Captain America 3 to go head to head with Batman Vs Superman

News Simon Brew
14 Mar 2014 - 06:51

The mystery Marvel film that's out the same day as Batman Vs Superman? It looks like Captain America 3...

Just yesterday, we reported on comments from Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, where he addressed the fact that Warner Bros had moved the release of Batman Vs Superman to May 6th 2016. That's the same May 6th 2016 that Marvel had earmarked for one of its own movies, although it hadn't been revealed which one.

It seems it now has, though. And the mystery movie set for the date is none other than Captain America 3.

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news, and this'd mean a two year turnaround between Captain America adventures. The last time Marvel had such a close gap between its sequels was between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (with two and a half years between Thor movies).

Joe and Anthony Russo, who helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are back for the new film. And now we wait and see whether it's Batman Vs Superman or Captain America 3 that moves its release date. Our bet would be that it's Warner Bros that blinks first, but we wait and see.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in UK cinemas on March 26th.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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