Captain America 3 to go head to head with Batman Vs Superman

News Simon Brew 14 Mar 2014 - 06:51

The mystery Marvel film that's out the same day as Batman Vs Superman? It looks like Captain America 3...

Just yesterday, we reported on comments from Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, where he addressed the fact that Warner Bros had moved the release of Batman Vs Superman to May 6th 2016. That's the same May 6th 2016 that Marvel had earmarked for one of its own movies, although it hadn't been revealed which one.

It seems it now has, though. And the mystery movie set for the date is none other than Captain America 3.

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news, and this'd mean a two year turnaround between Captain America adventures. The last time Marvel had such a close gap between its sequels was between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (with two and a half years between Thor movies).

Joe and Anthony Russo, who helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are back for the new film. And now we wait and see whether it's Batman Vs Superman or Captain America 3 that moves its release date. Our bet would be that it's Warner Bros that blinks first, but we wait and see.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in UK cinemas on March 26th.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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My money will be going to Marvel. DC/WB/Snyder are incapable of making a decent film. MoS was the biggest letdown in cinema history.

Do we have any clues, theories or knowledge that might point to a story for Cap 3?

What exactly was wrong with MOS?

Personally I thought it was a really good film. I don't understand all of the criticism!

I'll be giving both a go. It certainly had it's flaws but I don't think you can fault MoS too much from a technical perspective. I thought Cavill did a good job too. If it gets a good script (yes, I know that's a big IF) then there's no reason why it can't be a good film too.

I should point out that I have the advantage of a cheap local cinema.

This bodes even better for Cap 2. Marvel must have a lot of confidence in what should, on paper at least, not be a franchise that travels well outside of America. They must think they've got a very good movie on there hands. Hope so!

I wouldn't say it was bad, as in capital letters BAD, but when they are rebooting Superman for the second time in a few years, the public doesn't expect "ok", the public expects "awesome" and "almost perfect". I'd say that the big negative points for me were:
- Duration. It was far too long for its own plot.
- Destruction. I don't think that the city should be unaffected by the fight, of course, but I seriously could do with less than 45 minutes of watching buildings fall. It gets repetitive. I think these two first points go together.
- Superman's ethics: after killing probably thousands of civils, he is suddenly worried because he has to kill the bad guy. I know that there has been a lot written about how this is a Superman in the making, but something seemed off in this huge destruction orgy. I am in the team of those who liked the scene in which he kills the bad guy (although breaking his neck... well, that was a bit too crude, maybe, but I can live with it) and then screams, but after the destruction, it was somehow anticlimatic, IMO. So maybe if the final part of the movie had been shorter, the three points would have been fixed: less time of destruction would make it less boring and the final scene less anticlimatic.
- This is something really tiny, a detail that probably most people didn't even notice, but I was a bit angry when Lois, after getting on the plane, tripped or slipped (I can't remember) leaving the random scientist to give the final push to the machine that was going to save the day. Was it so bad to have the hero's girlfriend saving the day with him? I felt as if they had stolen her moment. I know they wanted she to fall so that they could do the typical rescue scene, but couldn't she have tripped and fallen AFTER pushing the machine? But this can be me being sensitive about it.

I'd still watch the movie again on a Saturday evening, but I think it could have been a lot better. A masterpiece. It had potential to be The One.

It's brilliant in places, but it's weak in other areas. In other words, its a Zack Snyder film.

I can't see this actually happening. There is too much time between then and now for one of them to slip a week or two. Or seeing as DC seem to be throwing in everything including the Kitchen Sink, maybe we'll just end up with a film called Superman vs Batman vs Captain America

Oh yeah I love that hero Kitchen Sink, although he was never a top tier hero ......... or even TAP tier hero ........... *snort**snort**snort*

Screw this, I'm watching French Toast Man.

people need to think outside the geeksphere and think what will resonate round the general population and even lots of non geeks are aware of the BvS movie that aren't even aware of Cap 2 yet never mind 3.

It's not about the quality (see transformers) but Batman and Superman are the two biggest superheroes in the general publics mind. Marvel can't win that opening weekend short of it being the 3rd Avengers film

I like the marvel movies better (not better than tdk trilogy,mind, they're both good) than MoS, but I'm a father of 3. So the one with the best trailer then.

Well not that Evans is anywhere near RDJ, except, um, in movies, but if the winter soldier and A2 are phantasmagoric (sorry, I rarely get to use that word), then they may do for cap 3 what IM2 and avengers did for iron man 3. Except that that was right after Avengers. This'll be after Antman. Would that hurt or help? As for me, I wanna watch both.

his dad died for a dumb dog. If I was supes I would have thrown that dog to Komodo Island.

That is a great word.
i want to see both but I'm just thinking general public, even if Cap 2 is brilliant it just isn't as there yet with the public. Happy if i'm proved wrong but I think Cap 3 would lose although they'd be wise not to move it yet as god knows when BvS will be definitely ready

Agreed on all points. I just think marvel can afford the loss aside from being crushed. And I think people want to keep up with this story marvel's showing us. And yet even I would probably watch BVS first. And then be hard pressed to find a babysitter again so soon. Cuz it's friggin batman versus friggin superman. It ain't about pickin sides, it's about, that's awesome.

Yeah, I would say he's all washed up

And rather .................. drained?

Not Powdered Toast Man....?

BOTH of em. I'm breaking aaaall the rules.

Marvel seem to have a lot of confidence in Captain America, and judging by the first film and the trailer for the second they have good reason.
As long as they aren't pulling another fast one by advertising a more serious film and delivering another 'light-hearted' adventure then the Winter Soldier may be the first to be considered seriously as a film (rather than just a superhero film) and may be the one that breaks the mold by seriously contending for awards.
It's becoming apparent that Captain America is the true heart of the Marvel Universe (As opposed to Iron Man), and any major plot points and pay-offs are going to revolve around him.

Oooh...not sure about this for Marvel. They haven't really put a step wrong so far, but Captain America is a bland character without the charisma of RDJ's Tony Stark, and while I really want to see CA2 later this month, I can't see it's sequel doing well against Superman vs Batman.

Marvel have been spot-on with their marketing with previously lesser-known properties, and the performances at the box office of all their films, but in particular Avengers and Iron Man 3, have been amazing. This is testament to their well-timed releases of teaser trailers, and world-building through careful cameos. But Superman vs Batman doesn't need marketing - it sells itself, and is already the biggest film of that year regardless of DC/Warners ability to mess things up - they have handled that universe *SO* badly with the obvious exception of Nolan's Batman.


Yeah, agree with all that - while I thought it was ok, if they'd lightened the tone a fraction - say to the feel of the Marvel Universe - it would have helped, but the story was still bad.
We're supposed to feel elation that he's saved one life - Lois' - after he's helped trash a city killing tens of thousands. Did it not occur to him once to fly Zod to a desert somewhere?
He decided to kill Zod WAAAAY to easily - last resort of the weak - even Batman doesn't kill. If he has the strength to end Zod that way, he has the strength to turn his head and throw him away from the cowering humans.
Nolan's sepia-toned, hyper-real world *ONLY* works for Batman - MOS was partially successful, but you start introducing the other members of the justice league and I'm not sure it's going to work.

That bit annoyed me - he's so fast he could have zipped across and saved his dad and the dog and appeared behind everyone again without any of them noticing - poor, contrived situation to inject some angst into his life.

Also, I really don't get how people manage to screw up these characters!
Everyone raves about Spider-man is all about Peter Parker's struggle to be Spider-man and manage a normal life, so you introduce challenging situations. Smallville had the blueprint for this for Superman - it IS possible to make an interesting film giving Clark Kent/Superman decent problems to deal with and not make the resulting film so bland.
Likewise (and going off-topic) - after watching the Incredible Hulk again the other day - how do you not use the comic's rich history of Banner's emotional problems? Internalised anger and an inability/reluctance to show emotions after being abused by his father? Ignored, even if they fit RIGHT into an important part of the character.
The stand alone Hulk films just show the most powerful being in Marvel's world throwing tanks around, and his condition as *just* being about the physical change, and ignoring the multiple personality disorder. Avengers nailer the character with him a show of AWESOME strength that everyone had been waiting three films to see, and Banner's 'I'm always angry' line.
Clark Kent might be the most powerful character in DC's universe, but it IS possible to make a decent film about his struggle to fit in, and as mentioned, Smallville showed the way.

It was the worst part to me. No problem with the rest really, since it was polar opposite of Returns. A happy middle may have been better, but then we'd complain bout something else.

Instead of Thor 3 and Cap 3 they should do Captain America Vs Thor (Thor comes to Earth because Sif has gone missing, S.H.I.E.L.D. don't like it so they send Cap to deal with him) and then put that up against Batman Vs Superman...and I'm sorry I couldn't keep a straight face any longer.

I've said this before but hulk and Incredible Hulk were the same movie. Boy meets girl, dad chases boy, cue Paul Oakenfold's Ready Steady Go, and dad could've become Red Hulk somewhere in there, maybe even end credits. Yet the fight with abomination was one of the best in the MCU.

Only iron man vs. hulk could possibly compare.

This was always going to happen eventually and whilst Marvel would never have done this previously, I think their marketing bods have smelt blood in the water given fanboy response to MoS and the casting choices so far.

Marvel are going for bragging rights in the first head to head round in the movie arena between these long time rivals.

**SPOILERS** Agree with Silverman above... there were so many other alternatives to snapping Zod's neck on that scene. I could have almost bought it if there were no other options, but there were plenty. But to be honest by the time I reached that point of the film, this was the least of it's problems.

Still plugging the same old shtick.

Honestly, this is such a non-starter of a story. Both films are going to make oodles of cash whatever dates they come out, and I wouldn't be surprised if they both stick to their guns on this release date. It's not like either film is a particularly risky one from a financial standpoint. Let's move on.

Might as well. Got 2 years to save up and find babysitters.

when it costs a family of 4 £50 to go to the cinema then one movie will be hit hard. People will have to make a choice on the first week and if a movie looses opening weekend then it's hard to gain ground as they lose lots of word of mouth

Captain America as a character is absolutely crap. But as a film, I'd say if Winter Soldier was brilliant and got people looking forward to No.3 then we'd have an extremely interesting duel to watch.

I'm willing to bet that the majority of (adult) people who go to see these films will be in the 18-34 age bracket, which is the point in people's lives where most are yet to have their own families, so while what you say might well be true for those people, it's not going to have that much of an overall impact on either film in my opinion. There are also the teenagers to factor in of course, and while lots of them will only be able to go see one film that week, many of them will also simply go and watch both in the same week.

You make a valid point about the importance of opening weekends, but the fact of the matter is that both these films are going to rake it in. Yes, one film will make more money than the other so in that sense there will be a winner and a loser, but I really don't think there'll be much in it at all.

Evans has been excellent in pretty much every non-superhero film he's done. I'd recommend Sunshine in particular - he manages to stand out amongst an incredibly talented ensemble cast including Rose Byrne and Cillian Murphy. And that's despite having the least to work with on paper.

That's one thing that grates with the forums here - nobody ever seems to bother watching anything an actor has done outside of a handful of comic-book films (even when, as with Sunshine, it's a scifi film and hence within the subject material of the site) when talking about an actor's or director's capabilities.


I'll have to check it out.

I mean being a household name. I liked him in Cellular and especially in Not Another Teen Movie. But yes I keep up with superhero movies, and he was a great Johnny Storm, and he played skinny boy wonderfully in Cap 1. And his cameo was fantastic.

So to BVS and Cap 3: you're both on.

Marvel doesn't need to win this battle. The point is they can afford to lose it. If they even dent the box office of 'Superman vs Batman featuring Wonder Woman' they win. WB need this to be a hit more than Marvel need the third Cap film to be a hit.

Let's be reminded that Marvel isn't bulletproof. It'll fall and stumble if somebody stuffs up (as Pixar as proven.) Captain America isn't on the same level on Batman or Superman. There has been a Batman and Superman in every decade, the Superman "S," and the Bat symbol are one of the most recognisable symbols behind Christian Cross. It doesn't matter, if you don't like the casting or the direction of Batman vs Superman, people are going to see no matter what. That's how powerful and big they are. This is a EVENT, not just a avenge movie.

Obviously, the big one here is Batman Vs Superman. The only problem there, of course, is that an awful lot of people were disappointed with Man of Steel. I can't see Captain America being that high on many people's lists of films to see. A lot of people I speak to didn't like the first one so will not see the second, let alone the third. A CA film is not an event, but Batman Vs Superman surely is.

ugh dumb pick of all the ones they could have gone with...?

Who's willing to bet that Superman vs Batman will find another release date first?

Get off your soap box.

Intresting, although they might want to rethink that annoucement after the latest Cartoon Network news. Cartoon Network are phasing out all drama based animation and focusing on more comedic works (including cancelling any further episodes of Beware The Batman) - so a huge part of the built-in audience for Batman Vs Superman might be lost.

Totally agree... though the 34 end of the age bracket may be a little high ... the average age for starting a family/having first child is 27 nowadays... and female fertility plummets from 35 on.....

You're right, but there are still plenty of single people in the upper end of that age bracket. I should know, I'm one of them!

play your cards right (or wrong) between now and then and you should be able to see both films ;)

While it's a nice thought, I doubt any Marvel movies will be seriously considered for awards (except maybe special effects). People are still far too snooty about superhero movies and dismiss them offhand.

Bring a decent super villain into superman and batman the joker with lex

"Cartoon Network are phasing out all drama based animation and focusing on more comedic works" - ugh that sucks

any buzz on the 2nd movie? is the trailer better like what happend with MANWHOR-the dark world?

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