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20 Aug 2012 - 07:19
Captain America

Who's set to play the female lead role opposite Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Production is set to start on Captain America: The Winter Soldier before the year is out, with Marvel appointing Anthony and Joe Russo, of Community fame, to direct.

Their cast has already started to come together, too, with Anthony Mackie added to the project a little while back as Sam Wilson. Chris Evans is also, as you'd expect, returning in the lead role. But now attention has turned to the female lead in the new film, with The New York Post reporting that a trio of actresses are in contention.

That shortlist? It features Imogen Poots, Felicity Jones, and the increasingly impressive Anna Kendrick. There's no firm indication as to what the female lead role will be, although the fine folks at Bleeding Cool register a guess that it might just be Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece, who appears in The Winter Soldier stories in the comics.

As and when Marvel confirms its choices, we'll let you know. And we'll have more on Captain America: The Winter Soldier in due course.

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