Captain America: The Winter Soldier round-up

News Simon Brew 7 Mar 2014 - 06:51

See the opening four minutes of Marvel's Captain America 2 here, plus behind the scenes pics, and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow.

Yikes. Marvel seems to be taking no chances when it comes to promoting the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as it's unleashed yet more video, and some behind the scenes images. So let's do things in turn.

Firstly, it's made available the first scene from the movie, running to just over four minutes. As always, our recommendation here remains to give this a miss if you've already decided that you want to see the film. But if you're wavering, here's that opening sequence...

Next up, there's a featurette centering on Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow character. You can see that here...

The UK premiere for Captain America: The Winter Soldier meanwhile is set to be held on Thursday 20th March, ahead of its British release on Wednesday 26th March. Westfield in London will be hosting said premiere.

Finally, a bunch of behind the scenes pictures have gone live. And we've got those for you right here.

More on Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the weeks ahead...


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Is it me or is the opening sequence in ever-so-slightly Benny Hill super speed?

Not watching it. Enough already, just release the damn movie!!!!!

I thought this was 28th March, but am even more excited it will be with us on the 26th :D.

If anyone doesn't want to see the opening sequence as a whole but wants to see a short trailer, one starts halfway through. Go to 2:46.

This is being shown in the UK in 3D before 300: rise of an empire, annoyingly the scene doesn't so much end as stop and then show the trailer, I am assuming there is a twist at the end of the scene they don't want anyone to see.

For real, B

Seriously, all I took from this extended opening scene was the absolute perfection of Scarlett Johannsons booty as she walked out the engine room. MARVEL is all about the donk! I love you MARVEL. Thank you for that. Movie is looking peachy! ;)


I watched it, it's a long wait for me to see it. I really wish cinemas did better by disabled people.

Anyone know how much of Black Widow's action scenes are actually Scarlett Johansson? That trailer gives the impression fights and anything vaguely acrobatic will mainly feature the back of her stunt double's head. That's not to say I'm under the impression Chris Evans does all his stuff, but the presence of a mask at least means you can show a bit more face. One backflip, that's all I ask. I just want to see something that says "Hey, I can actually do some physical stuff" and not have me thinking there's a woman that's athletic, doing all the physical work, and doesn't have the role due to not being already famous.

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