Captain America: The Winter Soldier casting news

News Simon Brew 17 Jul 2012 - 07:12
Captain America

Captain America 2 is starting to fall into place, as the casting process is underway...

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Captain America 2 is no more. Instead, it's now known as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with a summer 2014 release date long earmarked.

Chris Evans will, of course, be reprising the title role (and he's locked in for several more appearances after that), with Joe and Anthony Russo directing the new film. It's part of Marvel's 'phase two' of movies, building up towards The Avengers 2.

And the first piece of new casting news has appeared. Anthony Mackie, it's being reported, is in talks for a role in the film. That role, while unconfirmed, is widely believed to be The Falcon. The Falcon is another superhero, with a history of working alongside Captain America. Further details are sketchy at the moment, but it sounds an intriguing addition to the movie's story.

This hasn't been confirmed, of course, but when we hear more, we'll let you know...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Anthony Mackie: inspired choice to play Falcon/Sam Wilson. Excellent...

I'm guessing that if they are doing Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan will be back to carry in the Bucky Barns role.

With decades of comic book stories in their back pocket, I'm sure Marvel (and I hope DC as well) have several overarching, interconnected movie outlines for at least a decade or two into the future. With CG technology finally able to deliver the over-the-top action and spectacle depicted in comics, it's a great time to be a movie/comic book fan! Go Marvel!

Yeah, I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned. Maybe they are trying to keep quiet about it for non-comic moviegoers? The ones that don't realize what "Winter Soldier" actually refers to, or to whom it's referencing? That's my guess.

I'm not a massive fan of The Falcon but I am excited about the Winter Soldier. I hope the modern day Hydra makes an appearance as well.

Oh yeah, no doubt he'll be back & they obviously had this in mind as part of the follow up when they cast him, rather than going younger. I believe I even saw or read an interview back when CA was released where they asked Stan about it & he said he'd love to reprise the role as The Winter Soldier. I can imagine that we'll see him being controlled by a Modern day version of Hydra & surely our buddy, the Red Skull will have found his way back from wherever the Cube sent him--they might even tie that into Thor 2 somehow since it will be out first Sounds like it's shaping up nicely so far.

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