Captain America: The Winter Soldier casting rumours

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29 Oct 2012 - 06:36
Captain America

Could Downton Abbey and Captain America 2 end up having something in common...

The shoot for Captain America 2, better known as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is set to begin early in 2013, and already, many pieces of the puzzle are in place.

We know that Chris Evans will be back to play Captain America for a start, and that he'll be joined by Anthony Mackie. Furthermore, Jon and Anthony Russo are directing, building on some of the wonderful work they've done with the peerless TV show Community.

But what about the female lead? Well, a few weeks ago, a potential shortlist for the role popped up a few weeks ago, and one of the names on there was Downton Abbey actress Jessica Brown-Findlay. According to the Daily Express, she is now the "frontrunner to play the love interest" in the movie. At the very least, she remains firmly in contention to play the role, which is believed to be Sharon Carter.

In other Captain Amerca: The Winter Soldier news, a further rumour doing the rounds is that Frank Grillo is in line to play the villain in the film. Grillo, best known to date for The Grey, Tweeted the following last week: "See Ya LA. It was a good trip. Marvel was a lot of fun. Be cool if it works out. #CaptainAmerica". The Tweet has subsequently been removed, but it's believed that Grillo was meeting about the part of Crossbones. None of this, of course, has been confirmed.

We'll have more on Captain America: The Winter Soldier as we get it.

The Express.

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