Noomi Rapace and Will Smith for new sci-fi film, Brilliance

News Simon Brew 13 May 2014 - 06:27

Brilliance, based on the book by Marcus Sakey, is heading to the screen with Will Smith and Noomi Rapace on board...

Will Smith may see his future away from the next Men In Black and Independence Day sequels, but he's still clearly interested in sci-fi movies. He's expected to take the lead in the big screen adaptation of Marcus Sakey's novel, Brilliance, which tells of a world where rare people are born with incredible abilities, and get labelled 'brilliants'. Smith will be playing one of said brilliants, who has to hunt down a terrorist.

And it looks as it Noomi Rapace, best known for her work in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, will be joining him in the film. She's appearing in Child 44 later in the year, although her role in Brilliance isn't yet known.

What is known is that Legendary Pictures is backing the project, and that Julius Onah - who helmed The Girl Is In Trouble - is directing. David Koepp has penned the screenplay.

More on Brilliance as we hear it.


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What's Rooney Mara got to do with the article?

Wrong Dragon Tattoo girl you got there!

As long as Mr Smith doesn't have Kitai Raige with him, i'm in.

Because this concept has never been done before...

Does anyone else think "brilliant" is a really clunky name for a superhuman?

Hey, OJ, lots of things have been done before. Here's hoping they do it better.

Sooo... No mention of his douchebag son Jaden yet?

So we should just give up making anything at all then if it's not original?

I was just saying that the whole "born with special abilities" sticks out in my mind as being done a lot more than most sci-fi concepts. 100 years of cinema and we're already out of ideas.

Well let's pack it all in then, and call it a day.

Shows over folks. Let's shut down the film industry since it no longer offers anything of worth these days. Seriously, I get the idea that we are running out of original ideas, but that is a bit of a cop out critique these days. Star Wars back in '77 certainly was far from original, yet very few bemoan that fact...

At first glance, did anyone else read "naomi replaces will smith"?

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