Captain America: The Winter Soldier casting updates

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2012 - 06:44
The Avengers

Two pieces of confirmed casting news for the upcoming Captain America 2...

Yesterday, we brought you an update on the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where we reported that Frank Grillo had been linked with the role of Crossbones, and that the casting race was hotting up for the female lead role. We're no closer to finding out the latter, but in the first of two pieces of casting information, it's now been revealed that Grillo has indeed signed on the dotted line for the film.

Variety has confirmed the news that Grillo, seen earlier in the year in The Grey, will indeed be playing Crossbones in the new movie.

Meanwhile, it's also been revealed that Cobie Smulders is going to be back. She's going to be reprising the role of Agent Maria Hill, although how big her role will be this time around isn't yet clear (she may get more screen time than she did in The Avengers). Scarlett Johansson is rumoured to be included, too.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in cinemas in April 2014. It goes before the cameras, under the watch of directors Joe and Anthony Russo, early next year.


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This casting update, I like it! ANOTHER!

I'm guessing Cap's modern day-to-day life is going to be involved with SHIELD and I wouldn't be surprised if the reveal of Coulson still being alive happened in this movie considering it would likely land pretty close to when the TV show will probably air.

I want to see more of how he copes with modern day life. More of the stuff that was cut out of The Avengers.

What's most pleasing about this is Johansson's possible involvement. It means they're doing Winter Soldier right and Bucky's gonna get him some.
Also, Russo's, stop stringing us along and just cast Alison Brie as Sharon already!

It's a shame that Hayley Atwell can't play her own character's grand daughter. I enjoyed her scenes from the first film.

Agreed. I hope Johansson's Black Widow is in the film as well since her character is still mystery in the movieverse. It will be a good opportunity to explore how Hydra has developed in the modern Marvelverse

Needs more Alison Brie...

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