhero'".

So where does that leave Marvel with regards a female-headlined comic book movie? "If we had a great idea we do it", Feige said. "I like the idea if we're going to a [female headlined comic book movie] do a new one. Do a wholly new character, do an origin story".

So, is Captain Marvel a possibility there then? Turns out she is. "We've talked a lot about [Captain Marvel]", Feige confirmed. "I think that would be very cool".

That's still very vague of course, but the way things are panning out, we'd be surprised now if phase four didn't have a female-led movie in it. By then, the current run of Captain America and Thor movies would presumably be done - assuming Marvel will stop at three for each of them as it did with Iron Man - and there'll be room in the schedule for more characters to have a bash at the big screen.

We shall, of course, keep you posted...

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I'd still like to see the Black Widow movie though - haven't seen Cap 2, but she hasn't exactly been "central" to the other films she's been in so far

Great idea, just wondering how they could explain away the name without it seeming a bit contrived.

Hope this does happen! I'd rather see a Captain Marvel film (i.e. a female superhero not pre-tested in a male-hero film) than Black Widow, if I'm honest. Or, ideally, both!

Great! Now why can't Warner take the bloody hint and make a proper Wonder Woman film, preferably without the hollow pretentiousness of Man Of Steel?

With a guy named Mar-Vell, they don't seem to care about seeming too contrived.

Yeah but who-

would love this - but we would need a strong actress for the role

WIth Yvonne Strahovski please!

I'm not a huge comic fan (so I might be a bit behind the eight ball on this one) but isn't Captain Marvel a guy? Shazam and all that?

Glad it's not just me who thought that! Never knew there was a female Captain Marvel although I was vaguely aware there have been more than one male version

She-Hulk would be much more interesting than any other option for a female led movie.

Shazam Captain Marvel is a DC character. This one is the female successor to the Marvel superhero Captain Mar-Vell. It's... kinda complicated. I'd recommend viewing "captains courageous" by Big Picture on youtube, it largely clears up the confusion

She-Hulk might lay with fox as part of the FF deal but that might be me making stuff up.

Rather a new Hulk movie first. With a possible set up within.

It is a complicated history, but:

Fawcett Comics had created a hero named Captain Marvel (The Shazam guy), but DC sued them in the 40s by claiming Captain Marvel was too close to Superman. By 1953 Fawcett stopped publishing hero comics and settled the ongoing case with DC.

In the 60s, Marvel took the name for themselves and created a new character for it, an alien named Mar-Vell who would eventually die from cancer in one of the first graphic novels Marvel ever published.

Meanwhile in the 70s, DC licenced (and eventually bought) the original Fawcett character, but because Marvel Comics beat them to securing the name, they had to rename their hero and comic Shazam! based on his catchphrase.

Since then, to retain their trademark, Marvel has had to publish a Captain Marvel title every year or two since, leading to a number of ongoing series, limited series and one-shots featuring a range of characters with various origins and powers but using the Captain Marvel alias. In addition to the aforementioned alien Mar-Vell, there has been a human heroine, real name Monica Rambeau, who was in the Avengers (and even lead them for a while), and most recently another woman, Carol Danvers, formerly known as Ms Marvel, who is arguably the headlining Marvel heroine, the way Wonder Woman is for DC.


The problem with the Captain Marvel character is that she is too powerful

they should do Elsa Bloodstone as counterpart to the rumored Justice League Dark. she can bring classic marvel monster stories and villains like Fin fang Foom.

Why not? She fits the part.
Plus, she has the geek credentials with 'Chuck', 'Mass Effect', 'Dexter' and soon '24: Live Another Day'.

A role for Sarah Michelle Gellar? Right? Anyone?

Captain Marvel totally works for me because she fits two criteria as a female superhero: a) she hasn't already been introduced in another male-headlined Marvel movie like Black Widow was, b) she wouldn't already have a male equivalent in the MCU, like She-Hulk would if she were introduced.

I think it's best to strike out with a totally new female character just to make the point that it can totally work without any relation to the success of male superheroes.

Thanks for that, saved me a lot of time! A one-man Wikipedia. :-)

Id be up for that. We need something fresh. Thats why Im really looking forward to Guardians and then Dr Strange. A female superhero (outside of the well known DCs Wonder Woman) would also give that.

That just means any clashes within the film aren't simply about power. (The Green Lantern comics have a history of having to deal with this problem...)


Thanks - I *think* I got the facts right, but at times it felt like I was assembling something from Ikea :-)

LOL! Comic book history - enough to make you go cross-eyed!

Yvonne Strahovski would be my ideal pick, but I acknowledge that she has a limited name recognition. A safer choice might be Rachel McAdams

You mean Droopy Eyes? Heck no, please! I won't be able to watch anything else in the movie.

Well, same could be said about Robert Downey, Jr. pre Iron Man or Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth. I think she could do very well, also consider the TV possibilities for crossovers. She does TV, just like Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark who will be a recurring character in the Agent Carter TV series.

Ah yes, this is true. I just think that since female lead superhero movies are such a rarity, they might want to ensure mass appeal by hiring a popular actress. But i think the mere fact it's an MCU movie would be enough. So - get Strahovski on the phone.

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