New posters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Poster 31 Jan 2014 - 07:26

Four new character posters land for Marvel's incoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

The new promo for Captain America: The Winter Soldier lands over the weekend, as Marvel has a special Superbowl spot incoming for the movie. And ahead of that, it's released a bunch of character posters for the new film. They're nothing radical, but thought you might still like to see them.

There are four new posters in total, covering the likes of Captain America, Nick Fury and Black Widow. And the film itself has now been confirmed for a slightly earlier UK release on Wednesday March 26th. The movie arrives in the US on April 4th.

Here are those new posters, which popped up at Yahoo!...

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I actually really like them! Particularly ScarJo/Black Widow :)

I don't quite get what's going on with the Black Widow one myself. Isn't she supposed to be a top-class assassin, and not some wannabe America's next top model? What's with the pose?!

Eye candy for a fairly sausage-heavy franchise.

Captain America - looking serious and brooding. Director Fury -
looking... aehm... furious. And then Black Widow - looking like the
Venus by Botticelli. Oo What the hell??

Hideous helmet

She looks like she's fallen off a helicarrier, so she is probably just trying to make an attractive looking crater when she hits

The first one's good, the second one's meh, Fury looks like he's been on the Jamaican Bacon, and Romanov looks like she's had an unfortunate encounter with the spatial anomaly from the second season ST: Voyager episode called "Twisted".

My favorite band

My least favourite medical condition

I didn't want to be the one to say it

Black Widow meets her match with the horrible people at Photoshop.

These posters are actually pretty cool. I like they way look.

Is that not how she looks in the comics and the animated series?

Is that not how she looks in the comics and the animated series?

Also, sorry to be really male about this but wow!

Think they've slightly slimmed her down as well. Probably only the face is real, and even that is touched up. Thing is, she doesn't need it, she's flippin' lovely anyway!

"We will take pictures of the most beautiful people in the world and then...photoshop the hell out them! Why? Because that's all we can do!"

"why won't my hips unsway" apparently it's not just comic books that have this problem's spread to movies!

I think there's a cream for that now.

Use the fugly foot one instead, trust me, it doesn't know the difference, and it works great.

That Scarlett Johansson's got a body on her!

I don't doubt that she does, but for future reference I wouldn't take publicity photos or posters as a reliable guide to an actor's appearance. Publicity shots, posters and fashion magazine photoshoots are routinely photoshopped to the point where they may as well be drawings.

That applies double in shots like above, where the picture clearly isn't a still from the movie (publicity shots and posters are never taken directly from the film, but when they don't even pretend to be part of a moving picture it gives the photoshoppers free reign, as they don't have to worry about disrupting the 'natural' appearance of movement. And while SJ is young and attractive, humanity hasn't yet invented bras (or breasts) that just pop out like those on a comic book character:-) (okay, I'm overstudying this, but follow the outline of her breasts - they're being pulled apart from the centre, and then up and in at the same time - the puling apart would be rather disturbing if it happened naturally, and you'd need some futuristic SHIELD technology in a bra to have it push in that many directions that neatly).

Nothing wrong with that per se, and SJ is a beautiful woman, but publicity stills like this are basically drawings. It's no more a reflection of SJ's body than the Samuel L: Jackson photo is a reflection of a real coat (yep, that coat is also drawn on - sure, it's using the photo of his costume coat as a base to photoshop from, but it's then redrawn in order to give it the 'perfect' texture, shadows and folds.

And while they've avoided any great shadow/reflection errors in the SLJ and SJ pictures (aside from the comic-book cover exagerated reflections in both, but that's quite obviously deliberate), look at the light pattern on Cap in the 1st picture. The sun is shining off the UNDERside of his shield - bizarre, but okay maybe it's the last few minutes of sunset and the sun is coming through brightly at a very low angle. But wait, on the other side of his body the sun is shining off the UPPER part of his head. Factor in the 'line' over the top of his head (meaning the side facing the camera would have to be in shadow) and that on this side the shine reaches down to his left shoulder (despite the left side of his head being in shadow), and the sun would need to be on the exact OPPOSITE side and angle to Cap. I.e. for the light+shadow pattern to be possible, you'd need two different suns located on opposite sides of Cap's body.

But it's still a good looking poster. Just not a good indication of how anything really looks.

Sry, meant Cap in his 2nd picture. The 1st Cap picture has some sunshine/shadow discrepencies as well, but they're nowhere near as glaring.

Thanks for taking the time to explain... but do you actually think there's anyone who DOESN'T know that already?

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