New Bruce Lee biopic in the works

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21 Feb 2013 - 07:21
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's story is to be the subject of another film, as work begins on Birth Of A Dragon...

We always felt that Jason Scott Lee did a really good job of portraying Bruce Lee in the middling biopic of the star, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. That film came out - are you ready for this? - 20 years ago now. It was directed by Rob Cohen (who would go on to launch The Fast & The Furious franchise), and it's still worth digging out. It left plenty of room for another telling of Bruce Lee's story though, and that's just what's being planned.

The new film is going by the working title Birth Of The Dragon, and it'll pick up in the aftermath of Bruce Lee's battle with Wong Jack Man in 1965. The Hollywood Reporter says that Stephen Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson are penning the screenplay, and they have form in biopics, having put together both Nixon and Ali in the past.

The focus of this new film will be a mix of biopic and action film, although given the relative infancy of the project, there's been no news of a director or casting as of yet. We'll keep an eye on this one, though.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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