Captain America: The Winter Soldier news round-up

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2013 - 06:54

A quick round-up of what's going on with the upcoming Marvel sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

For the past few months, production has been ongoing with Marvel's first release of 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So we figured it was long past time we did a quick round-up of what's going on.

Filming has picked up again this week in Los Angeles, having moved over from Cleveland, where things wrapped up last week. There's about another month to go on the film's initial shoot, before the film is wrapped completely. Scarlett Johansson is on set with Chris Evans in Los Angeles, it's being reported, and her role in the film seems to be a significant one.

Meanwhile, chatting to ScreenDaily, one of the film's co-directors, Joe Russo, has revealed that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is "going to be much grittier than any Marvel movie to date". It's little secret that Marvel is keen to mix up genres and styles with its movies, and already, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been described as a political thriller of sorts. We can now add the word "gritty" to that description!

Finally, before the Captain America: The Winter Soldier shoot wrapped up in Cleveland, Robert Redford appeared on set to shoot his role as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Very dapper he's looking too.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently scheduled for release on April 4th 2014 in the UK.

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I'm really looking forward to this film. Whereas Thor is probably going to be a continuation of Thor, I feel that Captain America is going to pickup where Avengers left off. I'm excited to see the deeper role that Shield play in the Marvel cinematic universe.

I'm really excited for this. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this will be the best phase two film.

Can't wait for this - Cap was quite underused in Avengers (i wish the scenes of him in the coffee shop were in the theatrical release) despite the effort made to make him 'work' in The First Avenger. Winter Soldier is one of the most memorable Cap stories in recent memory and will hopefully look awesome on screen

Loved the first Captain America and am really looking forward to this one with Redford and the conspiracy thriller themes.

Cap is my second favorite of the Avengers behind, of course, you know who ...

Also very glad that Natasha plays an even bigger role in this. She's a great character and I have a feeling that she and Cap have some business together.

There's some awesome pictures of the actual Winter Soldier doing the rounds at the minute. Looks awesome and very similar to the comic version, arm and all!

What about Hawkeye?
Any news on him?

I agree - they definitely should have kept the cafe scene. It completely changes how I viewed a scene during the final battle. After Cap gets "cannon balled" out of a window by a bomb blast, the waitress is taken to saftey by a firefigher. She looks over and realises she met Cap before (because his mask has now been pulled off).

Without the cafe scene to put this in context, I thought this whole slow-motion moment was some kind of 9/11 reference (because of the firefighter, music and scenes of rubble). Maybe it was just me :P

I must say I appreciate this website and the comic book movie fans that comment on it. I always tell my cousin that particular news, and yesterday I told him about doctor strange and black panther joining antman in phase 3. Well he's a minimalist and believes less is more. Who knows these guys anyway? Who are the guardians? And so on, and then I said "I'm looking forward to cap 2 the most" to which he says "I'm not looking forward to any of em." That's when it hit me. He just likes Robert Iron Tony Downey Stark Man Jr. and by extension Avengers. He's not a geek. I should have known, what with his athleticism and way with chicks. I was wasting my breath!

I second that question. My guess is Avengers movies and that's it. He complained about his role in Avengers.

Well, Captain America is basically an extremely souped-up athlete-as-commando.

Yeah it should be his favorite one. Plus he's vulnerable. Makes him more interesting, not to mention man out of time.

Once they make sure he's not too cornball or too jingoistic "American," which I think they've done, Cap is a great character.

Well maybe he's traumatized too and will show it I'm the next film. Then again, like Thor, he's used to war, the smell of napalm and so on and so forth.

Cap's fine. Not sure he's quite ready for Natasha yet, though ... :)

Good call

Yet one senses he can rise to the challenge.

There will probably be some drama about him not being over his old lady, pun intended.

She makes some sort of appearance.

Peggy is quite a nifty character. I wish the movies could find a way to return to the '40s.

This is the same man who was in H&G Witch Hunters?

Complaining about a bad role?

Strike a light.

Hawkeye would add too much complication given his past relationship with Natasha ...

I'm mildly hopeful, and I'm really pleased that they're mixing up genres, even though I'm sure it will only be a slight mix and we won't be seeing something comparable to Mr Smith Goes to Washington.

Hayley Atwell or Scarlett Johansson. Out of their two characters he can choose, he's a lucky bugger!

Don't forget The Boring Letsnotgosee.

Maybe SHE'S the wintry old soldier! I honestly don't know what to expect after IM3.

You can say that again!

Nah, it's his boyhood pal from New York. The pix are already around.

Yeah it's no secret

I'm really looking forward to this.

Yeah, you know, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington was not a gritty '70s conspiracy thriller.

It was nice heartwarming Capra-corn.

I'm with ya there

Cap is second only to the Starkster himself in my book. I love that they're such different types.

Gotta go with hulk for 2nd. Each Bruce banner and each hulk was different but the big green muscular fellow always smashed.

The first Hulk movie with Bana was pretty dire. The second one was kinda meh, but interesting, with Norton.

I do like Mark Ruffalo's take on the character quite a lot , though.

But I identify a lot more with Cap and his Indiana Jones-esque period.

And the Thor cameo.

Lest we forget.

Is it just me or does Redford look like classic Nick Fury in that shot?

Hayley is way hotter though.

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