What did you think of Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

News Den Of Geek 27 Mar 2014 - 06:16

A place for spoiler-filled discussion of Marvel's Captain America 2...

Out now in UK cinemas is the latest adventure for Chris Evans' take on Captain America, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the film has attracted mainly very positive reviews - you can read ours here - and it clearly has some ramifications for the Marvel cinematic universe.

This post, then, is strictly for spoiler-filled discussion about the film. So please note: if you haven't seen the movie yet, then there are going to be spoilers, and lots of them, in the comments below.

Without further ado then, what did you think of the new Captain America movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments below...

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To kick things off, I absolutely loved this film. It was sharp, witty and funny. The most memorable bit for me though was the World Security woman beating up Pierce. It actually didn't even cross my mind that it was Black Widow, I thought she was just that badass! Also, that after-credits scene...

Really enjoyed it, far better than the first Cap film and one of the best made so far. Great to get more in depth with these characters and the what happens to shield will cause ripples across the Marvel film world that I wasn't expecting. Great bit of casting with the Falcon. Nice intro to other characters at the end too.
The only problem I had was that when it gets to the big dangerous we need to save the world point nobody says let's call iron man or that god guy we know. I know it's because it's a stand alone movie but it's a problem these films face getting the balance right between a big enough threat to make it dramatic but not big enough to warrant another character.

MASSIVE SPOILER: Nick Fury's tombstone featuring "The path of the righteous man" (Ezekiel 25:17) was a personal favourite point. The appearance of Zola made me nerd squeal. Chris Evans did a very good job of making Cap a relatable character in this one (I always felt Cap was too much of a boy scout, and the first film/Avengers hadn't really dispelled that for me). Generally very good in all.

We, my 7y/o and I, really enjoyed it. It's in his top 3 and I thought it was better than the first Cap. Nice that the trailers didn't give away anything either.
Putting the Senator from IM in there was neat and explained some of his actions in those films but how does Strange get a mention but not Hawkeye?
Big question for me though is where does this leave SHEILD? Marvel do love their continuity so what happens with Agents of SHIELD?

This seems to be being addressed in the episode after next (once the US gets the film). I would assume Coulson's team start going at it on their own.

Yes, Jenny Agutter kicking ass was a high point.
Pity Jim from Neighbours didn't show us his moves.

I thought it odd that there was absolutely no mention of Hawkeye too, especially considering how close him and Black Widow were in Avengers... just a throwaway line that he's off undercover somewhere would have stopped me wondering.

The whole film was fantastic and largely they kept it a 'small' enough story, the only time I questioned anything was when Fury was 'killed', Tony Stark would surely have wanted to investigate. But apart from that It was great.

Surely SHIELD will rise again, will Age of Ultron spark that?

And Alan Dale should just start wearing a red Shirt

Loved it, Marvel it seems can currently do no wrong. It changed the MCU in ways I didn't think Marvel would have the balls to do, it really is a huge game changer for the world. For me I'm really excited to see where things go from here and Agent's of SHIELD is the obvious way to move it forward. I think that show is going to take a huge ratings boost.

Fantastic movie, one of the best in the MCU. I like that Marvel are willing to take risks and change the stauts quo, removing SHIELD is going to change things considerably. I could ramble on about all the different awesome things in this movie (the action setpieces were stunning) but the most important thing is Danny Pudi had a cameo!

Loved loved loved it. For me, Marvel can do no wrong.

Particularly loved how it delved into SHIELDs backstory. With that in mind...
- Was that secret underground lab once the stomping ground of Hank Pimm?
- Was the first version of Ultron then a digitised recreation of Dr Zola?
- Is there a link between von Strucker/The Miracles and Skye from Agents of SHIELD
- Was the computer voice in Fury's car James Spader/Ultron?
- Eh, that algorithm that was about to kill a few million people... An evolving Ultron, right?!
- Now that Black Widow has leaked all of SHIELDs secrets online Snowden-style, does that mean The Avengers know that Coulson is alive?
- Is SHIELD really gone, or has it just returned to being secretive and underground while it deals with purging its HYDRA elements?
- Does Marvel have the rights to other mutants? A heck of a lot of them have joined The Avengers over the years, so are we now heading for Avengers 4 or 5 being Avengers vs (sort-of) X-Men?

Ahhh, I just love this wonderful nutty Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's never been a movie series like it!

The best comic book film since The Dark Knight, and easily the best Marvel movie by quite some distance. I'm not the biggest comic book movie fan (because I find their storytelling quality to be sorely lacking) but I loved this film. Even better than The First Avenger, which was my favourite up until this point.

Highly recommended for action adventure fans, comic book obsessed or not.


A brilliant film, I would say behind Iron-Man the best MCU standalone movie (This is not including Avengers).

I thought it was a lot of fun and probably my favorite Marvel Universe film other than Avengers. Good action and enough of a plot to get you involved. I did think it took itself a bit too seriously though.

Couple of technical/geeky gripes. The kinetic camera movement in the first half really was quite garish (maybe made worse by 3d?) and at times hard to follow. The other thing I couldn't ignore was, they have these massive uber battleships, that have their most vital innards completely exposed. I mean you could see the entire things, and they weren't even that well armored. And for battleships in the SKY, did they not consider anti air on the bottom of those battleships?

I'll stop my rant there though, because I did enjoy it. Anthony Mackie wasn't played purely for jokes, and I found his comparison to the Captain really brought out some of the heart of the character. Scarlett Johannsen was welcome but probably a bit un-needed.

All in all, fun, a bit over long, a bit serious at parts. about an 8/10 from me

Marvel once again schooling WB/DC in how to do these things right. Audacious, risk taking and unafraid to leave the toys broken and scattered instead of neatly packed away for the next playtime. Loved all the Easter Eggs, especially the call out to Stephen Strange - surely now a lock for Phase III - and I was beyond happy that they cleared up doubts about whether Tony Stark was still actively being Iron Man (I wasn't sure after Iron Man 3) but the one tiny blot on the landscape was the unexplained and unaddressed absence of Hawkeye. The only way it makes sense is if he's being saved for a Marvel One Shot which will explain where he is/ was (and possibly bring in Crossbones!)
Of course, we're assuming The Winter Soldier takes place chronologically after Iron Man 3, but what if it doesn't? It would explain the absence of SHIELD during the Mandarin attacks...
I'm going to lie down now - I've overdosed on awesome.

This for me was the best standalone film so far, with the first Iron Man a close second. Never quite reached the heights of the Avengers, but how could it? It's funny actually, when I read the comics as a kid, Thor and Hulk were by far my favourites - I had no time for Cap at all.. However, I think he's translated into film better than any of the others, bar Iron Man who was just made for movies.

As for the film it's self though, I felt like they did some great fan service for the hardcore fans; Stephen Strange getting a mention made me want to cheer.. The hero pose of Winter Soldier with Caps shield: Epic! Zola was done so well, even if only short lived.. Crossbones still being alive at the end of the movie, and now having his burnt face.. Nick Fury's headstone made me laugh.. Stark Tower being targeted by the Helicarriers.. Continuing the continuity of Peggy Carter founding SHIELD with Howard Stark.. Nice mention of Bruce Banner with Toxin B.. Just generally a lot of nods that the casual viewer would have missed.

Then there's the mid-credits scene.. Just awesome! I was a little disappointed with von Strucker, but I'll reserve judgement until AoU. Quicksilver and Scarlett With were spot on for me though, a great tease, and awesome to see plenty of red in SW's telekenesis. Having now seen some set photos from AoU, I'm guessing this is how they'll explain Hawkeye's absence, since he seems to be the one who releases QS & SW initially..

The bigger ramifications for the MCU as a whole are really exciting. I hope this revitalises AoS since they now have no back-up from the organisation that spawned them.. Perhaps this is how Adrian Pasdar's Glenn Talbot comes to be in AoS - They need support from somewhere now SHIELD is gone, so perhaps the armed forces? Honestly, I just can;t wait to see how this plays out in AoS - I think if they end this series on a high note with a big reveal about Skye (since we now know it was indeed a Kree whose blood etc she was injected with) and The Clairvoyant, then series 2 could actually be starting from a really strong position!

Oh yes, and Falcon.. Really well done. Would have liked a nod to Black Panther and Wakanda in the backstory of his wings, but this just makes me even more sure that Marvel have shelved the idea of a Black Panther movie, and locked in a Doctor Strange movie instead, hence the nod.

I really loved this movie. On this note I have to say DOG's review was really out of step with general opinion. The review feels like a different movie to the one I watched. It was a 5 star for me. Best stand alone movie so far! And what a game changer!

I really enjoyed it. My only negative was the shaky cam during some of the action scenes was a bit too much and annoying (mainly the opening bit on the ship).

For me Marvel seem to be getting better and better with every film. The only ones I'm not all that keen on are The Incredible Hulk (wish it could be re-made with Ruffalo and a better story) plus Iron Man 2 needed tightening up. But if Marvel keep this up I can't fathom how awesome Avengers 3 will be :)

I was actually a little disappointed that she turned out to be Black Widow. I mean, it was awesome and all, but it would have been just a little better if she was, as you say, "just that badass" and Widow dropped in expecting a fight only to find it over and done.

I thought that as well, just a throw in Black Widow saying I'll call in Hawkeye and Nick Fury saying I can't risk anyone else knowing... or Captain America saying let's call in the Avengers, and is told Stark has gone off the radar and they can only call Thor through a SHIELD network.

Top notch all round, I thought. Funny, great action, nicely advanced the overall plot of the MCU, some fun little bits and pieces of fan service - a certain S. Strange getting name-dropped, Fury's tombstone etc - and I absolutely loved the dynamic between Cap and Black Widow. Falcon was great too.

My only real gripe was that they should have swapped the two post-credit scenes around. The first one was awesome, and made me really excited for what was to come, and it also made me giddy about what nugget of amazingness was going to occur after the credits... and then that one was just a bit "meh". After seeing Strucker, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, a brief snippet of the Winter Soldier going to a museum left me a bit deflated.

Brilliant stuff, though, generally. In Marvel we trust.

But what that leaves open in the mind was the real meat of that/ Could ravel dare kill Steve Rogers and replace him with Bucky?

I think there was. The computer guys talking before the falcon and cap enter the helicarrier in the final action scene, say Clint Barton is in Afghanistan, but he could have told them he was there, don't they?

Agreed, I just think it would have made more sense for that bit to come first, as it was more relevant to the film that we'd just watched - as it was, it was much more low-key than the mid-credits sting, and to my mind ended up being underwhelming, which it didn't deserve.

I thought it was great. Really smart and stylish and enjoyable, and it's admirable how much Marvel are willing to shake up their movie universe. I just probably would have liked more for Agent 13 to do. I mean, I guess they're saving her more for the next one, but still... Also, I think we should have had an earlier scene with her - just her saying hi to Cap one morning would have done it. As it was, she was introduced - and then her secret was immediately revealed. But a tiny gripe, mainly due to wanting to see more of the lovely Emily VanCamp.

Also, at the end, where was the REAL Jenny Agutter? Maybe she was off with Hawkeye. Now THERE'S a One-Shot right there.

Never has a TV show had as public and damning a cancellation as Agents of SHIELD got with this film.

And I'm still chuckling over Fury's gravestone.

Wouldn't be so sure. Although the show has been lacking in quality, it's been a solid ratings winner. It will probably get a second season, and may well benefit from the altered mythology...

I'm absolutely convinced that Rogers dies in Avengers 3 since it'll be Evans' last film on his contract, and he's already said he doesn't want to extend it. Stan will have, what, 4/5 movies left on his contract by then, it'd be crazy not to follow that story line and have him take up the Cap mantle. Hell, they teased it pretty explicitly in TWS.

Just commenting so it'll show up on my Disqus next week when I watch it. Cheers!

Very good film! Really loved The Winter Soldier as a villain - just a purely destructive force, which we haven't really seen in the MCU before.
It still annoys me that Marvel won't kill anyone of note (they even kept the SHIELD henchman whose name I can't remember alive!)- although admittedly the idea of Nick Fury doing secret missions while everyone thinks he's dead is pretty cool.

The first post-credits scene made me do an actual squeal in the cinema. bring on 2015! :(

Five stars. Duncan Bowles. Den of Geek. ;) Heh.

if they did I must have missed that entirely.

I pretty much agree with everyone here. Altogether, such a strong, all-round excellent instalment and I probably found it so rewarding 'cause I know The Winter Soldier comic arc, am fully invested in this whole MCU thang and, out of all Avengers, love Cap most of all. Outstanding scene for me was Steve going to see Peggy. Oh the feels...

Really, really enjoyed it....a lot more than I thought I would. An interesting story that while not as consistently funny as Iron Man 3 is no worse off for it (but then RDJ as Iron Man is as much as the wisecracks as the action.)
After The Avengers, probably my favourite Marvel movie so far. A second viewing will either confirm or deny that. Last time I saw something more than once at the cinema was when I saw The Avengers (or maybe The Dark Knight Rises.)
Some spoilers after this bit.....

It also ties in nicely with the Agents of SHIELD TV show and huge ramifications for that, a namecheck of a character that's rumoured for Phase 3, a nice little nod to Samuel L Jackson's earlier career, and something for Community fans too. And that's not even touching on the mid credits scene ("the twins")

Brock Rumlow. He's Crossbones.

I liked it, it's a solid movie BUT I'm getting sick and tired of finales of superhero films being 30-40 minutes of set-pieces and loud noises. Especially with Cap 2 as the first two thirds were really strong in terms of the political thriller they were going for and then the finale just turned into an all out action set-piece and undermined it.

Also, it's called Captain America: THE WINTER SOLDIER, so why does he have little to no character or character development. I understand there's a huge ensemble and lots to get to, but he's a cool character and he should have been played on more than he was.

I liked it, though. It's another solid entry and I'm now excited for Age of Ultron and Guardians. I have, however, been a little underwhelmed with Phase Two thus far.

I watched it last night and I thought it was fantastic, one of the best Marvel films to date for me! Up there with the original Iron Man! Pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2!

I think it was the best standalone movie in the MCU I loved the whole hydra is inside shield thing with redford being the main bad guy. The car chase was epic! the characters were great dr strange reference also the post credits scenes were gold with Scarlett watch and quicksilver loved it. 9\10.

Whats gonna happen to agent's of shield though?

Nick fury was the best he has ever been in this movie too. I loved how he faked his death by using the banner technology thing and how he is off the radar now!

I thought the falcon character was one of the weaker parts of the movie. Kind of like war machine for me.

I agree with everything you said other than the lets call IRON MAN AND THOR! dude! It is a standalone movie and I think that would be really sucky if they got those guys in! but other than that agreed!

One of my fave characters in the movie.

I did feel the film was a little paced quite badly in some points not the whole movie just like 15% percent if it but other than that great movie 9\10.

The peggy carter scene was sad shot me right in the feels :(

The winter soldier character was great and loved steve in this movie.

The apple scene was hilarious.

Excellent, bloody excellent. I think it might just be my favourite MCU film so far, and it definitely has the largest effect on the larger world. I'm definitely wondering how the TV series will be affected.
Was anyone else slightly disappointed when the Council member played by Jenny Agutter turned out to actually be Black Widow? I kind of wanted it to actually be her.
Nice cameo by Danny Pudi too, and I liked the reference to a certain sorcerer. Also I expected to just see Zola in flashbacks relevant to Winter Soldier. I didn't expect it to be a full on HYDRA presence, but I had suspected Pierce was up to something.

It's already been renewed for a second season.

Has it? I missed that! Can you provide a link?

Is it wrong that my favourite reference was to Pulp Fiction, not Marvel Canon?

The only thing i'm wondering is, because SHIELD is now basically defunct what happens to the Agents of SHIELD in terms of the tv program, because they work hand in hand with the movies.

so Winter Soldier is out in the UK ?

An amazing movie, possibly the best stand alone Marvel flick. My only bugbear was where were all the others heroes when things were going tits up at Shield and for the Cap?! ;)

Best film produced by Marvel since Avengers. It managed to beautifully toe the line between being realistic and being a fantastical superhero movie. That's an opportunity Cap has the chance to exploit more than perhaps any of the other Avengers.

The discussion of the surveillance vs freedom dichotomy was timely, and it feels like the need to work without SHIELD, or rebuild the thing, would be exactly the sort of job that could bring a certain superteam back together.

I haven't seen it, but I don't need to.......it's just a tease.
To think so much time, patiently, having to be endured to experience just one two hour film.........such a tease (and sick).

Had exactly the same thoughts about Ultron and also SHIELD going underground! Would make sense if Fury started building it again using only people he fully trusts.

I'm hoping they'll go for a full on Winter Soldier movie soon, either with Captain America 3 or his own one, there's an incredible amount to cover with his backstory!

To be fair on the movies, they don't tend to kill key people off in the comics for long either. Think something similar's actually happened with Fury in the comics.

Loved the movie and it's now got me hoping they'll go the whole way with Black Widow's backstory with the line about her being former KGB.

Armin Zola was the best surprise for me and sets up the AI stuff that'll be needed for Ultron nicely.

Falcon was brilliantly done too.

Lots of other things I enjoyed about it and I plan on watching again!

Which one?

And his assassination scene was pure awesome! Sam Jackson ftw.

if its not then myself and a lot of geeks had one hell of a shared acid trip.

Sorry, i love being sarcastic. Yeah it came out on the 26th, for some reason we got an earlier release. Not that Im in any way complaining

Its entirely likely Agents of Shield will have a couple of movie tie ins every year, which could really develop into a fun companion piece. Plus lets be honest, Shield isnt dead, it will be back sooner rather than later because of Fury

greatest marvel stand alone hero film of all time!!!!! i watched it 3 times!!! but where the hell is cap's shield? the last time i saw it was when it fell to the hellicarrier.

plus I think i saw MODOK. i dont know if its him or not.

I read all the comments mention say nothing about Red Skull.... So I'm guessing he's not Alexander Pierce

I've read all the comments mention below and none of say anything about Red Skull.... So I'm guessing he's not Alexander Pierce

I've read all the comments mention below and none of them say anything about Red Skull.... So I'm guessing he's not Alexander Pierce

Loved it. My only disappointment was I was convinced Robert Redford would rip off a rubber face and reveal himself as the Red Skull - and was slightly deflated when it turned out he was just a git.

And after many reviews criticised the last act as being a boring explosion-fest, I must admit to being surprised how enjoyable the last hurrah was, with lots of cool action, reversals and surprises.

But yeah, you can watch a helicarrier crash for only so long before it gets a little tiresome I suppose..

I mentioned this elsewhere on DoG but I wish people would stop banging on about where are the other hero's? jesus we may as well stop having solo films / comics and just have The Avengers then? Cap 2 took place in a matter of day's not weeks, everything happened very quickly, Cap cannot contact Thor or Hulk, its not like Thor has an Orange mobile phone, Stark went off on a break and Hawkeye was prob in another country on a mission somewhere.
Final point is the Avengers only come together when no one hero can stand up to threat, Cap, Widow and Falcon obviously can handle Shield / Hydra agents.

Chill out! Lol

Imagine if it had got cancelled that way though lol, talk about ruthless, however I like AoS it can be a bit cheesy but I like the team and it gives me a Marvel fix every week but yes I'm wondering what the hell happens now ....... Zola must be the Clairvoyant right? sh*ts hitting the fan.

My reaction is that it was a great film, definitely top 3 of the MCU moving right beside The Avengers and Iron Man (first one), this is Marvel's most accomplished and crafted film they've done yet, slick, best script and it basically threw the MCU on its head, a very daring movie and it was nice to see a strong plot for a change, my no1 is still The Avengers but Cap 2 is fantastic, its more gritty and dark so imo its Marvel's answer to The Dark Knight, yes its that strong of a film, you may actually prefer it depending on taste.

I'm chilled bro. ;)

I agree completely, what I mean is its difficult for them to make a stand alone movie when those guys are kicking around. They didn't even address it in the movie. At the point they have to take down the carriers nobody says let's call for some help which doesn't make sense. I wouldn't want them to turn up but when the threat is that big you'd want all the help you could get. The Thor movie got away with it because he's from another planet and iron man 3 problems were personal and so mooted the point.
To be fair it's only a minor gripe I had with what is a really good movie.

Presumably it's lost. However, this gives them an opening to introduce Black Panther, as someone is going to need to go to Wakanda to get some Vibranium.


I was convinced he would be, but no

I love that, cos it means Pulp Fiction is a MCU movie. Jules was actually Nick Fury, undercover, trying to retrieve the tesseract

The quote on Fury's headstone: "The path of the righteous man. Ezekiel 25:17." is one of Jules Winnifield's favourite lines I think?

This movie was likely in production well before the ratings on AoS could have made them change the entire plot to kill off SHIELD.

Ah! Didn't see it. Thanks.
It's Winnfield, by the way. ;)

Loved this film. It had some huge things in it. The Winter Soldiers Assassination of Howard Stark. Jasper Sitwell and Senator Stern being HYDRA agents. Arnim Zola being behind it all.

AoS makes a bit more sense after this movie. Why did Fury move heaven and earth to save Coulson, get him a jet and keep him out of the way? Because truthworthy senior agents were scarce? Especially ones with Avenger and Asgard contacts? And Hydra's science roots might mean Fury wouldn't risk more established science people.

Gotta wonder about the time Grant and Fitz were sent in with no exit strategy. And if SHIELDs apparent indifference to Coulson was exactly how they felt about him in the first of the New Years run. (Avoiding spoiling...)

Also - bet Simmons feels better about shooting Jasper now!

Just seen the movie today and it was outstanding, I loved the first movie and rather than repeat it they've gone with a completely different tone and feel (saying that I did miss the theme tune). The action was amazing and it was brilliant to see Nick Fury in the thick of it, the scene reuniting Steve and Peggy was lovely and the make up on her was flawless but I cant help feeling it robs the planned Agent Carter series of any drama since we know she lives, plus if they involve Zola in the series we will know he's up to no good the whole time and wont ever get caught.
One scene that's really stuck with me is the scene where Bucky gets the shock treatment its so grim and cruel if ever a character deserves a happy ending it him!

I thought it was great, and one of the best Marvel films I have seen full stop. Hell, its one of the best action films I have seen full stop. Definitely worthy of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

The pace was great, the story was great, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be changed as a result of this film. So, it gets to the ship scene and its brutal, and I think "How can they top this?" and then the Nick Fury car scene comes and I think "Wow, this is great. How can they top this?" and it just continues to get better IMO. I felt the Winter Soldier had a Terminator vibe to him, proper bad ass.

Every moment he was on screen was great. I was quite surprised that Pierce didn't turn out to be Red Skull, especially since it was listed in the soundtrack but perhaps that was a red herring.

Did anyone notice Shields use of AI in the film? IN the Fury car scene it has its own Jarvis like AI? as well as Zola being an AI now, and the mention of the algorithm several times I would be interested to see how the factor into the creation of Ultron? Or whether they do at all?

Well worth seeing, in fact I may even go and see it again and will be buying the blu ray day one.

and Just to add, how great did the Russo brothers do on their (film) directorial debut?

I hate the camera shake during fights and there was a bit too much running and fighting for me. But overall I think it was great and I recommend it to anyone. I am particularly glad there was no romance with Black Widow, a bit of harmless flirting yes, but it is hard wired into her character and it meant nothing in my opinion.

Did you notice the arrow necklace Black Widow was wearing throughout the film? ;-)

Strangely,i found that The Winter Soldier only seemed like a genuine super hero movie when Captain America was in combat,in his uniform because the movie was so consciously evocative of conspiracy thrillers and action movies.The espionage background and national security vs.personal freedom theme is exactly appropriate for an iconic,ideological character like Captain America but personally,i wouldn't agree that the action sequences in this movie really portrayed the character more effectively than Avengers Assemble did.I thought that the movies' most effective sequences in terms of the central characters characterisation were the scenes that related to his history through The Smithsonian Exhibit and the appearance of Peggy Carter.Very much impressed by the quality of performances from the cast,Evans,Johansson,Jackson,Mackie and Redford were all great,right across the board.

Actually, its besides Caps bed at the end.

Yeah great film. Definitely one of the best of the Marvel franchise. Plenty of nods to the fans: Stephen Strange etc BUT the highpoint was Jenny Agutter kicking ass. Awesome! Her character survived so she should come back. Ok it was really the Black Widow but still a great scene. Actually I can't help but agree with the guy who said that it would have been even better if it had been just her and that she was some sort of ex Shield agent.

You mean THAT's what's in the case?

on Nick Fury's tombstone, the quote was actually credited to 1Samuel (I wasn't able to catch the verse) and not to the proper verse which is Ezekiel 25:17. Which I found to be really funny. Reminds me of the time SLJ demanded George Lucas that his Mace Windu be the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber. hahahaha!!!

DC is eating and choking on Marvelous dust....

what a brilliant movie, thank you MARVEL for enriching our lives every year with great, fun, action filled movies.

would you like to play a game.........

They killed off Sitwell - not a major character but he's been in Thor, two AoS and a handful of the Marvel shorts. Though...he could return as a cyborg or something. I'd rather he didn't. Nothing could top Sitwell being Hydra.

Hoping there will be a full on film too - "I have something to do first" sounds like a search for Bucky. (Interrupted by Avengers 2 perhaps?)

In the scenario they mapped out - Winter Soldier as brainwashed killing machine with brain painfully reset any time he showed any hint of personality - the most development possible was him breaking from Hydra control. That we got.

Still worked for me because the Winter Soldier is a mirror image of Cap. He's a slave while Cap is free (to some extent. He doesn't argue the point with Falcon.) Pierce even says the exact same lines to them both, "Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century. And I need you to do it one more time..."

so did anybody see the ending credit and can you explain?

The shaky cam is only a "problem" during the heist scene, to be honest. After that, it's still shaky, but it's not bothersome in the slightest.
At least imo.

I'm not sure why people keep saying WS didn't get "enough character development". He's supposed to be a mindless assassination machine, which is exactly what he was, plus there were tons of flashbacks and moments with him and Cap PLUS we have his appearance in the first movie. What more development do you want?

It's next to him during the hospital scene.

As someone who thought the First Avenger was just okay, I utterly loved Winter Soldier. Everything impressed me: action, characters, story, direction. Really surprised and I'm even more pumped for Avengers AOU.

The camera shake was a major pain in the arse. Actually took away some enjoyment of the film. There was just zero need for it.

Did anyone notice the inscription on Nick Fury's fake gravestone? 'The path of the righteous man...'? Which is the beginning of the Biblical quote Sam Jackson famously recites as Jules in Pulp Fiction.

I don't know why this just hit me, but I think my absolute favourite moment of the film was revealing Senator Stern to be a HYDRA agent.

Such a delightful little detail that informs Iron Man 2 that really didn't have to be there.

Marvel's best yet. All the others just moved down a notch. Even avengers.

He and his car stole the show right? Intense


Tell me I find it hard to let go of somethings but I really found the lack of humour unenjoyable where this films concerned...also there was no clue as to the timeline of it all. It may have been said to us off-screen by one of the Marvel movers-and-shakers but I can't remember how many years ago the events of The Avengers were where CA: TWS is concerned. YOU ARE NOW ENTERING SPOILER TERRITORY. That said it was still a really good well written film. Now time for some notes and wonderings. Arnim Zola's mind being preserved in a massive computer after his bodies died - Johnny Depp and His Transcendence project are not going to be pleased! Zola the computer can predict the future based on people's past actions - is he The Clairvoyant in Agents of Shield? It's possible but if CA: TWS is set quite a while after The Avengers it probably means that the Agents of Shield aren't going to discover The Clairvoyant during their first series - this is because unless I'm wrong where the timeline's concerned the events of AoS are playing out much closer to the events of The Avengers than CA: TWS. Other people have said this but if - thanks to the collapse - all SHIELD's secrets are out in the open does this mean that before Avengers 2 the team is going to find out about Coulson's death? I loved that we heard more about Fury's past and also that to some degree he still has a second eye! The name dropping of Dr Strange really excited me though it was stated he was just on the radar - he may not even have his powers yet. Following on from that some people in the cinema beside me also geeked out come that name drop but i was like "Have they all forgotten he was name dropped in Maguire's Spider Man 2! Maybe he was just visiting that alternative universe? I agree with everyone that the Winter Solider was woefully under-used but I think this can and will be rectified in CA3. Doesn't the Falcon have modified DNA, modified so he's like an eagle - incredible eyesight, lungs for high altitude and semi-transparent secondary eyelids? Help me out with this one! Loved the drawn credits at the end (Thor 2 had them as well - in fact these could be running features into Phase 3 - titles containing colons if its a sequel and drawn credits) and they made the mid-cred's scene more important the the post cred's scene and what a scene! Did our Baron-esque friend expose 'The Twins' to radiation and they survived the process while gaining powers? Kevin Bacon's Shaw in XM: FC said mutants had come about not just via birth but also thanx 2 the age of nuclear weapons...by this I mean this is how 'The Twins' could be the MCU's version of mutants...only time will tell though. Till then CA: TWS was an awesome movie!

I loved, loved, loved the movie, probably one of the best chase scenes ever.

I have one small gripe, did the makeup artist only have one pink lipstick for everyone? At times I felt the male characters had on too much makeup and all black characters had no contoures at all. I thought the make up was bad. Scarlet is a much prettier woman without tons of bronzer on and pink lipstick.

Aside from the makeup distraction. Excellent story, great stand alone movie. Fun, fun fun.

When did they say it was kree? All I remember was Sif giving a list of blue aliens.

Secret Warriors anyone?

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