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News Simon Brew
8 Apr 2010 - 07:05

We know that Chris Evans is to play Captain America. But who’s being lined up to play James ‘Bucky’ Barnes and Peggy Carter?

We've said it before and we'll say it again - rarely has a casting process for a major film been conducted quite so openly. Last month, it was finally confirmed that Marvel had completed its search for its Captain America, with Chris Evans signing on for up to nine films.

The first of those is next summer's The First Avenger: Captain America, which is being directed by Joe Johnston. And now that he has his lead actor, the attention has shifted to the casting of Peggy Carter.

Once upon a time, Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt were reportedly in the running. We're not quite sure how far things went with Knightley, but it was revealed at the start of the week that Emily Blunt had been offered the role, but decided to turn it down. Blunt had also been offered the role of Black Widow in the forthcoming Iron Man 2 - the part that eventually went to Scarlett Johansson - but had to turn that down due to other commitments.

However, this has all seemingly opened the door for British actress Alice Eve, whom we remember most from the solid Starter For Ten a few years back. Eve, who also appears in next month's Sex And The City sequel (which we're, er, really looking forward to), is reportedly the front-runner for the role according to E! Online. Also in the mix still is Hayley Atwell, and the pair are apparently testing for the role right now. A final decision is expected shortly.

A decision has been made as to the identity of Captain America's sidekick, though. James ‘Bucky' Barnes is going to be played by Sebastian Stan, an actor currently best known for his work in Gossip Girl.

The film is set to begin shooting later this year, and we'll be seeing it in July 2011...

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