Jared Leto taking Will Smith's role in Brilliance

News Simon Brew 18 Jun 2014 - 06:34

UPDATE: Will Smith has walked away, but it looks as if Jared Leto is set to star in upcoming sci-fi Brilliance...

UPDATE: We're now hearing that Jared Leto is the frontrunner for the role that Will Smith has vacated in Brilliance. Leto, who won an Oscar earlier this year for his work in Dallas Buyers' Club, is set to take the project on. It'll be a major leading role for the actor. Here's our original story...

When Will Smith turned down the chance to reprise his role in Independence Day 2, it looked as if he'd opted to make a different science fiction movie instead. He'd been heavily linked with the movie take on Marcus Sakey's book Brilliance, a mix of sci-fi and superheroes that tells of the small proportion of the population that have special gifts, and become known as 'brilliants'.

Smith had been linked with the role of federal agent Nick Cooper in the film, whose talent is hunting down terrorists. And the project had also been linked with Noomi Rapace.

Now comes the news though that Brilliance, which already had a writer (David Koepp) and director (Julius Onan) in place won't be featuring Will Smith after all. It's being reported that Smith has now departed the project, although inevitably it's unclear just how attached he was to it in the first place. That said, Deadline reports that scheduling problems have caused the parting of the ways.

The plan was to get the film shooting this summer. Whether that remains the case is also unclear. More as we hear it.


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I still think the world needs more Will Smith movies, wasn't convinced this was gonna be a decent one though.

Seems a bit too close to what he did in Hancock too.

I think its about time he did a FRESH PRINCE movie and rediscover why people loved him in the first place instead of all the absolute movie tripe he's turned out these last years.

Probably wanted to include his "talented" son in this movie too and was showed the door after the "magnificent" After Earth. :D


Hancock was the best stuper hero movie until the introduction of Charlize Theron.

Having a name like Cypher Raige in your last sci- fi will do that to your career. How fickle the movie business can be, shame really as he is one of my fave actors,when he's not towing deadweight like his son around.

Not to mention his daughter.

He's trying to push his daughter too now??!!
Poor girl...


Yes, although that moment did surprise the heck out of me... Of course, the DVD cover gave away that surprise.

A Fresh Prince would be awesome, but it's a shame James Avery who passed away won't be in it. But having Alfonso and Will back on screen would be so cool.

Hancock 2 without the stupid ass romance!

Agreed, Loved the movie, but do think they put too much into the mushy, romance stuff.

Working title... "The Fresh Prince of Bellend"

That title is just asking for trouble...

I have an irrational hatred for Leto, I think it stems from his mock-musicianship selling shitty emo to 11 year old girls (Paedo alert!), not to mention his AWFUL Kurt Cobain tribute video on youtube. Jared: you don't get it. My favourite Jared moment is in Fight Club.

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