Who's returning for Captain America: The Winter Solider?

News Simon Brew 21 Jan 2013 - 06:36
Captain America

Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson are already in the cast for Captain America 2. But who else from the first film is returning?

Production is beginning in the next few months on the new Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which will see Chris Evans reprise the title role. Furthermore, we also know that the film be directed by Community helmers Joe and Anthony Russo.

But who else will be back? Well, it looks as if one piece of the jigsaw has been put into place at least. Toby Jones, chatting to our chums at HeyUGuys, was asked whether he was set to be returning for the new Captain America movie. And he told the site, on the evening he took home a well deserved gong for his work in Berberian Sound Studio, "it looks like I will be".

Jones played Arnim Zola in the first film, and inevitably it's unclear at the moment whether he'll appear in flashback (given the time that's passed on screen since the first movie), or whether he'll be brought into present times too.

We'll find that out in due course. In the meantime, the film is scheduled for release in April 2014.


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I think its perfectly reasonable to expect him in the present given comics preference to ignore the realistic. In the comics Zola appears mostly as a robot with a giant face in the body. During the 1st Capitan American this is referenced subtly in his opening shot. There's also a small easter egg in the form of a blue print for his robotic body.

Glad he's returning,combined with Crossbones and the Winter Soldier, should be pretty good.

It's TOBY Jones.

Sold! Love Toby Jones and really enjoyed the first one, so that's my seat bought.

Toby Jones is brilliant!

I'd love to see Lady Hydra and Von Strucker make an appearance but perhaps working in the shadows for now as it might get a little overcrowded. It would be cool if A.I.M. are introduced as well. Then we get to see the villain with the coolest name of all time, MODOK - Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Too much? Oh well, at least give me Baron Zemo.

Toby Jones? Uh, HELL YEAH!

i'm a cap fan av.#4 ist intro. found in large ice cube,etc.for the purists,why don't we have the red skull?..dr. zemo? in the movie stories most of the characters are not his true foes

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