New trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Trailer Simon Brew 3 Feb 2014 - 06:43

The Superbowl spot and the new full trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

As promised, a new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted over the weekend, which gives us a further look at how Marvel's next movie is shaping up.

Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L Jackson and Robert Redford lead the cast this time around. This latest trailer features footage we've not seen before - it should magically appear just below these words...

The US version of the new trailer is here too...

And you can see a bit more footage too in the Superbowl promo spot that also debuted over the weekend. You can see that here...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in UK cinemas on March 26th, ahead of its US release on April 4th.

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The more I see of this, the more I want to see it. It definitely looks like there is a lot more going on and that is no bad news thing. How bad ass does the Winter Soldier look? I had also heard that Sharon Carter appears in one of the new trailers, but haven't seen her yet.

Only watching the teaser trailers for all the Marvel & DC films. Looking good!

Ooooooooooohhhh so there with freaking Captin America merchandised bells on!
And to think, people doubted that Cap wouldn't do a thing at the box office because he would be to Americanly (?) patriotic to audiences outside the USA! See people, this is why you should not second guess Marvel!!!

I'm disappointed we didn't get a Guardians trailer, but damn that looks like a good movie.

I love how they have to remind us Brits that it's from the same people who brought us Avengers Assemble. Apparently, unlike our american cousins, we're unable to figure that out on our own. Also, I don't know anyone in the UK that calls it Avengers Assemble. EVERYONE just calls it The Avengers!!

...but then I would expect the movie to be about a man in a bowler hat and a woman in a leather catsuit. My poor Brit brain can't cope with that kind of confusing title

Captain America. The least interesting superhero ever. Ever!
I'm not holding my breath. Although. I do like fighting. And explosions.

I had a similar view of the rebranding back in 2012, until a bunch of my non-Marvel conversant friends started asking whether Tom Hiddleston was playing Steed in the new film. Then I realised that (a) Marvel had a point, and (b) some of my friends are idiots.

looks great, the only thing is these trailers are giving more and more away these days, still cannot stop watching them though!!!!!!!

but surely after the rebranding, they would just think that it was about Steed and Emma Peel after a trip to Ikea

There appears to be a quick shot in the trailer of Black Widow grieving over a covered up body of a fallen colleague, could we be getting the death of Captain America as a cliff hanger at the end of this movie?

Actually just watched it back and Capt is standing next to Black Widow so there goes that theory lol


Who's died at 2:08 on US trailer?? Speculation?

Hahaha, glad you pointed that out dude.

Fury maybe? I know SLJ has signed on for a number of films, but they could still off him.

Glad to see that Marvel are continuing the tradition of destroying more helicarriers

I don't reckon so, as they show him pretty beaten up later in the trailer, suggesting he survives

Marvel's reprecutions for Jeremy Renner for calling his Hawkeye undeveloped in The Avengers.

Yep, he's gonna survive, but his "It looks you are giving the orders now" might indicate we are getting a new Director of SHIELD?

At 1:52 in the trailer, the elevator fight scene. It looks like there is a 2nd person the agents are fighting in the elevator, lower left corner. A few seconds later it appears that Cap is speaking to someone in the elevator after the fight. I wonder who it is?

Looks MUCH better than the 1st one.

It looks like Cap and Black Widow are hooking up in this one, is that something that happens in the comics?

She's in the top trailer, cap and her walk past each other in a corridor. She's played by Emily Van Camp (I think that's her name).

1:08 on UK trailer I presume that is Sharon Carter? And Maria Hill is standing behind Cap and Widow when they are mourning a fellow colleague.

Thanks for that, I'll have a watch :-) and yeah that's right, she's in Revenge and I think she's great!

This looks so promising. I hope that after all the Watergate style intrigue the film is hinting at Cap ditches his Agent of SHIELD uniform and we get the final shot of him pulling on a scale-mail version in the right colours. I may just do a terribly un-British "hell-yeah!" in the cinema.

I thought so too. But this Evans chap nails it.

Finally we get to see some of emily vancamp...even though it is for all of two seconds.

I won't watch this. I truly would like to be at least a little surprised about this movie when I watch it. Now if it would have been a gotg trailer or, yes, ninja turtles, I'm in, but only one good trailer to rewatch 1000 times. No 2nd trailer.

That trailer looked amazing....just get the pointless cinema release out of the way so I can buy this on Bluray. There hasn't been a bad marvel film for years, and this looks ...awesome.

I'm beginning to think that a 400m long flying aircraft carrier may not be the best idea for public safety. I bet the biggest tears in the film are from the SHIELD accountants.

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