Georges St-Pierre signs up for Captain America 2

News Glen Chapman
27 Mar 2013 - 07:15
Captain America

UFC superstar GSP is set to play the villainous Batroc in the Captain America sequel, it's been revealed...

Another piece of casting news has broken for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and whilst the person in question isn't of the calibre of Robert Redford (although few are) it's a interesting piece of casting we've got for you nonetheless.

And it's this: UFC star Georges St-Pierre has been lined up to play Batroc, who is a villain albeit one who doesn't have any discernible superpowers. Instead, he's a tremendous athlete who is trained in savate (French kickboxing), and is also a skilled military tactician, thief and smuggler. From that description GSP certainly seems a good fit for the character (apart from the thief and smuggling bits) given his success in MMA. He has also appeared in a couple of direct to video movies so this will be quite the career opportunity for him, as acting is something he's clearly actively pursuing.

As the ensemble cast for the Captain America sequel continues to grow, we'll keep you posted. The film is set to start shooting shortly, with Chris Evans reprising the lead role. It's set for release in summer 2014.

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