Marvel press ahead with Captain America 3, directors return

News Simon Brew 28 Jan 2014 - 21:22

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier nearly done, Marvel doesn't seem to be wasting time with Captain America 3...

We're still over two months away from the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in cinemas, but Marvel is already planning ahead, and working on the next installment.

Variety has revealed that an outline is already being put together for Captain America 3, which was always pretty much all but certain to form part of Marvel Studios' phase three of movies. However, and this isn't the norm where Marvel is concerned, it's re-recruiting directors Anthony and Joe Russo to make the next film.

The Russo brothers are putting the finishing touches to Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the moment, and for the first time since Jon Favreau was hired for Iron Man 2, they'll be back for the follow-up. That's some vote of confidence.

Chris Evans will, of course, be back in the title role as well.

There's no release date as of yet, but we'd suspect that 2016 or 2017 is likely.


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someone skipped leg day

Err, Joss Whedon and Avengers?

That's a huge vote of confidence, and a positive sign for how Cap 2 might turn out. I have to say having watched the first trailer it had me excited, and I can't say that about a lot of trailers these days. I'm just glad that us Brits get to watch it so much earlier. And although its not mentioned I'm hugely excited for Guardians of the Galaxy in a similar way that I was before Avengers was released.

I was just going to say that...but you beat me to it.

Not officially started production yet!

There was no news like this after Thor 2 which is worrying as i'm more interested in another Thor movie than Captain america,

It does seem strange that there's talk of cap 3 before Thor 3 considering Thor has a better box office track record (I know Cap 2 isn't out yet, but Thor out grossed Cap, Thor 2 improved on Thor, so Cap 2 needs a big box office leap from the first to match that). I wonder if the success with audiences of Loki is a factor in them taking more time to work out how they're going to continue the Asgardian side of things.

Cap's close association with SHIELD, their prominence in the MCU and the fact that his adventures are more Earth based, where the majority of their characters are, does mean it makes sense for Cap to be a priority for the studio though.

I wonder if Phase 3 is time for Marvel to increase the number of films they release from 2 a year? It seems like it would be tough to keep all their potential franchises going and launch new ones with just two releases a year. What's the point in having a lot of characters inhabiting the same world if there's not room for them in the release schedule? I can understand concerns about over saturation, but if they can make their films distinct enough from one another, maybe target a December release alongside one early and one late summer film, I reckon they could do alright.

Then again, with the Netflix TV shows on the way they are able to expand the universe based on long running characters beyond the films which is awesome. Especially as some characters, like Daredevil, seem like they'd better suit TV story telling when you consider how good scripted TV can be these days. I've lost track of what point I'm making here, but as I love so many of the characters, as long as they keep making good content with them I'm happy. I feel extremely fortunate to be a lifelong Marvel living through this period in their history.

to be fair, neither has Captain America 3

I could have sworn that article said... my bad!

Wild stab in the dark but I suspect they may hold a Thor 3 reveal until a Comic Con (exact date dependent on where in Phase 3 it'd fit). Very simple reason - the Thor universe and characters fit so damn well with doing an 'in character' reveal like Loki's appearance last year.

Of course this also isn't an official announcement and it'd make sense that this one leaks early. Same directors and, perhaps more importantly, the outline for Cap is likely to work in sync with the Avengers movies more than any other franchise so would be easier to lock in place.

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This will be the movie to fight with bvs on that opening weekend. With cap 2 and avengers 2 in the bag, cap 3 will be their champion. I'll be watching 2 movies that weekend.

Weekend at Bernie's 3 and Matilda vs Harriet the Spy.

I wonder if this is down to the producers seeing a "rough cut" without all the final polished effects and thought "Wow, that was excellent! Get these guys to make us another one!"

Maybe, maybe not. Just speculation :P

It might be down to Alan Taylor. If you remember that in post production in Thor 2 that there were rumours flying around about a major rift between Taylor and Marvel over the running of Thor 2, with Taylor wanting to produce a longer cut and Marvel wanting it to come under 2 hours. It could be that Marvel want to find a new director for Thor 3 first before they decide to start drafting a script whereas Captain America has two directors that are obviously very happy to work with Marvel thus both parties have decided to push forward with the third.

Alan Taylor did directly address those rumours on stage and said they had disagreed about the composer and that was difficult, that the rest of the rumour was exactly that, rumour. Considering Alan Taylor has been linked with other projects since before Thor 2 even came out (Terminator for example). As the Russo brothers were mainly known for Community before this, rather than the more cinematic and high value production Game of Thrones like Taylor, and Marvel are basically giving them their big shot movie wise, it's not surprising to see that they're less in demand than Taylor. It also makes sense for Marvel, if they think they're on to a good thing with the Russo's as directors that noone else is aware of yet, to start trying to begin discussions before the film comes out and other studios come calling.

I'm really excited about the Netflix shows. I'm thinking comic con might reveal who plays who.

Well there's Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost confirmed to write Thor 3. I really wonder what all this means for the release schedules. Are we going to be getting any new characters other than Ant-Man in phase three?

I don't think saturation is as much of an issue with the release schedule as steady growth. They need to learn how to speed up processes such as plot development and long term planning needs to improve. Feige and Whedon have done a good job so far in building a universe that is cohesive... It would be madness to throw too many characters at it and have the problem of not knowing where everything will end up. Having the Defenders characters coming together on TV means that the two worlds - even though interconnected - will be separate ventures, with perhaps Agents of Shield bridging the gap between the two.

With Marvel coming under the Disney banner these days, I can imagine that a Disney styled property management will come into play. They tend to archive a lot of their movies and re-release them years later to impact them on a new generation of kids.
This would benefit Marvel by retiring some characters and bringing new ones in to replace them, before bringing the costume back with a new character in it. The precedent is there in the comics, but I think the fact that Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd are both cast as characters who appear as Ant-Man in the comics is indicative of the fact that they'll try to incorporate the idea into the films. I certainly think it would be nice to see Stark retire from the Iron-Man costume and appear in future Avengers films de-suited, with a replacement Iron-Man (someone completely different, with a different origin story and different style) taking the reins.

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