Captain America: The Winter Soldier early reactions roll in

News Simon Brew 11 Mar 2014 - 06:36

The first reactions to Captain America 2 suggest Marvel might just have another winner on its hands...

When we go and see a preview screening of a film that's been laid on for review purposes, we generally have to sign a piece of paper. That piece of paper tends to tell us we can't run a review of said film under a given date and time. Every now and then, though, we're 'encouraged' to give our instant reactions over Twitter and Facebook.

That's just what happened, it seems, with the first press screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that took place in the US yesterday. And thus there's been a bunch of Twitter reactions to the film.

We've sifted through them to find those of people we recognise, and the response so far has been incredibly good.

For instance, this is Silas Lesnick of Coming Soon...

And this is Steven Weintraub of Collider (we like Collider a lot).

From Buzzfeed's Jarett Wieselman...

Finally, here's Eric Eisenberg from Cinema Blend...

Obviously, these are a long way from final reviews, but we've gone through the reaction to that initial screening, and the omens are looking very good indeed.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives on March 26th in the UK.

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the gins have been looking good for a while, Marvel rehiring the directors, good buzz and then telling reporters to tweet their reactions.
Marvel appears so confident plus these...i can't wait to see it

Yes I can't see to this..a group of us are going on the 27th here in the UK

From the trailers alone it looks as though it could be up there with the best of Marvel films and these reactions only excite me further! Cannot bloody wait!


Marvel has such a swagger about themselves these days. I bet Cap 2 is only topped by Guardians later in the year

Yeah but can WE watch it now??? I'll be your best friend

I begrudgingly watched the first ten minutes before Rise Of An Empire the other day (this trend of forcing us to watch large sequences of a film followed by a big sizzle reel really bothers me - I want to watch the film when I'm actually watching the film), but anyway, it was really good. It's looking for the world like it will be much better than The First Avenger.

I'm surprised it's looking so favourable, as what I've seen in the trailers doesn't look particularly impressive to me.
Cap has never been my favourite Marvel character. He's iconic but I don't consider him particularly deep.
But whatever, if it's 'the best Marvel film yet' then that's good because it only means that Guardians, Ant-Man and eventually the next Avengers will raise the bar even further.
Marvel is shooting for the moon and ricocheting off to Mars. Poor DC.

Hold on let me get my passport... Where. Is. My PASSPORT!!!

yeah, the whole watching 10 minutes of a film out of context before watching another film is not a good practice. That's something that needs to stop.

Am I missing something? All I'm seeing are horizontal lines above. No quotes. I'm on a Mac if that's makes an ounce of difference.


Considering they have already confirmed the Russo brothers as directors for the next Cap movie Marvel must be very confident that this movie will be a hit. Let's hope they are right, I think this could be the highlight of the Phase 2 movies.

Funny how the bad reviews aren't making these articles. Some people said the movie way too long. Camera is way to shaky in action sequences. Most action takes place in the 3rd act. Black Widow is great but Evans shows no development in his character. I mean post positive reviews but a good journalist always shows all evidence.

I had to refresh a couple times before the tweets appeared. Have no idea why

They should have continued from tdk trilogy. Same tone as man of steel anyway. Nolan you selfish man.

Link to the bad reviews? I would like to read those too.

Im not saying that Marvel is better than DC. I think Batman and Superman are better characters than any Marvel character and the Dark Knight might be the greatest comic book film ever, but when it comes to these movies, Marvel is embarassing DC. It's like for every good/great comic book movie DC comes out with, Marvel comes out with 3 or 4 in the same time span. DC needs to wake up.
Iron Man 1, 2 and 3
Thor 1 and Thor 2
The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2
The Avengers 1 and 2
Captain America 1 and 2
The Inredible Hulk
X-Men films
Ant Man
Agents of Shield
Meanwhile with DC we get
The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Green Lantern
Man of Steel 1 and 2
19 Marvel movies/TV to 5 or 6 for DC? What the hell?

If most of the action takes place in the third act, that's actually encouraging. It usually means a movie knows how to build tension and isn't just a procession of set-pieces.

I think you mean 'generally positive reviews with some criticisms', not 'bad' reviews. Go on, find us one.

A good debater always shows all evidence.

Agreed. Having most of the action in the third act sounds like my find of movie. It sounds like a throwback to 70s films like Taxi Driver and The French Connection, which can only be a good thing.

Dude. Duuuuuuuuude....

You forgot Catwoman. (And Howard the Duck, which was better than Catwoman SO I'VE HEARD.)

Here comes that person that always wants to be different just to be different, you sound like your want this film to fail and you're trying to make up excuses for it to do so. To be honest though, it sounds like you reaching for straws on this one homie. You haven't even seen the film yet and you're already trying to talk down on it. Sure it will get some bad reviews down the road, but what film doesn't. But so far everyone who has seen this film has had nothing but overwhelmingly positive things to say about it. Take a chill pill, relax dude and wait until you see the damn film and than judge it on your own merits. Hopefully you are not one of those weird people who has his mind made up to hate a film no matter how it turns out, you know the kind of people who likes to go against the grain just for the hell of it lol.

And watch, as soon as a bad review pops up this clown will probably be the first one to point it out, while failing to realize every film get's some bad reviews, even Oscar winning films. As long as the reviews are favorably positive which I'm sure they will be, this film will come out a winner.

True. But a master debater usually hides the evidence.

With NoScript (or anything that disables JavaScript) that's kind of what I got, before enabling JS for a couple of sites referenced here.

That's funny. Sounds like a very good percentage of people on this web site. There's a lot of people who make their mind up about a film before even seeing it. And those people tend to be way too over dramatic about certain things. Michael bay for example, gets his massive share of hate around here and most people here write off every project he's attached to. Now I'm not trying to say he's an amazing influential film maker. But I mean why can't people just enjoy him for what he is. He's made a good share of movies where I was able to sit back and enjoy the 2 hours or so. Even transformers wasn't as bad as people here all claim. I was able to enjoy seeing robots blow stuff up. Maybe I'm to easy on film makers. Maybe every one else is too hard on them. The one thing I know is that if I can come out of a movie having been entertained then the film did it's job. Doesn't have to be ground breaking.

Other than Batman, and selected members of the JLA, Marvel beats DC all the time, that's why they were able to grow. fantastic Four, Avengers, Spiderman etc.

You seem to forget the classic batman's which is about 4, the 4 superman films, superman returns, arrow, the upcoming flash tv series, Gotham, etc. And with Marvel you kinda forgot the Rami Spiderman trilogy.

Very well said, when I go in watching a CBM or an action film, I'm not going in expecting dialog like some period piece or dramatic film or something. I'm expecting to be entertained and pleased, along the way I'm hoping to be blew away with great visuals, exciting action and a well paced film.

The tweets have now appeared. Weird. I blame SHIELD.

In my humble opinion Howard the duck is a better movie than Catwoman. Its sort of like picking how you are executed both choices are horrible but one is less painful.

RED and RED 2 are both DC

I'm going the first day it comes out here in the UK. March 26th is my day and I AM READY.

Yeah Bats and Supes are as iconic and legendary as it gets, but I too believe that Marvel has a much deeper pool of more interesting heroes and characters.

No way this movie can be as good as the hype and little previews have made it out to be. I really want to enjoy this movie when it comes out, I want to have another good Marvel Movie experience, but I feel like I've reached the point where there is no way this film can live up to my way overblown expectations. (but i want to believe it can!!)

Batman Begins is better than TDK and about n par with Ironman1 (frickin awesome)

It's becoming clear to me now that Marvel are now very much like Apple.

And DC are now very much like PC.

Marvel are taking the cinema world by storm and everything they touch turns to gold. They have created something very special. Their own Marvel universe. I don't know much about Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy or Antman, yet all I want to do is give money to Marvel.

Then you have DC, who are worried and frantically playing catch up. And no matter how much they talk up their new superman/batman franchise, it's only ever going to be second best as Man of Steel proved. It was good, but not great. There will always be people who say DC are best, staying loyal, but deep down they know they are wrong. Like me.

I swear my new alliance to Marvel. All hail the King!

Now it only needs for the Superman Vs Batman movie to be way better than people are expecting, despite the widely negative publicity, and for those people who go and see it despite that publicity to really rather enjoy it, for your analogy to be complete.

I don't think that'll happen, though, and that's why I don't go along with analogy.

No way is Batman Begins better than The Dark Knight.

Also Ironman 1 was better than Batman Begins.

Not saying Begins was a bad movie, it just wasn't as good as those two.

If you're talking about the Halle Berry Catwoman, then you are correct.

bay has a track record/ theme when it comes to his 'films' entertaining is one thing. not asking for 'ground breaking' either. the reason he gets 'written off' is because they're all consistently ridiculous.

I forgot the Rami Spiderman Trilogy, thanks, now I have to suppress it again

I actually enjoyed the Rami films, they were fun to watch.

Lets not talk about Red 2....

Howard the Duck is amazing! Id have added XMO:Wolverine and TDKR

Marvel has spent a lot more time and effort into movies than DC has to date, and I agree DC needs to step up their production, DC has some really great characters and story lines that have good movie potential. But I will say that DC does a lot more television with it's properties than Marvel does, and most of them have been pretty successful (Birds of Prey, Smallville, Arrow).

Lets not forget that Marvel had several flops and mediocre films to get them where they are today (Ghost Rider 1&2, the Fantastic Four movies, the Punisher movies, the first Hulk movie, Daredevil, Elektra, Spider-man 3: Emo dancing)

Also some DC titles probably squeak by without people noticing, as someone already mentioned RED, but also Road to Perdition.

DC needs to build up the movie infrastructure that Marvel has, and then I'm sure they'll be able to start putting out good quality movies.

won a screening comp, so off to see on thu 20th :D

And a cunning linguist will force the discussion of said evidence.


(no pun intended)

This is marvels birthday gift to me so I'm expecting great things!

Not really. They are not DC characters. They just happened to be publsihed by an imprint of an imprint that was bought by DC. Its Ellis and Hamner's comic.

dont care much for dc or marvel, however the dark knight is one of the most overrated films ever made. the dark knight would not have been what it is if heath did not die.

please you fanboys need to wake up. batman begins was much better.

But we went talking about the comics, we were talking about the movies. They're DC movies.

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